matching outfits

Here’s my Noblesse charm bracelet (courtesy of @laryna6 ’s Bonded of Cadis Etrama di Raizel)

So, from left to right: the skull for Seira (because of her Death Scythe; also I couldn’t find anything kitchen related),the pegasus for Regis (Pegasus – Regasus), the other skull for Frankenstein/Dark Spear, the peacock for Frankenstein, the cross and teapot for Raizel, the wolf for M-21, the kitty for Tao (I couldn’t find anything tech related for him, so kitty it is), the gun for Takeo, and the plane because when I saw it, it reminded me of the plane incident and I knew it was a must for my bracelet.

@o-c-o-c-o since you mentioned you wanted to see it :D

More pics under cut.

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anonymous asked:

MGR but the couples personality is switched with the other one... (Chesnaught is shy and Greninja is not shy, Vice-Versa with the other)

(BAF first for these two!) 

“Oh wow, hi there! I’m the new ninja around here, along with my partner. My name is Greninja!” 

“M-me? Oh, I’m, uh…I’m Chesnaught. H-hi. …Wait, ‘partner?’” 

(Ok, now MGR) 

“Greninja…! Quit putting me in tight clothing! First that swimsuit, and now these tight pants and the tight shirt…and bright colors? Why?” 

“Well, it matches my outfit! And you look super cute in those! Heehee…” 

“Gods, Rhydon…I don’t know if I’m ready to get married again…” 

“Mm, are you saying you don’t want to spoil me with that lovely wedding outfit I’ve been looking forward to? I promise, milord my love, it’ll be great!” 

“Well…it is to you, so…just stay by my side the whole way through, ok?” 

“Always have been, always will be.” 

“Ahahaha! My precious husband knight! I’m so glad to be around you again!” 

“Yes. It’s nice that we’re together again. Even with your silly outbursts. That’s very atypical of a ninja.” 

“What? Ah, you never have fun with me anymore. Come on, you swiped my helmet, and you fell in love with me as it is!” 

“Pretty sure that you fell in love with me first, my wife, but details.” 

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