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why do you think zico is unhappy? I agree with you, but I want to know your reasons :)

Well, I don’t think he’s “unhappy"… I just think that he’s not 100% happy, like all of us. There isn’t such a thing as “a 100% happy person” XD But what I mean is that he and the other boys had to change in order to “survive”, and they were so real, so genuine on broadcasts. I’m not saying that changing is a bad thing, he must know what to say to people in order not to hurt or affect them in a bad way, especially because he’s a public figure, but some people forget he’s just a 22 yo boy who is still learning and, most important, he’s a human. They hate on Zico for the littlest things ever and they’re never satisfied with anything, no matter how much he tries.

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