matcha sesame


Those popsicles were really fun so here’s some ice cream! Demi taro coconut soft serve, blueberry banana ace pop, and aro matcha black sesame ice cream. Feel free to use ‘em! Happy Pride, y’all!


Day #30 : Soft Swerve

Today I went to have an ice cream shop with my friends which recently opened in Chinatown called ‘Soft Swerve’. The ice cream shop offers unusual flavors, you can order vanilla but you will also find Asian-inspired ice cream flavors like ube, matcha and black sesame. Ube which has become a sensation, is a purple yam, made popular by a Filipino dessert called halo halo. Purple yam is common in a couple of countries in Asia, including the Philippines. At first all of us were skeptical about eating a yam-flavored ice cream but it is as delicious as it looks. You can also swirl two flavors together in either a black chocolate or red cinnamon cone. They have unique toppings as well which include strawberry syrup, toasted coconut and fruity pebbles. Some signatures sundaes are named after city streets in New York which include Mulberry street and Mott street.  So next time you’re craving something for desserts, you know where to go for some sweet purple ice cream!


How to cut and bake the Green Tea Biscuits.

One the dough has been refrigerated for an hour, it can be prepared into biscuits. Take the cling film off the dough and roll the entire dough in sugar. Using a sharp knife, slice the dough into 3mm thickness discs and place on a greaseproof paper. Make sure to place them with some space in between for the biscuits to expand. 

Place in a pre-heated oven at 160 degrees for 18 minutes. Once baked, remove from the tray and place on a cooling rack to retain the crunch.

© Claire Gunn

Travel Tuesday: Tjing Tjing is Cape Town’s sexiest rooftop bar. Tjing Tjing Torii, on the floor below, is its elegant offshoot: a petite cobalt-blue dining room with Japanese-inspired pop art murals and a terrific menu of Asian small plates. That means shareable portions of panko-beef tataki, sticky pork bao and matcha-and-toasted-black-sesame ice cream.

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