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Guys guys, if you’ll zoom in on Liam’s pic you’ll see that aside from the bangle bracelet that looks to be THE love bracelet he’s wearing two other bracelets on his wrist. The one that got my attention though is the beaded black bracelet (fyi: it’s the bottommost bracelet) which to me looks like the black beaded bracelet that Zayn has been wearing recently (he was wearing it when he was pictured yesterday at the tattoo parlor). And another thing that it’s interesting to me is that Liam’s bracelet has a single silver bead threaded in the bracelet. And Zayn’s bracelet got one too! I’m sorry I can’t provide a closeup view of Liam’s bracelet coz you have to zoom in the pic manually in order to see it properly but I think it’s the same and that they have a matching pair!

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i heard that markson has a matching bracelets is that true? im a new fan actually but markson has me dead tbh i would sacrifice my soul for them

Hi new fannn welcome💖 Markson is sooo lovely😊💖 Love them but don’t sacrifice your soulll😄 Matching bracelets? Well…

This is Chrome Hearts:

This is Chrome Hearts and Cartier Love Bracelet:

Mark for KBOYS x Smart Magazine Interview 2016-17 Autumn & Winter Fashion Book: 

Q: What’s the most expensive item you bought recently?

M: Jackson’s birthday present. It’s a brand he likes, I think he is wearing it right now.

Q: If Jackson hear this he will be very happy, right?

M: Will he? But maybe he doesn’t even know how expensive it is.

The Cartier Love Bracelet - ultimate symbolism

The Cartier Love bracelet is, without a doubt, the ultimate symbolism of inseparable love. In keeping with the times though, Cartier has no expanded this collection beyond bracelets and now has Love Earrings, Love Rings and Love Necklaces – a true Love collection!

Bonus Cartier rings:

Bonus Necklaces here and here.

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do ever consider that ziam was in love but someone fell out of love, or cheated, or they both decided they weren't right for each other?

I’m gonna be a liar if I say it didn’t cross my mind at all that maybe Ziam is no longer together and are currently single or seeing somebody else (but NOT Gigi and Cheryl–geez no matter what happens I will always believe their respective “relationship” with Zayn and Liam is PR and for bearding purposes). On a very rare occasion I’d asked myself, “If I look at the big picture, are they still together?” but when I recall stuff that supports Ziam nowadays I always come up with the same conclusion–yes, I believe they’re STILL TOGETHER. Just now when I’m going through my tag on “proofs” they’re still together it just strengthens my resolve that they are still in a relationship with each other. Coz if they weren’t together anymore I don’t think we’ll be having these things happening at all.

As I’ve said before, I went through my tags and here are the latest Ziam stuff that I reblogged and posted through the latter part of this year (I restrained myself in just posting from Jun 2016 onwards so as to make this as recent as possible):

First off, they engaged in their unique kind of “internet” flirting back in June: x 

It’s important to note that Zayn posted his selfie right after the media onslaught about Liam looking like he lost a lot of weight due to the sharp cheekbones he’s sporting on his selfie so it seems like Zaynie is trying to make a point that a selfie with sharp cheekbones doesn’t tell the whole story about a person’s weight. Zayn’s being a supportive bf here y’all x

These particular selfies they posted just hours between each other (Zayn: 5:06AM; Liam: 7:42AM) 

When Liam decided it’s high time to change his twitter handle (RIP Real_Liam_Payne) his new twitter handle bears a strong resemblance to Zayn’s and not only that his new Twitter name also match Zayn’s (Bonus: Larry matches too. Hah!) x

They wore matching shirts: x

Matching bags (their respective bags came from the same season) x

And matching necklaces:

[Dang I just realized that Liam on that day at the airport is brimming with Ziam connections lolz]

About the necklace, Liam doesn’t wear necklaces. His choice of accessories is a big ass expensive watch. But for him to wear a necklace (which he doesn’t seem to take off when he’s out and about) and then Zayn wears a similar looking chain afterwards is worth noting for. (And Zayn doesn’t wear that kind of chain. He usually opts for thinner chain.)

They also had a similar selfie once again with them both wearing their chains and Zayn wearing a red shirt. x Zayn usually posts b&w pics on his IG and he rarely pose for selfies like these nowadays. So to him to post a selfie in COLOR wearing a red shirt (a color strongly associated with Liam) and a matching chain with Liam is really telling (does he wants us to show off the red and the color of the chain? Hmmm).

When Liam posted his #LoveFeelsBest graffiti pic, the graffiti on the wall bears a strong resemblance on how Zayn does his own grafitti wall art: x

And when Liam went to Vegas this October his after party outfit is a clone of what Zayn wore when he went to Vegas a year before: x

November is an interesting month (and heartbreaking towards the end). Zayn upped the ante and have been more upfront with his shade about Ziam:

First off, Zayn followed two interesting accounts on Twitter: x x

I mean…ZiamSyndrom? Ziam is real bitch? He followed an account that has a description like that on her bio! It’s impossible that he didn’t read that before he followed her and yet he still did. (Bonus: Liam also follows her! 

Lucky gal. Her otp follows her account. Zayn and Liam follows a Ziam account. An account that has a Twitter bio description that says Ziam is real. Doesn’t that tell you something?) 

And of course on the AMAs Zayn chose to copy Liam’s outfit on the last public event they attended together from HEAD TO TOE: x x

Why would he copy an old outfit of his ex-bandmate? Is it because he can’t bring Liam to this important event so he went ahead and brought a piece of Liam with him on this evening? But why? Why would he want to do such a thing if Liam doesn’t mean something very important to him?!

And to every Ziam supporter’s delight that evening, Zayn is also spotted wearing a CARTIER LOVE BRACELET which Liam has religiously worn for about 4 months on the early part of this year: x

So Zayn and Liam has MATCHING Cartier Love Bracelets ain’t that something? And I’m not seeing that bracelet strapped on Gigi’s nor Cheryl’s arm. Especially Cheryl since Liam has worn that for four months and Cheryl never sported that bracelet to match Liam during that period. Liam’s close friend Andy is wearing one as well as his long-term gf. So to me it seems that Liam’s close circle is aware of that bracelet and what it traditionally means to romantic couples and such. If Andy’s has got a matching bracelet with his gf who is Liam matching with his bracelet then hmmm?

Anyway, what I find really interesting about their bracelets are the dates when these debuted on Zayn and Liam’s wrists. So Zayn first wore it publicly on Nov 20:

 And for good measure, he wore it three days later (Nov 23) when he had his pap stroll at WeHo:

And a week later we’re bombarded with this: x x

Now let’s go a few months back. Liam debuted his bracelet on his stylist’s ig post on Feb 23:

The next day he wore it at the Brits:

And then two days after we saw him still wearing that bracelet when he got out of Sony’s London HQ’s:

The following day Wootton broke this news over at The Sun: x

Did you see the pattern here? The Love bracelet debuted on their respective wrists days before an important SHAM development hit the news. With Zayn’s bracelet it’s the SHAM pregnancy debacle being deemed as “confirmed” due to the enormous bump Cheryl is sporting at the pics and of course Liam being named as the father of Cheryl’s unborn child. And with Liam’s it’s the debut of this head scratching fauxmance. Do you still think it’s a coincidence? Why do they both debuted wearing a bracelet that is very symbolic for romantic love just before a major SHAM breakthrough was about to be played out in public? I dunno about you but to me that speaks of them making a stand about the true nature of their relationship and against the fauxmance Liam is currently embroiled at. Especially now that Liam is being pointed at as the father on Cheryl’s baby (which I believe doesn’t bore Liam’s DNA AT ALL)

So this is what I have to say about this matter. It’s your call whether to believe all or any of this ofc I’m just here stating my opinion. So bye!!!

The Mysterious Miranda (Chapter 10) (Smut)


pairing: lin manuel miranda x reader, daveed diggs x reader

summary: Your cousin Anthony drags you along to one of his neighbor’s infamous parties with his girlfriend, keeping you from a night in. Mr. Miranda, the host, is a mysterious man, but that isn’t the part that gets to you.

warnings: smut, cheating, lil bit of angst, 1920s slang(??), my portrayal of a 1920s burn, lots of fluff

words: 6660 (im so sorry for so many reasons yall)

a/n: Alternatively titled: Poor Anthony™

hi guys i swear i still write stuff! it’s just been a crazy last month, but I’ve finally finished this part! I’m so sorry it took so long, I feel kinda bad about it, but I hope it was worth the wait! 

I figured out the only bright side to burning my arm this past week and treating it at home; firsthand research and experience for TMM! I learned more in 2 days than the 2 weeks I had spent researching the topic.

Thank you to @psychedemigod for keeping me company while I was writing a lot of this and helping out here and there, and thank you to @secretschuylersister for being so supportive and reading it over, leaving much-appreciated commentary.  

If you want to be tagged in the next parts, just shoot me an ask! I absolutely love to hear feedback from anybody and everybody, I can’t begin to express how much it means to me. 

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Barneymugging — Lovemaking

Now you’re on the trolley! — Now you’ve got it!

Slimp—Cheapskate or “one-way guy”.

“Her heart sank into her shoes as she realized at last how much she wanted him. No matter what his past was, no matter what he had done. Which was not to say that she would ever let him know, but only that he had moved her chemically more than anyone she had ever met, that all other men seemed pale beside him.” -F. Scott Fitzgerald

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It must be LuMin/XiuHan’s Cherry Blossom Season

The cherry blossoms usually bloom from end of March to late April.

In April 2014, Min Seok dyed his hair cherry blossom pink.

Also in that April, Min Seok wore the “cat face drawing” beanie on Luhan’s Birthday.

Beside their couple Givenchy sneakers and matching fashion style,

that April was also the first time their matching Cartier Love appeared.

We can see how happy and embarrassed Minseok was.

And Luhan keeps wearing the same ring from the end of 2014 till now.

In March 2015, Min Seok wore the beanie again when he was preparing his group’s concert.

Although Minseok is scared of cats, he started wearing and acting like a cat more and more.

External image

In 2015, Luhan revealed his chubby sassy “Mr.Cat”.

In March 2016, Luhan hold his first solo concert on Minseok’s Birthday. He dyed his hair blueberry blue again.

On April 2nd, Luhan dyed his hair with a cherry blossom pink half

and a blueberry blue half.

Urhh… or it was a Purple Lavender one. Maybe? To wish for a sweet dream

Whatever they wanna try to show,

for me Min Seok is the beautiful butterfly, beautiful cherry blossom. And ofcourse Luhan is, too.

This is “my” cherry blossom season, Luhan and Minseok. They ’re the most gorgeous cherry blossoms ever.

Or it just be the story of “Two cat dating under the cherry blossom trees”.

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do they really have matching bracelets ??

yes they do!!! they have matching Chrome Hearts and Cartier bracelets! the chrome hearts one is a gift from Mark for Jackson’s birthday last year. Jackson never took it off (until he lost it while filming Fighting Man, after that he always takes it off before filming) but somewhere in Feb this year he has been wearing a different one. Currently he’s been only wearing the Cartier bracelet. The Cartier one isn’t confirmed to be matching bracelets but from the link attached below, they were wearing the two bracelets on the same hand, so presumably those are matching too.


My OTP: Cartier Love Bracelet 😍

Liam: Brits 2016, Feb 24 ‘16
Zayn: AMAS 2016, Nov 20 ‘16

Zayn and Liam debuting their respective Cartier Love Bracelets on a major awards show gives me major Ziam feels. I see you Ziam

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I used to be a Markson fan, but the closer I look at them, the more I am sure it is all for show. Did you see how quick Jackson pushed Mark off him when Mark jumped on his back during "Mario! Luigi!" thing...

listen 2 me…. markson has the deepest relationship JUst…. iM s0rry but…. did u not watch the got2day episode… Mark literally laughs bc Jackson.. just Jackson.. like all Jackson did was put his head down on the table and Mark is giggling all ugly and shit hhhhhhhhhhhhhh also anyways…. I always bring this up because this is a state worthy fact but like… their bracelets. the matching Cartier and chrome hearts bracelet can u pls. pay attention 2 this.. the Cartier bracelet is a LOVE bracelet how cute.. anyway the CHROME HEARTS one is a gift from Mark for Jackson’s birthday which is also the most Expensive™ accessory Mark has bought since Jackson’s birthday…. and um they literally never take this bracelet off???? like ever??????? Jackson only takes it off during filming bc he’s scared it might get lost. oTher than that???? nEver!!!!!!!! can u believe it??? Markson is real?????? not a figment of my imagination!!!!! idk about u but I don’t think Mark would buy an expensive ass gift for fanservice and also Jackson wouldn’t have freaked the fuck out when he realised it went missing during a filming. idk I love markson.

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sometimes, when i get a lil sad, i like to remember how liam and zayn both wore matching (the same possibly?) cartier bracelets in the year of 2016, and thus, once again, confirming their love Not So Subtly to the world :) thanks zayn and liam i aspire to be as flashy and Not Lowkey as yall!

I mean, what kind of terribly rich, terribly good looking and fashionable husband shit is that, amiright?

But maybe let’s don’t forget the roses tattoo that Liam got on Zayn’s birthday that coordinates with Zayn’s mandala:

Or the fact that Liam has a suspish “4″ tattoo on his corn cob sized wedding ring finger, NO BIG DEAL OR ANYTHING:

Or hey *Laughs nervously*, remember when this happened?

And just leaving this here, not saying it means anything at all, no siree:

Forever crying, 

xoxo Melly

*reads a taohun conspiracy post* tao and sehun are eloping together and escaping sm and the korean and chinese governments they have been planning this since predebut and their matching cartier love bracelets have hidden messages inside that say the coordinates where they will meet behind a waterfall adn make love for the first time