matching couple tattoos

Marvel Preference- Matching Tattoos

I’m not much of a fan of tattoos, but someone requested this and I lost the request, sorryyyy. Well here it is, a matching tattoos preference!

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Thankful to have this fierce eyebrowed, bad ass chef, story loving, big spooning, grandpa liquor drinking, back rub giving, cat obsessed woman by my side every day. ❤️ @ktorr19

anonymous asked:

Headcanon that somewhere on his body Yuuri has like a fan tattoo that Phichit persuaded him to get whilst both drunk in Detroit (Phichit got a silly tattoo too, but like, of a hamster or something). Like let's say it's a tiny Russian flag or a little ice skate with a gold blade. Fastforward a few years and Victor jokingly suggests getting like matching/couple tattoos but then Yuuri is like actually... but he won't tell Victor where it is and Victor has to find it himself

Please let the tattoo be under his asscheek I feel like that’s definitely where drunk Yuuri would put something of victor