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Little Makar is all finished and is ready to be sprayed with sealant. 

He is made to be worn as a necklace but could also be made as a figurine. 

I made him with a bell inside so he does jingle when shaken :] 

Will be up for sale soon - I can customize him if you’d like too! 

Please send me a message here or through Etsy if you  would like to have your very own adorable Korok ! 

Thank you!


Cheers to the happy couple. I hope this pair in particular arrived safely to their new home in Canada <3 I no longer take requests to create custom Animal Crossing Mayors (due to many issues / conflicts…. But animal villagers are still ok! )

I thought I’d share with all of you one of the completed requests. Enjoy AC fans!!!



Matcha Nest

Early Shop Closure Announcement For the Holidays DEC 7

Hello Everyone 

I would like to all let you know i unfortunately will be closing shop early this  holiday season to focus on orders and also school finals, which I have been prepping for the last 2 weeks. I will be closing on December 7th until December 29th (subject to change on re-opening). I will indeed be getting everyone’s order out before the holidays unless otherwise discussed. So please put in your last orders in before the 7th at midnight PST. 

Please feel free to contact me through Etsy, Facebook, tumblr or email if you need to. I will still be very active checking and responding everyday. 

Matcha Nest will be celebrating its 1st birthday this coming January. I have planned new line of items - simple and complex, plus a makeover for the site. 

thank you for all the support. I wish everyone a happy holidays and a happy new year!! 



Matcha Nest