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Japanese Chin Matchbox Label 1890s by Blue Ruin 1

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<br />A Japanese Chin Dog pulling two Sika Deer in a cart.
My Boys Drabbles: Pest Infestation

Hey guys! So, this came a little faster than I would have predicted.. I hope you enjoy it! Thanks to the wonderful @jia911 for being amazing, as always!

This story is from the series My Boys Drabbles but it can also be read as a independent one shot. 

  • The Prompt:

@shepherdess-amelia asked for a story where Amelia and Owen’s house would be infested by Pests. 

  • Timeline: 

@june-louise asked for a something before they had the kids.

I hope this satisfies you both! 


Amelia distractedly hummed to a song on the radio while going through boxes of her personal belongings. She was having a rare day off, but instead of using it to rest like she had originally planned, she’d decided to give the house a much needed fix.

Ever since she married Owen, about three weeks before, and they moved into the new house, they had barely had any time to unpack their stuff and put everything in its proper place. They hadn’t even bought any furniture, still living on the few things both owned before their wedding and that was starting to become a real problem.

Amelia thought shopping for new furniture was long overdue. They couldn’t keep using their limited free time just enjoying the moment anymore. It was important they also planned ahead like responsible adults. And that included not only owning a grown up house, but also filling it with real furniture instead of only folding chairs and makeshift tables.

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Fatshion February: Day 23

Went to the inaugural meeting of the LA Cake Club today, organized by the amazing Sara Tso of Matchbox Kitchen. I went with my lady pal and former podcast cohost Natalie Carle. I ran into Nichole Ramirez of Scout Ties, an artist I follow on Instagram named Ann Shen, AND met some fun, talented women who love baking and do it well. The brownies are what I made. I went home stuffed and overjoyed.

Photo 3 by Natalie Carle
Photo 4 by Sara Tso

Shirt: I played softball on a very crappy, rag tag team of podcast nerds last year.
Belt: Land’s End
Skirt: eShakti
Shoes: Old Navy online (they only carry 11’s online whut whyyyy)