matchin' shoes

A pair of new shoes with matchin’ laces!

A permanent box at Sheepshead races!

A porcelain tub with boilin’ water!

A Saturday night with the mayor’s daughter!

Look at me
I’m the king of New York
I’m respectable
Starin’ right at ‘cha
Lousy with stature

Nobbin’ with all the muckety-mucks
I’m blowin’ my dough and goin’ deluxe

And there I be
Ain’t I pretty?

It’s my city
I’m the king of New York!

A corduroy suit with fitted knickers

A mezzanine seat to see the flickers

Havana cigars that cost a quarter

An editor’s desk for the star reporter

Tip your hat
He’s the king of New York

How 'bout that!
I’m the king of New York

In nothing flat
He’ll be covering
Brooklyn to Trenton
Our man Denton

Makin’ a headline out of a hunch

Protecting the weak

And payin’ for lunch

When I’m at bat
Strong men crumble

Proud yet humble

I’m (He’s) the king of New York

I gotta be either dead or dreamin’
'Cause look at that pape with my face beamin’
Tomorrow they may wrap fishes in it
But I was a star for one whole minute

Startin’ now
I’m the king of New York

Ain’t ya heard?
I’m the king of New York

Holy cow
It’s miracle
Pulitzer’s cryin’
Weasel, he’s dyin’
Flashpots are shootin’ bright as the sun
I’m one highfalutin’ son-of-a-gun
Don’t ask me how
Fortune found me
Fate just crowned me
Now I’m king of New York
Look and see
Once a piker
Now a striker
I’m the king of New York
Front page story
Guts and glory
I’m the king of New York!

—  King of New York (From Disney’s Newsies)