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You watched as Justin fixed his leather jacket in the mirror about to go to the club for a guys night. You two were suppose to be doing something but it was last minute thing and he really wanted to go. He grabbed his chain off the wooden dresser putting it over his black t-shirt then running a hand through his quiffed hair. “How do I look?” He asked, turning around to show you his finished outfit. Your eyes twinkled up and down his attire from his sexy tattoos to his shoes that matched perfectly with his outfit. He looked good, too good

“Like you’re about to go cheat on me.” You joked, shuffling under the black duvet. His facial expression instantly dropped a solemn look appearing telling you he took that to heart. 

“That’s not funny, Y/N I asked you if you wanted me to stay and you said I could go.” He replied, turning away from you; unpleased with your answer. You licked your plump lips not thinking that the comment was going to upset him, he clearly took it the wrong way. He slipped off his jacket, tugging his shirt off as well. He pulled his jeans down after throwing his shoes off, leaving you to lay there confused. Turning off the light he slid into the bed with nothing but his Calvin Klein boxers on making you look at him confused. “You want me to stay, I’ll stay.”

You let out a deep breath. His over thinking is starting to get the best of him. “Justin, I said you could go and I want you to go have fun.” You explained, scooting closer to him to get his attention. He focused his eyes on the television leaning his head back on the head board of your bed. “What I said about how you looked wasn’t a bad thing, I was joking.”

“You were joking?” He posed, turning his head to look at you, the bright light from the tv reflecting off his face. You nodded your head and he laughed rubbing his face with his large hands. You giggled with him, his arm wrapping around you to pull you closer to him. His lips pressing against you forehead, “I’m sorry I kind of snapped at you. You’re just so confusing sometimes I don’t know what you mean.”

“It’s okay baby.” You reassured, cuddling up next to him and resting you head on his bare chest.

Okay I got tagged to do the 10 childhood facts by the beautiful lovelies imthepigeonqueen and my-weird-reality.
1.) One time when I was four, my twin convinced me to give her this nice ribbon I found in the mall by playing on my already prevalent ego and telling me that I was a princess and princesses shouldn’t have to carry anything
2.) I used to sport a super cute fro
3.) Me and my sister were really typical twins, and so my mom would always dress us in the cutest matching outfits
4.) I was such an awkward child when I first started wearing hijab (I was 11), you know with those tight pull-on hijabs and chubby cheeks 😂😂
5.) I lived in the states till I was five
6.) I used to sleep walk all the time. And one time when I was six, I almost walked out of the front door in the middle of the night (would have if my mom hadn’t seen me)
7.) One time in class my friend accidentally poked me in the foot with a pencil (I was wearing open shoes) and it started bleeding, so the teacher started cleaning my foot 😂😂
8.) Me and my sister were playing outside, and we found a dead mouse, so I picked it up in my hands and buried it. And then the next day I dug it out only to find a half eaten carcass. But I got in a lot of trouble because my sister snitched as usual
9.) On all my report cards, my teachers used to always say I needed to stop talking so much, because I talked way too much in class
10.) I actually become a brown belt in karate (then I quit 😁😁)

Hmm, I taggg:
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askthebreegull asked:

((Well, if you want a noisy, heroic breegull in Fawful's life. Or, at least, in dark Fawful's life. Though, I'm sure she'd go in expecting Grunty lol.))

((I looked into the Banjo Kazooie plots and ended up making an AU. ;w;))

“Aunty Grunty, she’s such a bore!

All these rhymes make Fawful sore!!!”

((Basically, Fawful is Grunty’s nephew whom only visits during the summer to practice spells, though specialty lies in robotics. She only pays him any mind should he be wearing a matching outfit and talking in rhyme. uwu))

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Tays outfit is so on point for the VMAs, it is the perfect place to wear a matching set like that! also am I the only one who noticed that the rest of the squads outfits kind of, seem to contrast/match with the colours in taylors outfit?


Amber Rose Wore Her Feelings On Her Sleeves at the VMAs

Blac Chyna and Amber Rose at the 2015 MTV Music Video Awards. Photo: Getty Images

Amber Rose wore her feelings on her sleeves — literally — at the 2015 MTV Music Awards. Rose, along with her good friend Blac Chyna, wore coordinating custom ensembles (skin tight ones at that) on the lavender carpet. Rose’s jumpsuit and Chyna’s dress were colorful, in both the literal sense and in terms of the language graffiti-printed on their outfits. “Stripper,” “slut,” “bitch,” “whore,” and “gold digger” —a possible nod to Rose’s ex-fiancé Kanye West and his award winning 2005 rap hit — was the print of choice. Rose paired the one-of-a-kind piece with black strappy heels, studded earrings, and black bedazzled sunglasses. 

Amber Rose and friends at the 2015 MTV Music Video Awards. Photo: Getty Images

Two friends wearing matching outfits with various other profanities accompanied her to the award show as well. It looks like together, they’re using the power of unspoken words to address haters. But the text painted all over Rose’s long-sleeved one-piece wasn’t the only statement the 31-year-old made. She told pre-show host Kelly Osbourne: “I wish I was a whore. My social life would be so much more exciting.”

Rose is a self-proclaimed feminist. (At least it says so on her Twitter page.) Perhaps the 31-year-old opted to use herself as a walking billboard for her “Slut Walk” (she’s collected nearly $50,000 of $65,000 on her Go Fund Me page), which originated in 2011 in Toronto as a response to a police officer’s suggestion that ”women should avoid dressing like sluts” as a precaution against sexual assault.

We can’t wait to hear the true meaning behind this one!

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Hhhmmmm. I guess hiding your head piece and then showing and then hiding an outfit (underwater, anyway) keeps the hat from that outfit on you (while showing your current equipment). I did this a bunch of times and then the hat for Fancy Winter Outfit bugged out and showed while wearing the Wedding Attire. Mix and match outfits! Haha. brandymallory pointed out this fun glitch!

Can I hope this means we’re getting the option to pick our head pieces with outfits in the future? :P Siiigh.


Pirate’s gun - Rogue Weapon Skin.

Nine wanted to mod the normal Rogue weapon skin to match her pirate outfit. It’s not exactly, but Nine likes it enough.
This only works on the cash shop one, not the one from the loot box. 

Download: Clicky!
You may edit and do as you please with this mod, but if you redistribute this mod please credit Nine.
Download contains both the gpk and dds file.

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Mmm Mint is so good! Keke. Ah, you have something on your cheek. *wipes off ice cream from his cheek with her thumb while looking at the spot and her tongue sticking out to the side* and there! Got it. *an old lady that was sitting on the same bench as them leans over* "You two are very cute! If you had matching outfits you would be the perfect couple keke." Ah- *doesnt know how to respond because they aren't really dating*

When you were focused on taking the ice cream off his cheek he took the oportunity to stare at you again, just like he did everytime you wouldn’t notice,therefore he was caught off-guard by the old lady, but smiled nevertheless.
He didn’t knew what got into him, but he placed his arm around your shoulder and pulled you close.

Vernon: It’s my fault. I don’t like couple outfits, but thank you. *he smiled to the old lady, not having the corage to look at you just yet*

- Seung


Hi. So I’m back from work and also the new owner of another QL tie in novel and I thought, hm, I think I’m going to make a post abt the most important part of these novels: THE COVERS

i’m sorry. like i know someone had to draw these. they put work into these covers. they got paid. but jesus christ. lets hv a chat abt these.


  • the matching white outfits. tfw when u and ur boyf r that couple that color cordinates
  • sam looks like more okay than usual but like he’s still suddenly got these high ass cheekbones like what??? its wild.
  • no one rlly has come to a consensus on what al’s hair is supposed to be drawn like and it SHOWS look at how fucking high his hair line is. poor al.
  • the little peep of sam’s chest hair = me gagging every eight minutes
  • personal opinion: i don’t like how weirdly soft and shiny their lips look.
  • like just as an aside but um??? why does every cover picture of al make him look sinister???? HE LOOKS LIKE HE’S SCHEMING!!!! fucking swiper the fox over here looking over sam’s shoulder like “ooooohohoho if u only knew what i was planning” like i read the novel buddy all you do is where a zany outfit and bang several women who are described with literally the same adjectives every. fucking. time. 


  • there’s a car??? running off the rails???? all i can hear on the beginning strains of “crazy train”.
  • al looks like ur mom when she tries to peep in on you so she can yell at you to clean ur damn room
  • it is not a good look for him i tell u what
  • how come sam has like WILD eyebrows??? super ungroomed!!! were they trying to make bakula look more??? grizzled??? he looks like dany from game of thrones. get ur fuckin eyebrows threaded sam.
  • ANOTHER NOTE ON SAM: where is the white stripe?????? WHERE IS THE WHITE STRIPE????? BOTH COVERS!!! NO WHITE STRIPE!!! 
  • they made al like extra wrinkly probably to make up for his pudding face on the prelude cover
  •  i will concede this tho i am LOVING al’s cut out collar that’s a nice choice good job whom ever like put in that request

so that’s what i’m thinking abt on this sunday evening. seems about right.