match vid


♥ Sim Request #25 for @lunarpanther  *speed cas video below!*

  • “a sim with long raven black hair, she has a mysterious aura to her, and loves reading horror/thriller/crime novels, her eyes are otherworldly, she is often seen with bags under her eyes, probably because she stays up too late reading.”

CC USED:  //  HAIR  //  TOP (OLIVIA)  //  SKIRT  //  SHOES  //  EYE SHADOW  //  LIPSTICK  //  



@ifwegettherebysunset was asking for this in the Puzzleshipping tag and it caught my eyes. So i did it! 

i have never heard this song before

it made me qUITE SAD


There’s a new CAS video up on my YouTube channel <3

i lost this game but i felt a definite improvement in my hanzo play so it still feels like a victory!!! (๑و•̀ω•́)و

I just stumbled over a vid of Interstellar + Queen’s ’39 and my soul is now at peace