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  • Chaeyoung: Guys I need help, I don't know what to get Mina for her birthday.
  • Nayeon: You've come to the right place, if there's one thing Im Nayeon excels at, it's gift giving.
  • Dahyun: For my birthday last year you gave me dish soap
  • Nayeon: That wasn't a gift, I was reminding you to do your chores. Anyway Chaeyoung, what kind of response do you want from Mina. Surprise? Joy? Fondness?
  • Chaeyoung: Actually I kind of want to get her something that will make her [lowers her voice] fall in love with me
  • Jeongyeon: Oh honey...
  • Nayeon: Well, I have no clue. Everyone already loves me, I don't need to give them gifts for that. Does anyone else have any ideas?
  • Momo: Mina likes dancing, you could take her dancing
  • Jeongyeon: Momo we're suggesting birthday present ideas, not ideas for a date
  • Momo: Oh, ok then. Just ask her on a date
  • Sana: You know what's really romantic? Ice skating. Mina would look so cute in the snow
  • Chaeyoung: I'm not gonna ask her out guys. I'm barely at the stage where I can talk to her without stuttering.
  • Tzuyu: Dude why are you trying so hard? Just put some money in a birthday card and be done with it
  • Chaeyoung: You guys are useless.
  • Jihyo: [Putting her book down] Alright Chae, you want to win Mina over? Here's what you do. I want you to think of something that Mina is passionate about, something she cares about. What's the first thing that comes into your mind?
  • Chaeyoung: Anime?
  • Sana: [Clapping her hands together] That's it! You get matching YuruYuri roleplay outfits for you and Mina.
  • Jihyo: SANA!

A Steve/Bucky + BDSM Fic Rec

Do you have a weird fascination for Steve Rodgers covered in blood and bruises? Did that one highway fight scene in TWS turn you on a little too much? Do you find your mind wandering when you see Steve and Bucky throw punches at each other? Does the cliche-ness and predictability of 50 Shades put you to sleep? Well luckily for you, below the cut are a few of the best BDSM Steve/Bucky stories out there. Take a seat (or better yet, lie down), grab a snack, and strap in folks.

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Game, Set, Match

After Harry left, Charles remained in the sitting room and poured himself a drink. The other man was not incorrect: he was dangerous.  And after the ordeal that Spencer had gone through in order to become a Kingsman agent, it did stand to reason that the slightly younger Knight might be somewhat fragile.  James of course did not show it, but Charles was still left to wonder.  

There was no visual recording of the death of Lee Unwin and none of the three surviving members of ‘operation: falcon’ gave any indication of what had occurred.  Charles himself was away on mission in the Netherlands at the time. While he had met Unwin, of course, he was not close to the man, unlike Harry and Spencer.

This was the first death that Charles was in some proximity to during his time with Kingsman. Unwin, for what he did know, had been an excellent man, a family man, a military man. He was honourable. He was an excellent candidate and Charles would have been honoured to serve with him. He had liked both Unwin and James, though he found himself having a stronger connection to the ‘loose canon’ candidate.  

In the nearly year that had followed, he had grown closer to Agent Lancelot, being sent on a mission with the man.  That mission had changed some of his thoughts about James as he saw the man could be quite the professional while on the field, which seemed contradictory to the persona the younger knight maintained while in the shop or at the manor.  

{ Late to the game but here are Chara and Frisk’s costumes for Halloween this year! Frisk is wearing a Froggit Kigu because they absolutely love Froggits and Chara decided to fit in with the Ruins theme, to go as Toriel. ;v; Though they did want to be a Mummy- kfjdfg }

Feel free to come hang out with them in costume if you’re an Undertale roleplay blog~

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There are times I want to kill my character so I can make them someone to romance and marry Dayuuqi. I think she deserves to be happy and loved but by someone's main rather than an alt.

[OMG.   First of all, that is very flattering.  BUT.

Please please please don’t do that!  Whatever your main character is doing now, it is not worth it to reroll as a character that you think might be Yuuqi’s perfect match.  Roleplay doesn’t work that way most of the time, and romance RP is even more unpredictable.  Besides, a character that has a good background and other connections and ties beyond the OOC wish to be Yuuqi’s mate is really a better way to go.  

Whoever you are playing, I am certain that they have IC friends and connections and plots that are every bit as interesting as a potential romance with my character.   I would be much happier as a fellow member of the RP community that you just continue to have a good time with your main.]

hello beauts my name is dee!!!! i’m twenty. go by she/her/they/them…. i’ve been roleplaying for over ten years and i still haven’t figured out a good goddamn way to introduce myself and my babies wtf. i suck at intros. but i love you guys… and i’m excited to be here… this is liam carr, my rose-coloured glass, optimistic sex addict. oop. no one know that last part. anyway, he’s a sweetie for the most part and i’m excited to develop him as we go along!! totally lms if yall wanna plot and i’ll hit ya up if you haven’t hit me up already.

I really don’t mind if people don’t match my length when roleplaying together. I know I tend to pull long posts out of nowhere, and I never know when inspiration is going to hit, but I hate it when my long replies seem to intimidate current and potential partners. As long as the other person’s reply gives me something to work with, length isn’t that important!


This is a guide on how to say no to roleplaying with someone without (hopefully) hurting their confidence or feelings. I’m not saying that this is going to work each time, or that you’ll even agree with these things, but this what I’ve learnt from personal experience and from other help blogs. Please like/reblog if you find this useful in any way.

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(Open) Lost at sea

She awoke by the sound of water, no the sea. Yes, the wind, a distant seagull, water striking surface. It wa snot what she had heard before she lost consciousness. Then it  had been rain, thunder, smashing of waves against wood and water, screaming, the wind howling in return. 

Katja raised her head from the surface on which it was resting, her wet hair sticking to her face and she felt a salty, coppery taste as she parted lips to breathe properly. She saw nothing but sea before her. Her eyelids felt heavy and her head was somewhat fuzzy. 
She looked down at her her hands, finding them clutching the edges of a large piece of torn wood, keeping the upper half of her body on the surface and the rest below the water.

Groaning the sorceress tore one from it’s hard grip, salt water immediately find it’s way it to the cuts the wood had made in her hand. Her entire body felt numb but she still managed to somehow drag the rest of her body up on the piece of wood that probably had been a part of the ship. 
There was another pained groan once she fell over on her stomach, hands once more gripping at the wood to keep her from falling off. 
Maybe she had broken something? A rib maybe? She wasn’t sure and she didn’t dare glance over at the shirt that stuck unpleasantly to her skin in case there would be blood. 
Loosing consciousness again was the last the she needed right now. She had to focus, clear her head, try and focus on sounds, movements other than the sea and her own heaving breaths. 

alright, so, real talk for a moment. let’s talk about matching length.

now, i don’t know what matching length means to you, but i’m pretty sure we can all generally agree that matching length means being able to reply sufficiently to your partner’s thread. sufficiently meaning that there's clear effort put into the reply and that you’re not half-assing it.

when someone expects you to match the length of their reply, they’re not asking you to reply with the same amount of words. no one cares enough to copy-paste the words into a word document and have the program tell them how many words they have to reply with. no one does that. ever. and if you do, congrats to you. but reallywhen someone wants you to match the length of their reply, they’re asking for effort. they’re asking for you to engage in the thread, to contribute to the thread.

five quick stanzas are not going to compare to a paragraph that takes up five lines. thats not how matching length works.

and i know that roleplaying is for fun, and that there really shouldn’t be rules, but this is more of courtesy than anything else. some people enjoy writing poetic stanzas and some people like writing long, winding paragraphs with a shitton of detail. but if a person wants you to match their length, match their goddamn length. roleplaying is a hobby that does involve effort.

plus, when you reply with a less-than-sufficient response to what is clearly something given a lot of time and effort to, the likelihood that your partner will reply is really low. its a give and take, two-way street kind of hobby, guys. 

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do you have any orgasm control/denial or edging fics? or any overstimulation ones? im a slut for this stuff lol (also thank you for answering this ans running this blog its amazing and ily ❤️)

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A Soul as Sweet as Blood-Red Jam by pringlesaremydivision

 It slips out. It just – slips out, and it takes half a second before Steve realizes what he’s said, and then he wants to die.

Or: Steve’s daddy kink comes out to play while he’s in bed with Bucky.

Conviction by ipoiledi

“Why d’you want it?”

Steve swallows and his eyes search Bucky’s face, dark now. “I just,” he says, but his voice comes out hoarse, and so he tries it again. “I just do, Buck, I want — I want you to know that I trust you. I want to give you that.”

Think I’m Finally Clean by fuck_me_barnes

In which sub Bucky wishes for rougher handling by normally gentle dom Steve, and gets probably more than he bargained for.

Call Boy by L1av (sex work)

Bucky Barnes was skyrocketing through promotions at his advertising firm. Now, a partnership position is opening and if Bucky wants to see his name on the building, he needs to impress not only Mr. Tony Stark, but his wife Pepper. To do this, it takes a team, a couple to be exact. Bucky asks his ex-wife Natasha to set him up with the perfect girl, blonde, tall, thick thighs and huge tits, but with the personality that’ll get Pepper all smiles.

What Bucky gets? Tall, blonde, thick thighs…and a penis. Can this male escort pretend to not only be Bucky’s fiance but also impress Pepper enough to win Bucky the promotion? Is he going to impress Bucky enough to get him to sleep with him?

Steve loves working for his tip.

Orgasmus by OhCaptainMyCaptain


It had always felt like his life was nothing but decision-making; what with work, taking out the dames, making ends meet all the time at home - Bucky was always expected to have the answers. That’s how society told him he needed to be. When he was at home, though, things were different. The second his shoes came off and that front door was closed, the only thing Bucky had always wanted was for someone to take care of him.

Not ‘someone’, not really. Steve. Bucky wanted Steve to take care of him.

Semaphore by mtothedestiel

Sometimes Steve can’t move on from the day’s mission.  Bucky is the only one who can help him.  They’ve worked out a system.

New Personal Record by eclecticxdetour

Bucky brings Steve right to the edge, but not over. Repeatedly.

Light ‘em up by An Errant Tumbleweed (cryogenia) 

Some couples go to football matches or roleplay night or minigolf. Steve likes to play a different game.

He’s got six left.

Round One by Kellyscams

Steve getting Bucky all hot and bothered and ties him up and then sticks an aneros up his ass and tells him not to come. Then he just watches Bucky writhe and sketches him. After a while Bucky’s begging incoherently, and eventually he can’t hold on anymore and right before he tips over the edge, Steve gives him permission to come.

more than your mouthful by alcibiades

Steve and Bucky try something new in the bedroom.

Plug & Play by DisappointMe

Bucky has the best ideas.