in retrospect, he probably shouldn’t have left his house. he really wasn’t in the proper state of mind to be dealing with people but alas, there he was rocking back and forth on his heels as he watched the soccer team ( his former teammates ) take the field. he was anxious, eyes flitting about. 

au where historia and ymir are best friends who both have it really bad for each other. prom is coming up and neither of them have dates, historia keeps hinting about how she really wants a date, but ymir is too much of a shy gay baby to ask her. they go prom shopping together which is a really bad idea since it’s crowded so they have to share a dressing room. basically they end up making out and buying matching dresses and the next week at school ymir makes a big deal about how she asked historia to prom. they’re their school’s first lesbian prom queens.

Imagine accidentally catching Thorin bathing and trying to sneak away before he sees you staring

For ladyunderthemountain :)


A bath. A luxurious, warm, sweet-smelling bath is what you had been craving for the better part of a week. Unfortunately there were no baths matching that description on your journey so far so you would have to make do with a nearby lake.

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1,000 Matches In 2015 - Match 336:
Eddie Guerrero Vs. Ultimo Dragon

WWE SmackDown [July 10th, 2003]

The pre-match promo features Eddie Guerrero attempting to cover for his actions the previous week, where he attacked Tajiri, his former WWE Tag Team Championship partner. Despite the attack, as random as it was, the fans simply weren’t ready to hate Eddie and continued to chant in favor of him during the promo. What follows is a match that can only be described as epic, as two of wrestling’s most decorated superstars face off with Eddie taking on The Ultimo Dragon!

Billboard just reported that there were approximately 5000 downloads of No Control last week.

Seeing as how we matched OVER 3000 copies through the sponsorship program I am STUNNED to see just how big of an impact that the sponsorship mini-project had, even if a certain amount of gifted copies went unclaimed for technical reasons.

A HUGE thank you to our sponsors AND recipients! Without both of you we wouldn’t have gotten even close to those download numbers!

Thank you again to enantiomers for rocking the shit out of the whole thing, and to fuzzypurplestuff, alwaysalouisgirl, 1ncline, insurii, inkeddimples and createdoutofnecessity for working the database with us so the sponsor matching emails flowed out around the clock.

This fandom is amazing!


Warehouse 13/Black sails (Though lets be honest I totally wanted to make pirate stuff for Race and even though it’s not exact match for her canon I’d like to think it’s A pirates life for me fanart because I adore that fic ;D You can click for shit big versions of the manips if you like)

I know ter Stegen conceded 3 goals today but I am still so proud of him!! He does not get to play regular matches. He plays every other week against the biggest teams in the world and he does a really good job. 


Must Re-Watch Match of the Week!

Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler, Raw, 10/22/12

The JKWrestling Match of the Week - August 25th 2014: Seth Rollins def. Dean Ambrose on Raw

Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose repaid the faith showed in them by the bookers at WWE by putting on the match of the week from the main event slot of Raw this week courtesy of their typically fast-paced and erratic styles. With Kane thrown in the mix to keep things interesting as both stars recovered from their often painful looking spots, the match effortlessly took us to the very close of the WWE’s biggest weekly show and inevitably landed it the Match of the Week once Rollins curb-stomped Ambrose out of the WWE to truly send a message. A very good TV match that elevated both.

Match of the Week: Hitman v. Stone Cold

WrestleMania 13 was clearly a background for one of the greatest double turns in the history of wrestling. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin faced off against Bret “Hitman” Hart in a submission match. Anyone who knows about Austin’s style knows that he did not have a submission maneuver in his arsenal. The two figure out a way to make this match work with a little help from “color”. Enjoy this week’s…

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The JKWrestling Match of the Week - October 6th 2014: Samoa Joe def. Austin Aries on Impact Wrestling in an X Division Championship Match

Everyone knows that Austin Aries and Samoa Joe are capable of putting on excellent matches and this week was no exception. The challenge of Aries, per request of the champ, brought about an excellently deliveredmatch-up that entertained through good quality story telling, showing that the X Division isn’t all about high-flying action.

kawaii-elleonsy asked:

Hi there and welcome! Could you do a gif reaction to the boys walking in on you while you're changing clothes? Thank you! :3

I sure can!~

Jin: Oh sorry *peeks over his hands when you’re not looking*

Suga: *disapproves* No no no. Those don’t match and they’re not the underwear I bought you last week!

J-Hope: *jumps around a corner* Did she see me? She didn’t… *stares from the around the corner*

Rap Monster: *after you yell at him to get out* Her underwear had a dog on the butt *finds it adorable and always mentions it to you*

Jimin: *speechless*

V: Sorry *can’t wipe his smile off his face*

Jungkook: *in a whole new world*