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Call Time (M)

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Warnings: anal fingering, dirty talk, phone sex, allusions to pet play *hint hint wink wink*, guided masturbation

A/N: This is the first part my little panda’s other birthday gift that I completely forgot to post soooooooo HERE YA GO MONNI I LOVE YOU V MUCH!!!! Rogue pls don’t kill me ok

Taehyung huffed in exasperation. He looked ridiculous. Absolutely, certifiably ridiculous. He had purposely chosen to dye his hair this obnoxiously vibrant shade of red for the very simple fact that he didn’t want to wear the damn ears and tail in the first place. But his best friend being The Indomitable and Resourceful Park Jimin, Taehyung really shouldn’t have been surprised that he would find the fuzziest appendages possible that just so happened to perfectly match his new hair color. Honestly, Taehyung was beginning to question why he even considered the impish little brat a friend when he so often and so willingly broke their most sacred Best Friends Blood Oath and Spit Pact of December 2010. 

He glared at his reflection once again, eyes stuck on the unnaturally “cute” ears peeking out from his tousled coppery locks. There was no way in hell he was going to go live looking like this. Nope, nuh uh. Kim Taehyung was willing to do a lot of things for his loyal fans–and had done a good chunk—except look unreasonably absurd. With another loud huff, he batted at the stupid triangles before snatching his phone off his bed to angrily tap at his best friend’s contact information.

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Well that escalated quickly.








So she has four arms, that’s interesting, i guess it happens because each of the gems has two arms. She also has some features from Pearl and Amethyst, like Amethyst’s lips and Pearl’s majestic beak.

I love her design absolutely, espically the outfit and color of her skin, and her haircut. I also see she has the gemstones of Pearl and Amethyst, but in different color, the color of the gemstones matches her color scheme.

But… this leads to some questions, what if more than two gems fuse? Can they even? How do you defuse, and what happens if they get killed while in the fusion?

under the same sky

a/n: i couldn’t stop imagining how sasusaku’s wedding would go after the last episode so i had to write it down before my feelings exploded 

They do it in a small shrine secluded up in the mountains. Spring has just begun and everything in the air can be heard and felt. The heavy doors are left open upon the decision between bride and groom, both wanting nature to be the witness of their long-awaited union. Sunlight spools in behind them and bathes the bride’s white kimono in a heavenly glow while the groom in black has never looked more at peace in his trouble-filled life. Cherry blossom petals, matching the bride’s colored cheeks, are continuously billowing into the room, swirling and scattering around the stoned floor into a circle around the couple as if to say they approve the joining of these two hands.

He did not want a priest. She understood. He needs only her to be next to him, to wish and hope in silence for a happy life together. They do not need to share vows, for they already show their love and dedication to each other in every moment. This one is no different. He grasps her small yet smooth fingers and lightly squeezes them to assure her of his love, to tell her that he is forever indebted to her for making him smile after all that he’s done. He almost cannot comprehend how she is still here in his life, how she is able to take the pain he has caused her and not morph, but fill it with unconditional warmth and affection. She is like a goddess and sometimes he is afraid to wake up in bed and find that she has returned to her heaven.

The sudden chorus of chirps paired with a distinct pressure on his hand breaks him out of his thoughts. He looks to her, jade eyes glittering with so much tenderness and that he realizes is her assurance for him. She will never leave and will be his family from now on. He reaches over to brush a few stray petals from her shoulder, irrationally jealous that they are touching her. And then they stand there facing each other, baring their souls to the sky, hearts pounding in rhythm as they both cement this day as their official start in forever.

When the sound of chimes ring from a distance, the bride breathes in and exhales. “Sasuke-kun,” she says. Her pink blush almost reddens. The groom shifts her closer her to him so he can rest his forehead against hers and breathe the same air as her.

“Sakura,” he says, “thank you.”

He feels the tickle of her gasp before sealing their union with a kiss so sweet while the sky begins to whirl in merriment.


A set of clips of me in different stages of going from myself, in my every day look, to Holtzmann. Nothing fancy. This was in preparation of taking pictures and not for a convention, so I didn’t put all that much effort into it. Hair is for example not color-matched to the extensions, nor is this the proper outfit I was gonna wear for the photos later. 

Check my other videos for a complete one of me doing the hair.

Today I was looking at my mermaid barbie again, and I feel like her head/body mismatch isn’t as bad in daylight, versus my usual nighttime photos. She’ll never really match anyone but her original body, since she’s so very pink, but in person the match is almost passable. (Also Frankenpony hangs out on my desk, so she got to mug for the camera too!) 

I redressed her since I wanted something to downplay the pink tone in her face, so I gave her this sparkly number from my Generation Girl Barbie, because I realized it reminded me of Ariel’s final dress in The Little Mermaid movie, right after she transforms into a human for the last time! The dress was a little baggy (the 90s body vs the slimmer MTM body), so I gave her Mouscedes’ belt to give it a little shape. And even though it’s nowhere close to matching the color scheme, I had to toss her hot-pink crown back on her head! Hey, if you got a royal title, flaunt it! 

NOT YOUR MOTHER’S DIOR - models: Fernanda Ly & Lineisy Montego - photography: Patrick Demarchelier - designer: Maria Grazia Chiuri - styling: Tonne Goodman - hair: Teddy Charles - makeup: Mark Carrasquillo - Vogue December 2016

warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….