matching crewnecks

Dillon Rupp Imagine for Popecaniff

Sidenote~ Based on real experience, hope ya like it jess suck a dick xoxo

You settle down, changing into something comfortable to wear. You were on a ‘vacation’ with your family. You all knew it really wasn’t a vaction, it was basically just a trip for college visit/tours.

“I’m going to the spa with your sister.” You hear your mother call out as your sisters stands beside her. “Okay.” You simply say admiring as to how much your parents spend on this hotel room. The rooms were connected together with a King bed in one and two queens in the other. “I’ll probably be at the gym.” Your dad says taking a water bottle out from the mini fridge. You nod your head indecisively. You scroll down your phone, hoping they’d leave faster.

“Jess, call us if you need anyt-…”

“I know.” You say a bit harsh, adding a small smile afterwards.

Soon after your family left the room, you start rummaging into the cabinets for food, (being the fatass you are).

You managed to find a microwavable macaroni and cheese cup. You sigh looking at the plastic container. You knew the hotel room didn’t provide a microwave. You sigh, slipping on your shoes as you take your key card with you.

Walking around the big hotel, you manage to find your way to the lobby. Not many people were surrounded considering it was almost the usual dinner time. You scan the big room until you land your eyes on a figure.

The figure held a strong build, broad shoulders. The way he smiled at the clerk made almost everything stop for a moment. As if, he was your one and only priority at the moment. He wore a grey beanie that matched his crewneck. You watch as he turns his head meeting your eyes.

You shake your head turning away from the scene. “Shit.” You mumble to yourself as you quickly walk away. You start to wander through the halls, holding the plastic container, which was STILL not cooked yet.

You kept thinking about that boy as you continued to walk. Why where you such an idiot? You roll your eyes to yourself as you finally find a kitchen. You turn to see a familiar room, you just walked passed. You felt your face turn into a frown as you begin to feel confused as ever. “You were walking in circles.” You then hear a voice. You turn around seeing the boy. You looked into his eyes, as if a magnet was pulling you in. They were so green, but blue. It was a different unusual color, but it looked good on him. A smile appeared on his face which left you dying painfully inside.

You quickly get out of his daze as you look down to the container. You put it in the microwave, pressing the time. “Yeah, I’m kinda dumb.” You insult yourself as he hulls his luggage into the room. “I am too, it’s okay.” He laughs leaning on the wall. “What’s your name?” he asks you as you stare at him in the reflection of the microwave. “Jessica…I mean Jess. You can call me Jess.” You say nervously knowing you fucked up already.

He chuckled cutely as he places his hands in his front pockets. “I’m Dillon.” He says.

“What are you here for? I mean, why are you in this hotel?”


“Shit, I’m sorry. Are you on vacation too?” you rub your forehead at how idiotic you could be. “Ah, no I wish. I was suppose to go on this tour thing, but my friend, Taylor gave me the wrong directions.” He says holding up a piece of paper.

You played back the word, tour.


What the hell was he talking about, tour? Was he a singer or something, or…

“You can never count on friends.” You smile shyly knowing it was the truth.

You both jump hearing the beeping from the microwave. You take it out, smelling the strong scent. “Mac and Cheese girl I see?” he smirks as you feel your cheeks get redder by the minute.

You both start walking down the hallway making small talk. You start taking little bites from your meal as he stops by the front desk again. “Hey, I’ll catch you later?” he says. He hesitates for a moment looking at you. You smile to him, waving. “Bye Dillon.” You say finally returning back to the elevators. Pressing the button, you feel the cheese melting in your mouth. As you ride the elevator, you finally stop on a floor. You turn seeing different hallways than what you were used to. “God damn it.” You say to yourself but even louder.

You turn back around, pressing the button, knowing you were on the wrong floor.

You tap your foot unpatiently, until you see the red light followed by a loud ding. You step inside noticing someone standing on the side; it was Dillon.

“Oh hey!” His face lights up as he sees you. “Hey” you giggle feeling some knots forming in your stomach. “It’s meant to be.” He then says.

“W-what?” you stutter smiling back to him.

“I mean since we met like twice, it’s meant for us to exchange numbers.” He smirks as he pulls out his phone. “Smooth.” You laugh pulling yours out as well.

You both give each other your numbers within the minute time span of the elevator ride. “This is my stop.” He states as you look at him confused.

“Same dude.”

He widens his eyes as he looks down to his room key. “Room 526.”

“I’m 527” you say looking at him. You watch as he jumps; which happened to look five feet from the ground. “We neighbors in this bitch.” He jokes as you start to laugh, you liked his sense of humor.

“Wanna chill later?” he then asks as you stop in front of your room. You smile to yourself as you bite your lip. “I guess so.” You say knowing you wouldn’t be doing anything else. “Awesomee.” He laughs as you unlock your door. “I’ll see you later.”