matcha sesame


Shopping rest

Cafe # 3 for 2017: Recession Coffee, S Maison, Conrad Manila, MoA Pasay City

I went to MoA to buy some stuff for my mom’s birthday after my only Saturday class. I also bought The Prince for my literature class and a new phone case. I was also to buy a pair of vans but there were no available sizes! After a quite tiring half-day of shopping, I decided to rest first at, of course, a coffee shop. Recession Coffee is located at the hotel-mall near SMX. This is a coffee shop with pay-how-much-you-want concept. Literally, you can pay how much you want for your chosen coffee! But pleaseee, don’t abuse this concept and be generous enough. I had their cappuccino, and it was really good! Bitter level was maybe around 70-75%? You can add sugar syrup if you want it sweet, though. I also ordered their Black Sesame Matcha Brownie for P85. It was okay and blends well with my cappuccino. I just can’t taste the matcha and black sesame that much that it tends to taste like a sweet regular chocolate brownie. But it was really good that I will order this one again once I come back. The staff was friendly enough and the ambiance was really nice. I love the alternative/rock (whatever genre you call that but it was around those genre) songs they play which made my stay really worthwhile. I’m coming back for their other pastries and other coffee flavors but overall, I loved this place and it will definitely land into my favorite-coffee-shop-list.


© Claire Gunn

Travel Tuesday: Tjing Tjing is Cape Town’s sexiest rooftop bar. Tjing Tjing Torii, on the floor below, is its elegant offshoot: a petite cobalt-blue dining room with Japanese-inspired pop art murals and a terrific menu of Asian small plates. That means shareable portions of panko-beef tataki, sticky pork bao and matcha-and-toasted-black-sesame ice cream.

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