200+ Followers Gift: Pt. 2&3

So I LOVE making recolors and previews using photoshop cs6, and I thought that the initial gift I did was a bit small for all the love I’ve been getting from everyone, so I made more ^^ These are my first unisex creations, and I really like how they look on both frames for the most part, of course breasts will affect some of the prints. Part 2 are black and white tees with Japanese words on them, and Part 3 are sweatshirts with “tumblr” designs on them. Both are BGC and neither require a separate mesh download. I hope everyone likes these! 

Credits to all of the original designers of these little logos/prints I used, I don’t claim any of the artwork~ 

Download Pt 2

Download Pt 3

TOU: Don’t reupload, put through paysites, or claim as your own. Would love to see if you use them on your own sims! 

Credits: Made with S4S and CS6, meshes and textures by EA/Maxis. Thanks to all of the creators of the CC I use on my models!

Since S4Studio released a Backyard Stuff compatible version I have been working on some much needed add-ons. The 6-seat round tables are fantastic but the current umbrella-hugging versions leave much to be desired in terms of flexibility.

So I set out to separate the table from the umbrella and made both into their own objects. I created 2 sets of tables from the original EA textures, which I hand-painted on top off. One includes the original umbrella holder and one doesn’t, allowing you to use them anywhere you wish and for any purpose. The umbrellas are now sculptures that your sims can walk and sit underneath. There are two version (the same as in the original pack), one with a solid patterned appearance and one with a see-through mesh. Because the shadow of the table was baked onto the umbrella’s texture (cause that makes so much sense) I hand-painted over all of them to fix that.

This totals four items, 2 6-seat tables and 2 umbrellas, all maxis match using the textures and recolours from the original objects. Each version has its own .package because it uses different normal and specular maps. I had hoped to release these today, the objects are all done and play-tested, but my S4Studio keeps crashing for some reason so I can not fix the one thing that needs fixing (design tool height on the tables).

I hope to get these up tonight or tomorrow after I fix my Studio.

NB: These are not my own meshes or textures, they are made by EA and I simply tweaked their design a bit to make mixing-and-matching easier. Therefore, these objects will not work unless you have Backyard Stuff installed!

Dark Match Report from RAW 7/25

Bonus Dark Match: WWE World Hvt. champion Dean Ambrose & John Cena beat A.J. Styles & Seth Rollins in a tag match. This was a huge surprise for everyone as I thought the Balor-Reigns finish was more than satisfying. Ambrose and Cena won with an AA on Styles and a Dirty Deeds on Rollins to close out the night.

PW Torch

After tonight’s WWE RAW went off the air, SmackDown stars John Cena, AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose were in action for the main event dark match.

The team of Cena and Ambrose defeated Seth Rollins and Styles after Ambrose pinned Rollins.

Wrestling Inc