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This is my ‘literally only leaving my house to go buy a frozen pizza for the superbowl and am too lazy to put on pants so this wild looking skirt will have to do and I haven’t showered in days so the shirt i slept in will suffice’ look.

I’m so sorry in advance, patrons of grocery store.

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Why wouldn't i tell a mum of twins that i want to try for twins?!

The simple answer is: trying for twins is freaking selfish. Yes twins are cute, they have a “special bond” and you can dress them alike if you can afford that. But none of that is worth the NICU stay, twin to twin transfusion, complications, high risk pregnancy, etc. Having twins isn’t all matching outfits and adorable babies. It’s work. It’s not getting to spend enough time with one baby. It’s no sleep.

I’d love to design my own gijinkas but I’m having a huge problem with it ughhhh.

It would be fairly easy for me to design the actual humanoid, it’s just that I’m having a REALLY hard time with designing their outfits, y’know? I want my entire clan to have it’s own culture, and I want their outfits to match with their culture. The only thing I’ve got is that I want their outfits to be nice and colorful, but that’s about it. Does anyone have any suggestions or references for me to look at? I could really use some help ;; I suck so bad at designing hhhhh

My friends bb trans sister is like actively imitating my mannerisms and style of dress and will watch me for further visual cues. It’s cute and flattering and by pure chance we had matching outfits last night as a result [black leather jacket, jeans, white shirt]

Inkworld Readalong/Photo Challenge | Matching Outfit

Green hayfields, golden cornfields, yellow sycamores, orange oaks, periwinkle mountains, cerulean cloudless sky. The freshly paved road was black and snaking and inviting. The air was crisp and breathable and insistent on action.

Do you guys mind critiquing this costume? o: I’m thinking of getting it but I wanted your opinions first ;w;

I’m not the biggest fan of the Devil Hunter tops, since the tools (in Eve’s case the bottles on her belt) always looked to bulky for my taste.  Bulky bottles aside, this outfit works really nicely.  The black, blue, white, and gold flow well throughout the costume to the point that I’d believe that this is all one set rather than a mix of pieces.  My only real problem is the muffler, since the gray color doesn’t really show up anywhere else in the costume.  You may also want to change the hair to one that has ears(?) (those things on the sides of her head) that match the outfit since the pink strips on the ones here don’t really tie into anything besides the drones. -Reiya

I’m not sure if you planned on incorporating the drones as part of the outfit. I’m going to assume you didn’t and will just focus on the 5/5+accessory. First off, the overall design is pretty good! I’m quite fond of how well the scarf works with the top piece, as the neck-shoulder area is kind of bare, and the scarf helps to add to the regal look best provided with CN’s pose. There are two points that really stick out to me - the first are the shoes, they look overly bulky compared to the rest of the outfit, and the second are the colors. It seems like black is an accent color rather than a main color, so the black gloves really stand out, and not in a very good way. I like what you tried to do, by linking some golds together, but the yellow on the gloves is a significantly different shade than the rest of the yellows. The design of the gloves work well though, and if memory serves me correct, the other color palette should be black with white/silver armor. Perhaps that might work better? ~Rozen