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The bible is incredibly edited. If it fits together, which is heavily does not, it's because someone arranged it to be that way. Books that didn't match up were discarded. It's nothing more than a collection of short stories, cultivated in a vain attempt to convince generations of people to pass judgement on others. There's not a shred of evidence a word of it is anything more than personal delusion. Believing is just buying into that delusion.

Actually, the Bible is the most authenticated ancient text known to man. What does that mean? A lot of things actually…

The Bible has the smallest time gap between the time it was first written and the earliest manuscripts we have. That is VERY important when we are dealing with ancient documents because it greatly increases probability of reliability. We are going to take a few moments to compare the New Testament to other ancient historical accounts that are considered trustworthy and reliable. I usually just link to this whole video but I felt like throwing in pictures this time because I’m Extra like that

By historical comparison, the earliest manuscripts we have of the New Testament were written in a shockingly short time span from when the original document was penned - a mere 50 years. But there is so much more…

Every single manuscript out of the 24,633 we have of the New Testament alone matches up virtually perfectly, which means they were copied, not edited. They were not perpetuated like a game of telephone, they are true to their original content. How does that compare to the works of other ancient text? Look how many we have of Caesar, Plato, and Tacitus in comparison to the New Testament:

The next closest in regards to the number of manuscripts we have would be Homer’s Iliad with a total of 643 manuscripts

That still leaves the Bible leading by 23,990 manuscripts.

The foundational points of Caesar’s life, the preservation of the Iliad, and the reliability of Tacitus’ writings are considered rock solid. We believe those events happened, we believe the stories told are ones the authors wrote. So why do we doubt the Bible which is FAR more trustworthy than anything else we have? 643 x 38.31 to be exact.

So internally it’s accurate, but what about externally? How do we know it is not simply the writers perpetuating a lie? Glad you asked! Next slide…

Apart from the Bible, we have 9 non-Christian outside sources and 33 Christian outside sources. That brings us to a total of 42 outside sources affirming the events and authenticity of the Bible. Compare that to the second place who would be Caesar of which we only have ten outside sources documenting his life.

We don’t doubt the events of Caesar’s life, we don’t say that there is no evidence to prove the words about him are true, we don’t claim that these other books are so heavily edited that we can no longer believe anything they say is accurate. So why do we doubt the Bible is true?

The Bible blows everything else away. It passes every test of authenticity by a massive amount. If we disregard the validity of the Bible, we have to discard everything we claim to know about ancient history because the Bible is the absolute highest standard for historical accuracy. That’s a fact. (You can watch the whole video including why the four eye-witness gospel accounts are important here)

LOL I laughed everytime I passed through this req in the ask box. Hope you like this! ^^

By the way. Part II of Penguins will be posted tomorrow. Be patient, you thirsty for Baeran souls :p

MC’s dad challenges them to a match


  • He was nervous to meet your father, but also super excited.
  • And now very curious on why did you take him to this dojo, weren’t you going to lunch with your dad?
  • “We will, if you pass the test, young man.”  Your father says in a solemn tone.
  • Puzzled, he looks at you, that are face palming on a corner, then he looks at all the judo students and your father adjusting his black belt, standing in position on the mat.
  • “What… what is happening here?” “You must fight for my daughter’s love, young man.”
  • Zen chuckles and is all like “Good one, dude. Now let’s grab lunch.” But no one in the room is laughing.
  • Oh… OH! Your father… your father is serious! HOLY SHIT!
  • Okay, he doesn’t know judo, but he had to simulate some fight moves for his musicals. He got this!
  • But man is so caught up in showing what he got he ends up saying the lines of this musical.
  • “I’ve faced thousands of fists, hundreds of swords, the scars in my body *takes his shirt off, gaining some ‘ohhhss’ from the female-and some male- students* prove that I’ve endured pain, but let me tell you, there’s no pain like the one that is being away from her, I’ll face millions of fists and thousands of swords to have her.”
  • He’s not even confused, he’s hurt when you dad starts laughing. “Wow, young man, you’re more dramatic than her, you make quite a pair.” You’re facepalming again as Zen laughs along and hugs you.


  • Boy dressed up so neatly to meet your dad.
  • So he’s feeling completely dislocated when you take him to this dojo.
  •  “Fancy clothes won’t impress anybody here, young boy, you must earn my respect showing your strength.”
  • The poor thing nods and says he’ll do whatever it takes to show his worth, he doesn’t even notice there is some student holding you in the back so he won’t see you squealing.
  •  “Very well, so now we fight.”
  • Well, shit! He thought it was something simpler like bringing his family here or…
  • But… fight? He never had to fight before! Well, only on LOLOL, but still…
  • However, he sticks to his word. Yeah! He’ll show his worth, if it’s not physical strength, it’s at least dignity.
  •  “Yes, sir. If it is for her, I’ll do it! I’ve lost an eye to protect her, I’m growing so much because of her… so I suppose getting beat up by the man who raised her should be an honor. Bring… bring it on.”
  • Yoosung gets really surprised when everybody turns against your father. “You’re a monster, professor!” “Ahh, the poor boy!” “You lost your eye for your girlfriend, dude?”
  • So your father admits defeat, glaring at you as you pamper your boyfriend elling him how brave he is.


  • A little nervous for meeting your father.
  • Slightly calmer as you bring her to a dojo.
  • No, not any dojo, the one she used to train.
  • So when she sees your father and your father sees her… well, for her it’s like fate trying to bring you to her life way before that it actually happened.
  • As for your father…  “Try to prove you’ve learned well, miss Kang.”
  • Not even fazed, she knows your father’s odd goofiness.
  • “Yes. It’s time for you to show you’ve taught well too.” OH WOW
  • Jokes aside, she really admires your father and his wisdom, and now she appreciates him even more knowing he raised you.
  • “I’m sure you did, considering you’re a good professor as much as you are a great father.” She says, lowering her head in respect.
  • Your father chuckles, getting up and offering his hand for her to get up too. “Then there’s no need for a match. I know you’ll be good to her as much as you were a good student.”
  • Just this time, because expect some friendly matches happening during your family gathering in the future.


  • He was the one to suggest a gathering with your father wherever he wanted
  • Oh, a dojo, huh? Ah yes, setting a meeting in his workplace shows his seriousness , Jumin must match this seriousness
  • And you’re like “Jumin, there’s no need for that. Please, relax.” “I’ll relax as soon as you father acknowledges me as being a man worth of your love.”
  • And he’s definitely not relaxed as your father shows up in his judogi, bowing in the traditional way before a match.
  • Jumin does the same, thinking this is the traditional greeting in your family or something like this.
  •  “Daddy, please… “ “No pleading, honey, your boyfriend already accepted the challenge.”
  • “Yes sir, challenges are not unfamiliar to me, since I’ve been facing the biggest challenge of my life ever since I’ve met your daughter. The challenge of being a suitable husband for her.”
  • “Whoa, did you just propose?” your father asks. “Yeah, Jumin, did you just propose?” your father and you are looking at him in awe.
  • “Why the surprise? It’s no secret I intend to espouse you soon, my love. As long as if that’s what you want, and also your family, of course.”
  • You and your father are looking at each other, like “what now?” “You ask me? I don’t know!”.  So your father decides to shrug and just say that lunch is ready.
  • And Jumin never knew he was being challenged for a match. He only did years later after he espoused you.


  • So so so nervous and trying so so so hard not to show.
  • But a dojo, huh? Cool, ah… ahahahah, cooool. Who’s nervous?
  • “Oh my God, Saeyoung! It’s just where he works, it’s not like he’ll actually defy you to a match.”
  • “I know, MC! Your father would never do such a thing! After all, I would have o show him no mercy…” he adjusts his glasses and does this super low voice.
  • “Is that so, young man? Then I’m glad we’re on the same page.” He yelps and grabs you by your shoulder as your father show up out of nowhere! Shit! Is he a ninja?
  • He had some basic martial arts training due to his time in the agency, but he’s all rusty these days.
  •  And come on, he doesn’t want to do this! He can show how much of a disappointment he is at a regular lunch.
  • “Ah, Saeyoung…” you hate when he starts the self-depreciative humor, so you hug him.
  • And he’s super flustered with your dad watching his, but… he regains some confidence.
  • “Ready, young man?” “Oh my God! Would you really hit a guy with glasses? What kind of example are you giving to your daughter?”
  • Your father notices the way you giggle and look at this ginger with so much love, so he chuckles and pats his shoulder. “Well played, young man.”


  • He’s so honored he gets to meet your father
  • And when he finds out about the dojo, he shows even more respect
  • Yes, if you had told him before, he would bring the photos he took in one of his trips to Japan
  • He’s sure he and your father will have lots of things to talk about such noble pedagogy.
  • So he’s quite surprised when your father says he can’t be with you if he doesn’t win a match.
  • “I’m sorry, sir. I’m not sure I follow. Is this… a match for her honor?”
  • Well, it wasn’t your father’s first idea, but now it is LOL
  •  “Sir, I don’t think this is right. Two men fighting for the honor of a lady in the 21st century? No, your daughter is a free smart woman who can protect her honor herself and make her own choices. I… I’m sorry, but I must refuse.”
  •  Meh, he’s no fun. So your father just shrugs, a little embarrassed because he thought the guy was serious.
  • And you would be squealing by how awesome his speech was… if…
  • You didn’t know he got it was just a joke from the beggining. Sneaky little V…

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modern au lily headcanons, go!

  • tiny barely five foot redheaded menace she has visible stretchmarks and is kinda on the chubby side. petunia used to call her a cherub which made her cry but now she’s like fuck yeah i’m awesome because fuck whatever her hate filled sister has to say
  • when she was fifteen she got an industrial piercing, and then she pierced her ears again a year later, and the day after her drunken boozy birthday bash she got her first tattoo
  • by the time she’s in her early twenties she has about 7 odd tats all over, some are watercolour, some are monochrome, they’re both hidden and out there for the world to see.
  • she owns about 50 different sundresses and she wears them all the time. fuck pants and fuck sitting like a lady. she paid good money for her underwear and they’re cute. the world deserves to see them.
  • she only wears chucks with them though. her wardrobe is bursting with dresses and skirts and the occasional romper, but she only owns like 3 pairs of shoes: some formal red bottom nude pumps that she saved up for years to buy, a pair of winter boots, and her banged up chucks.
  • james fucking trips over himself when he first sees her. she’s scary… but hot. it doesn’t help that it happens the first and last time she tries to dye her hair, so she’s sporting lilac streaks that clash something awful and guffawing loudly with sirius.
  • absolutely detests beer but will drink any kind of wine no matter how cheap or dry or disgusting it might be. she loves rosé and has like ten different bottles in her flat at all times.
  • speaking of her flat, it’s one room open concept kind of thing the size of a shoebox. she calls it minimalistic, but it’s because she’s a poor uni student. you don’t even have a proper bed frame evans jesus.
  • hates driving unless it’s getting to take sirius’ motorbike out for a spin. they have matching leather jackets. it’s fun.
  • she’s either an instagram beauty queen or a fucking mess there’s no in between. she doesn’t do make up often but when it does her eyeliner could massacre any man who looks her way and her highlight is brighter than the fucking sun. but most times she’s in mismatched knee socks, a dress, no bra, chapped lips, flushed cheeks, and frizzy hair.
  • has had instagram since it’s inception but only has 13 posts up, nine of which are books and coffee that she gets at remus’ shop. she always tags his shop’s official account in them.
  • uses facebook only once a month but she fucking spams everyone within half an hour before logging off again. also tags remus’ bookshop on there too with literary puns. he is not impressed. (she likes to post pictures of loaves of bread that look like dicks on peter’s bakery’s page but he blocked her so she resorts to tagging his personal account instead.)
  • she’s kind of a stoner. just a little bit. it started at a party back in uni and she doesn’t do it often, but she knows how to roll a blunt like a pro and has 7 ‘not the weed guy’ contacts on her phone.
  • because she always wears dresses she never has actual functional pockets so she’s always lugging around hug handbags filled with snacks, extra water bottles, a first aid kit, a power bank, extra pads and tampons, at least 5 different shades of red lipstick, and pretty much anything you could think of.
  • she’s a meme queen, always up to date on the latest meme and always sharing them on the groupchat. peter was scared of the spongebob one at first.
  • mooches off of james’ netflix account. he’s changed the password a hundred times but she’s always finding her way back in so he just gives up and lets her even though all she watches is repeats of brooklyn nine nine, parks and rec, and those weird food network things that he never understands.
  • she eats like a toddler, he idea of cooking is just like microwaveable chicken nuggets or something. and she will eat anything once it’s covered in salt or ketchup. it drives sirius ‘food snob’ black crazy because ‘no lily you have chicken mcnuggets and stirfry mixed together what the fuck
  • her bad eating habits also drive james ‘health conscious nerd’ potter up a wall because ‘what do you mean breakfast was five rice kripsy treats and a pack of thin mints oh my god you’re going to get diabetes before you’re thirty’
  • he starts buy her groceries after that and she would be upset but she’s a cheapskate so the money she would have spent goes towards her new phone fund because she’s been using a shitty little android for 3 years it’s time for an upgrade.
  • of course, she doesn’t know about half the shit james buys (what the fuck is chia seeds potter?’ ‘put them in your water and drink it’ ‘it’s disgusting’ ‘it’s healthy.’ ‘i rather eat a triple cheeseburger and die at the ripe old age of 32′)
  • she doesn’t know how to cook it either so that means he’s over cooking for her most nights. the two of them together. alone.
  • he grudgingly grows to like rosé
  • lily asks him out after a month or so very cool and casually like ‘oh hey you know if we were dating you could just stay over instead of taking the train back home we should do that it would solve a lot of problems.’
  • it makes him drop the rice he’s working on, but it doesn’t matter because dinner is cold as a dog’s nose by the time they’re ready for it if ya catch my drift.
The Raid/One More Time, With Feeling

So, it’s official: Supernatural continues to be outstanding. I liked this episode a lot, and I like how they keep doing this - acknowledging there is a past in this show while developing new storylines and confirming stuff we’ve been saying for years. Because subtext - turns out it matters. Who knew.

Since I haven’t seen a lot of people talk about this, first things first: the BMoL’s (and Mary’s, and Sam’s) plan to eradicate and destroy all monsters - jolly good, but what does it mean for Cas? For Crowley? For Garth? Apparently they’re not working on a nuclear explosion spell or anything, and instead they’re going after specific groups of monsters one by one. And the thing is, they’ve got no reason to stop and ascertain who are the good guys and who are the bad guys, right? If they find Garth, Garth is dead.

(Is Sam okay with this? Mr Head Choice?)

And what about demons? I doubt you can kill every demon in existence, so the solution, surely, is shutting the Gates of Hell? And we know how Crowley feels about that, at least. As for the angels, again - seems unpractical and unfeasible to eliminate them, not to mention the cosmic consequences there would likely be if it could be done, so, again, is the idea to confine them all in Heaven? Mh.

As for the rest of it, here we go. 

Family Matters

Jesus Christ, what a mess. I know we talk a lot about how these characters have evolved so much they are almost verbatim the opposite of who they were twelve years ago (and how this was done so skillfully we barely even noticed), but with Mary back in the equation, you really see it. The alliances have now shifted. Where once we had John (emotional and barely hanging on and yet terrifyingly in control) clashing with his younger son who wanted a way out and a better life, and Dean was in the middle, trying to keep both of them happy, now we’ve got Mary pursuing a colder, more rational obsession, Dean who’s so done with all of it, and Sam acting as a mediator. Uh.

Now, it’s true we don’t know exactly what happened when Sam and Dean were teens (#season12wishlist). It’s likely Dean took John’s side out of some demented desire to be recognized and loved, and also so that Sam wouldn’t get hurt, but he believed enough in hunting that his brother getting out - that was a major falling out between them. 

But, well - the situation is hardly the same now. Sam isn’t a brainwashed, terrified teenager. He’s an adult, and, okay, there are rational reasons for the choices he’s making. At the same time, though, what’s going on is too close to whatever madness went down in their childhood for me to look with any sympathy upon any of it. Because at this point, Mary honestly scares me, and so does Sam. Him huddling with Mick at the end, saying those things about Dean - that was legit creepy, and more on this later.  

Dean 2.0

Just as an aside, I was very happy to see Mr Ketch doubling back to seduce Dean, because I’ve been saying this would happen for weeks and weeks. And if you write it down, just like that, what went down between them sounds very ambiguous: Ketch showed up with a bottle of scotch, they had a drink together, and then went to a hotel - a fancy place with a pool and a spa. 

The whole thing was coded like a courtship, because that’s exactly what it was (to the point they had to establish Ketch’s sexuality as a preventive #no homo); what made it uncomfortable is the fact Ketch didn’t really want to be there, and Dean - again, the woman in this scenario, as he so often is - was not the right fit for him. 

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Roman Reigns is a great man.

I’m not saying this because I want people to like him, I’m saying this simply because it’s true. He’s been active for almost six years on the roster, and puts up with so much flack for small things that are out of his control, and you know what? He does it in stride. He never once complains, and is a leader of the locker room. There was no one better for Taker’s last match, no one who could truly send him off in a way that was humbling to both Roman and the deadman. Y'all can be mad, get angry, do the bitter routine all you want but what needs to stop is denying this man’s god given talent and drive for the business he is in.

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Hey can I req rfa + v saeran, like abt when it's halloween time, what would theydo or wearing what kind of costumes with mc? I need fluffs ❤


If you’re on mobile, I’m really sorry for the shitty picture quality

my photoshop skills are the real horror on Halloween night


  • Yoosung wants to prove his manliness to you on Halloween
  • He has this whole plan thought out
  • It goes like this:
  • Yoosung is an attractive police officer
  • You’ll be looking illegally fine
  • He’ll arrest you
  • “You’ve been a bad girl.”
  • Handcuffs
  • kinky stuff, basically
  • Seven helped him plan it out
  • He tells you to dress up nicely
  • but you already new of his plans
  • you want me to be your criminal?
  • Oh I’ll be one all right
  • Yoosung’s standing by the door, looking suave as fuck in his police officer
  • No really, those pants hug his tush just right and it’s
  • 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌there👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit  
  • “Wow Yoosung, you look good!” your voice comes the other side of the room
  • He smirks at himself in the mirror
  • Okay Yoosung, you can do this! he says to himself, turning towards you
  • “Hey MC, I’ll have to- eh?”
  • He watches your sidle up to him, wearing one of those hideous orange prison jumpsuits
  • “Yeah?”
  • “Um, what…what are you wearing?”
  • “Come on, you’re an officer of the law yet you can’t even tell an inmate from the rest of the population?”
  • Yoosung tears up a lil
  • Dang it what am I supposed to do know?
  • “But officer, you never told me was I was imprisoned for,” you say with a wink
  • “Ah!” he coughs, “y-your looks are too sinful, it’s illegal!”
  • Wait no that’s not what it was
  • You just giggle and tug on his arm
  • “Well I’ve also just broken out of jail…I guess it’s your job to bring me back?”
  • Yoosung thought he was ready for this
  • He wasn’t
  • “H-how about we go outside for now?” he squeaks, and pulls you along.
  • Even after you spend hours looking at Halloween decorations and buying various pumpkin-themed snacks in the cool autumn breeze, his face still remains a stubborn shade of obnoxious red


  • all you need to know is that he lost a bet 
  • Conditions: he has to dress up as a fairy princess and walk around throwing petals and glitter everywhere on Halloween night
  • Duration of time: 3 hours
  • Zen:
  • he’s a p r o          
  • some of his fans see him on the street, but they don’t believe it’s actually him
  • until pictures are leaked
  • by who you ask?
  • lolololololol (⌐▨_▨) lolololololol
  • he gets twice the amount of role offers, mostly being for dress-wearing characters
  • He refuses to leave the house for the rest of the week
  • Because if he does
  • “Momma look! It’s fairy Zen!”


  • She wants to advertise the cafe on Halloween night
  • “Isn’t it a good idea MC? There will be a lot of people around, and if they see us wearing our mascot, then we’ll get more customers for sure!”
  • “Ok but Jaehee we don’t have a mascot?”
  • Emergency Meeting Commenced
  • Topic: is a simple coffee cup good enough to become a mascot?
  • It doesn’t matter we’re doing it anyways
  • Halloween comes around, and you receive your custom costume order
  • They’re big
  • And hot
  • Luckily the weather outside is cool ,otherwise you’re pretty sure you would have had a heat stroke
  • But look at you two
  • You’re just two giant coffee mugs waddling around outside
  • You almost knock over several children
  • hey Jaehee change of plans let’s go people bowling instead
  • Jaehee tries to talk to them, but ah they’re running away
  • A coffee cup spoke to me!
  • What was that the voice of the abyss?
  • You don’t get that many extra customers afterwards, but you do get a whole bunch of complaints
  • Most of them being how their children swear they saw a grotesque specter outside your door
  • And how you should consider getting your cafe exorcised


  • His company is throwing a Halloween party, and of course, everyone has to come in costume
  • Jumin actually doesn’t care about Halloween
  • “What is this commoner practice? You celebrate the dead by pillaging houses for sweets?”
  • not pillaging Jumin
  • though that means
  • all the planning is up to you
  • MC should not hold so much power
  • yeah, you could dress both of you up as a Count and Countess, something cool and edgy 
  • just imagine how handsome Jumin would look???
  • but w a i t
  • you have a better idea
  • animAL ONESIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • no cats though
  • you both love cats, but halloween is a time to explore the depths of the universe and try out new things
  • and ya just

  • You’re wearing a matching blue unicorn onesies, and together you guys enter the party
  • holy hell is it a good thing that the press isn’t there
  • “Jumin Han Does Gay!” would’ve been their headline for the rest of the year
  • but shit does the man look fine
  • next time you get down and funky, you make him wear it again


  • we all know he has a gazillion outfits
  • and it’s not physically possible for him to choose only one for Halloween
  • why not just wear all of them at once?
  • after a few hours in his room, refusing any help, he squeezes out of the doorway and waddles over to you 
  • #sevenwhatthefuck
  • He looks like he’s wearing one of those blow up sumo suits, except without the nipples
  • or like without anything that makes the suit look like a sumo wrestler except it’s largeness
  • he’s like
  • a giant meatball
  • of clothes
  • the costumes that had stopped fitting after the nth layer, he had tied all together and draped across himself like a scarf
  • “I’m ready for some trick or treating!”
  • you flick him lightly on the forehead and he just kinda flops backwards and rolls away
  • “Now I don’t even have to wear heelies to escape the feelies.”
  • Seven adamantly refuses to change or rather remove about 50 layers, so you successfully manage to frighten away all of the children while you go around collecting your candy taxes
  • no waiting in line yo
  • after some time, Seven is too tired to walk, so you push him back to his house like some humanoid dung bettle, and you spend  the rest of the night playing games and getting cavities
  • Saeyoung still refuses to take off his costumes


  • He’s already a Halloween costume lmao
  • Bean’s got the dramatic eyeliner, the hair, the look
  • “What do you mean dress up?  No thanks I’m fine like this.”
  • So he’s just wearing his bomb-ass jacket and leather choker again
  • Nonetheless, you choose to dress up as a maid
  • oh my
  • “Saeran why is your face so red?”
  • “I-I used too much blush.”
  • You don’t go trick or treating, instead you find a local Halloween festival where they do all kinds of activities
  • Loves apple bobbing
  • He’s real good with his mouth
  • But he doesn’t like it how you just stand there, so
  • “You’re my maid, why don’t you do it for me?”
  • “Yes Master.”
  • *chokes on his apple*
  • You check out the ice cream stall which serves special ice cream only on that day, and you’re pretty sure Saeran single-handedly eats most of the 4 buckets they have
  • But next year, Saeran lets you choose his costume
  • you’ve had this on your mind for years
  • you were born for this day
  • Saeyoung loves it
  • But Saeran never lets you choose his costume ever again


  • the both of you want to have a stroll around town on Halloween night
  • but 
  • costumes?
  • the guy can’t see
  • doesn’t know what you make him wear???
  • you tell him he’s dressed as Zorro, which is why ‘his face is surrounded by cloth’
  • He’s actually

  • he thinks he’s a hero, but he’s really just a sunflower 
  • meanwhile you take on the appearance of a gardener because ‘this is my one and only flower that I will never let wither’ 
  • V thinks all the comments about “how cute!” are directed at you, so he smiles a bit and he’s a tol smiling sunflower with sunglasses prowling thru the streets on Halloween night
  • nobody tries to scare either of you because either they think about how darn precious he looks or how the way he looms over people with his face surrounded by bright yellow petals is rather ominous
  • the stuff of nightmares, really 
  • but he’s the most succulent of succulents and you feel safe with this happy flower walking around with you
  • ‘tis truly a blessed evening with your blind plant man

Anon: Please make us one of your really long essays (lmao) talking about about Kook/min in the 4m vapp live. Please! You have to do it, I don’t make the rules, it’s for science, I promise! :p 

There was quite a lot packed into that short segment (hm..), so I’ll just briefly go over what stood out the most: 

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alpha v maxis match is the dumbest argument that has ever plagued this community. someone using alpha or maxis match is their personal aesthetic choice that does not impact you, your life, or your own game in the slightest, and i don’t know why people think it’s ok to bash, shame, or make fun of simblrs who have a different style??? it’s literally just a game, don’t get caught up in how other people are playing it.

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What would our Samurai do if they saw MC being catcalled by some pervs in public? MC is a strong independent woman who doesn't need her man's help but i firmly believe that that wouldn't stop any of them


-        10/10 READY TO FIGHT

-        Seriously, his lady may not need defending

-        But that is still his lady

-        No one disrespects lady Oda like that

-        Would confront the man and make him apologize

-        If the man refuses, he ought to be prepared to meet the business end of a sword.

-        This man would kill for your honor no doubt. (His honor, Oda honor)


-        This poor man just wants to drink his tea and be kinky

-        Let him rest

-        He wouldn’t be as openly upset as Nobu

-        But still defending your honor.

-        Expect him to glare sharply at the man

-        Probably ask if he thinks its alright to talk to a lady that way

-        Its not alright.

-        Would give you tea and also take you to bed as an apology.


-        Uh, whoever catcalled you has just made a mistake they are not surviving.

-        Doesn’t mean immediate death

-        Tokugawa is a busy man, and you don’t seem too bothered

-        Unless you do, in which case he is openly confronting him

-        “What did you just say to my kitchen wench?”

-        If you aren’t, hope that guy has someone to taste his food.

-        If not he is getting poisoned, thanks Ieyasu.


-        It’s basically canon that Mitsunari cannot stand that type of thing

-        He will confront the man, even if you tell him not to

-        Colorful insults aside this will probably escalate into a fight

-        He will win the fight.

-        This fight will make you anxious

-        He will spend the rest of the day being a high key tsundere but lowkey trying to make it up to you.

-        He really does love you


-        Gets into yelling match with whoever catcalled you

-        Doesn’t physically fight the guy

-        This is only because you tell him not to

-        Your glare keeps him in check

-        He is really upset

-        Says a lot of really sweet things to you later to make up for whatever gross thing the man said

-        Has a hard time saying the sweet stuff

-        You laugh at him


-        This man may be a jokester but this is not a joke to him

-        Frowns

-        Tugs you closer to him and away from the man

-        Tries to reach your destination as quickly as possible

-        As soon as you are out of earshot he tries to cheer you up with jokes

-        If you are unaffected he is concerned about how often this must happen to you

-        Goes more places with you after that just to make sure you are safe.


-        I don’t think it is wise to say things about Lady Sanada like that

-        He will f*ck them up

-        That is his precious love of his entire life and she is to be cherished.

-        Literally Yukkin is 50% honor and 50% love for his MC

-        Which means 100% would fight whoever catcalled you.

-        Also he’d win, because duh.

-        Afterwards would be flustered for a long time and would need you to comfort him

-        And then “comfort” him. If you get my drift.


-        You’d never know the guy was planning on catcalling you

-        Saizo had a feeling

-        So the guy gets a tap on the shoulder from our favorite silver haired ninja

-        He is sternly warned to watch his mouth and his thoughts

-        You and Saizo get dango and have a pleasant day in town.

-        The guy never says a word


-        Poor Masa

-        He was just trying to enjoy a nice day with you in the town

-        When this man has to come and harass you

-        Would be flustered

-        Also mad

-        Who in their right mind would try to say that to you in front of him???

-        Before he can react you tell the man off

-        You tug Masamune away after giving the man a stern talking to

-        You guys do get to have a good day

-        He loves you very much


-        Daddy don’t play

-        But also isn’t going to fight this man with your right there.

-        Casually pulls you into a shop

-        Let’s you browse the things while he goes outside

-        Makes sure the man knows just who exactly you go home to every night

-        Buys you a hairpin just for fun

I didn’t do Kenshin or Shingen because I haven’t had enough interaction with either lord just yet, but I hope you like it nonnie!

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Do you have any Dallas and Ponyboy friendship headcanons? :)

-Dally always tried to include Ponyboy in things.

-And would always invite him to hang out.

-Especially when his brothers weren’t around.

-Dally knew how much is sucked being the youngest in the gang because that’s how it was for him in New York.

-And they treated him badly for it there.

-He never wanted Ponyboy to feel like that.

-Sometimes he felt resentful of Ponyboy because of how the kid complained about Darry.

-Because he knows how much Darry gave up for the kid and while Dally can’t recognize that feeling in himself, he wishes he had someone to love him that much.

-But for the most part he didn’t mind the kid.

-Dally is definitely the reason Ponyboy smokes so much.

-And Dally definitely teaches Ponyboy the best things to say when dirty talking girls.

-Dally will always get girls to come flirt with Ponyboy.

-And he usually embarrasses his friend in front of them.

-But Ponyboy will get back at him by embarrassing Dally in front of his girls too.

-Dally goes to all of Ponyboy’s track meets.

-“I swear, man, it’s just to pick up high school chicks. I don’t even watch the matches.”

-But he so does.

-And he gets really worked up when it’s a close finish.

-He’ll scream and swear a lot.

-And he won’t stop smoking.

-He’s gotten kicked out of some matches for how aggressive he’s gotten.

-Dally actually really likes movies.

-And he always jokes that if Ponyboy writes a movie one day he has to let Dally star in it.

-Dally looks out for Ponyboy, even if he doesn’t show that he cares he does.

-And Ponyboy won’t notice it at first but eventually he’ll realize that Dally is looking at for him.

-And Ponyboy will start looking out for Dally too.


so me and idestroyfeels came up with this really cool kidswap au where everyone is happy (except rose, at least until the end)

dad egbert gets dave, grandpa harley gets john, bro strider gets rose and mom lalonde gets jade

let me now explain to you in great detail why this is an amazing idea

  • dave grows up in a home with a loving father, who may be strange in his weird adult sort of way but just wants his son to be happy (and also manly but mostly happy). at age 4 dave draws his first picture of sweet bro and hella jeff. he is complimented on it by dad and told that if he keeps working, he’ll be great at it. dave keeps honing his art skills instead of focusing on keeping them shitty like in canon. fast forward to age 10, dave’s art is fucking amazing. he wants to go to art school.
  • john grows up on the road, with a grandparent who is always taking him on adventures instead of keeping him in a boring house. grandpa teaches john everything he knows. grandpa doesn’t die because john is more interested in hammers than guns, although he still heeds his grandpa’s advice to never leave home without a rifle. there’s also bec, who watches the island while they’re gone. it’s a very exciting life.
  • jade grows up with mom, and somehow railroads her into not being a shitty parent by not playing along with her passive-aggressive antics and instead connecting with her mom over her work in the science field. she’s the smartest kid in class, nay, the entire school. mom is very proud of her. she keeps telling her maybe one day she can work for skaianet. jade is always happy to hear that. it’s what she wants to do with her life. she ends up enrolling in middle school a year earlier.
  • rose grows up being abused by bro just like dave was in canon, and she endures it. very, very much endures. she hates her brother, and she hates his stupid puppets. but she plays along with his games because it’s the only way she can survive. she learns to fight from copying her bro and filling the gaps in with stuff from the internet. it’s going to be a long battle to the top.
  • fast forward to age 15. dave’s art is only getting better, he wants to become a cartoonist. his dad keeps going on blind dates and failing, so dave and jade set their parents up together. it works out very well. john and grandpa are now an established team of adventurers, and even though grandpa is “not as young as he used to be” and tends to lag behind, john is full of spirit and makes up for what his grandpa lacks in all areas. they’re practically unstoppable.
  • rose’s life is difficult as fuck. as she ages, physical confrontation with her brother becomes a more frequent and less avoidable occurence. bro’s unbreakable katana keeps burning through rose’s pile of very much breakable katanas she stole from him. she’s really good at swordfighting, and is well aware katanas are useless for it. she buys an “unbreakable rapier” from ebay. yes. finally a chance at defeating her stupid brother.
  • age 18. dave is off to art college, jade to science college. their parents are now married, and happy that they can be together even when their kids are leaving them alone. john keeps on exploring new areas, while his grandpa keeps skipping out on adventures and making excuses, so john has to man expeditions all by himself.
  • rose only keeps getting better. and closer to beating her brother in a fight. they’re evenly matched, she could win if it weren’t for that stupid puppet from hell. so one day, she gets rid of cal. just destroys him. slashes him into teeny tiny pieces. that evening, she finally defeats bro in battle. she now has his respect. she asks him to seek help. he does seek help. things seem to be looking up. but the past is there, and it’s very haunting. rose buys a bike online, packs up her rapier and one night just escapes. she enters a fencing competition somewhere, wins, and uses the prize money to buy herself a small apartment. she wants to pursue something she’s wanted to do her whole life but never really found the time to. she wants to be a writer.
  • age 25. dave and jade are out of college. their skills are very well known in high places. dave gets a job at disney as a cartoonist, jade gets a great position in skaianet. john’s grandpa has passed away, so he’s now completely taken up the mantle of billionaire adventurer explorer badass. after every adventure he hits up dave and tells him everything. dave is inspired to create an animated feature about john. he pitches “the greatest adventure of jake english” to the disney higher-ups. they like the idea and dave and his crew get to working.
  • rose isn’t doing so swell. her prize money is running out fast, her walls are covered in rough draft and she just can’t seem to get her book right no matter how hard she tries. and she knows if she can’t get more money soon, her life might actually be over. in a particularly low point in her life, she gets a call from dave. he offers her a writer position in his crew. he knows she’s a writer, he knows how good she is, he knows she needs the money. she puts down her rapier. she takes the job.
  • two years pass. the greatest adventure of jake english is a total success. dave and rose are rolling in profit. john keeps supplying stories, so they decide to make a cartoon series as a follow-up to the movie, in great disney tradition. jade is now the ceo of skaianet, and the company makes cutting-edge technology under her direction. everyone is doing what they love. everyone is happy.
  • no sburb because i do what i want

She’s either surrendering, or we have her dead to rights. Slip the anchor cables. Break our line over the approach of a schooner? I think you overestimate… While there is still time, cut the goddamn cables.  F i r e  s h i p !  Bloody hell. Cut the anchor cables! Get us underway. Cut the anchor! Cut the anchor cables! Starboard batteries, fire! Fire! Fire!

GoT Afterthoughts 7x02 Stormborn (Jonsa Edition) -SPOILERS

Sorry for the delay guys - it’s been a busy day, and I like to do a re-watch and write-up while I’m watching it. So …. Wow! Quite an episode and this season feels so rushed and is moving a bit fast for my liking. I apologize in advance, because I know  this is going to be loooong, and because it contains spoilers, I’m putting it under a cut. Read on Jonsa shippers -this was a GREAT ep. for us!

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Fic where Bucky is doing his thing post Cap 2 and one day he looks up and Tony Stark is standing in the mouth of the alley. And Bucky’s like, okay, he’s here because of his parents, or project Insight or whatever but instead Tony’s just like “So does Cap like Asian cuisine? Italian just seems overdone, you know? I guess we could stick to all-American fare but that seems trite.”

And Bucky’s just like… “um?”

“I guess I could take him to that fusion place. Do you know fusion? Oh god, you don’t know your own name, what am I asking?”

And Bucky just kind of squints at him and he’s like “Don’t take him anywhere pretentious. If you genuinely want to show him something new, he’ll have a good time.”

And Tony’s all “Thanks for the advice, wing-man! I’ll catch up with you later and tell you how it went!” And he takes a few steps before he pauses and asks “Do you need anything? You kind of look like you need something. A shower mostly.”

Bucky just narrows his eyes. “I’m fine?”

“You need money. I’m going to send you money.”

And Bucky just shakes his head like yeah, definitely Howard’s kid, geez but a couple of days later a private courier finds him at his safe house in Prague and delivers the shiniest, blackest AMEX card in the world.

Bucky resists the temptation for five whole days.

(Tony keeps popping up for dating advice “Should I take Steve dancing?” “Sure if you want a 230 pound super human stomping all over your feet and stammering apologies.” “Is it weird that I kind of do?” and “So is Steve gay or bi or what?” “You’ve been trying to date him for six weeks and it just occurred to you to ask?” “Whatever, I don’t care if he’s straight, he’s totally Tony-sexual.” “He does have a critical weakness for smart-mouthed assholes.”)

“You can come back with me you know,” Tony says one day. He’s rocking up and down on the balls of his feet, watching Bucky pour kerosene over the back porch of one of Hydra’s commanders (there’s no one else in the house, he’s made sure, he’s not what they made of him anymore). Bucky hasn’t used the AMEX card in a couple weeks, but Tony always finds him. Bucky’s probably bugged, but he can’t bring himself to care. If he gets killed at least Stark will be able to find his body. He has the vague notion that Steve would probably want to know if he was dead.

“I know,” Bucky says as he pours out the rest of the accelerant and tosses the can away. 

“You gonna?”

“Not today.”

“I have a pool,” Tony says. “Well, technically I have seven of them. Eight? Twelve if you count the hotels. And king-sized beds with down-filled comforters. Fully stocked kitchens with gourmet chefs.Working showers.”

“For a guy trying to make time with my best friend you are really obsessed with my personal hygiene.”

“You have to shower before you can come inside my tower,” Tony said. “And also that arm. Ew. Jesus, I can hear the servos straining from here. Hydra’s engineers should be ashamed.”

“They’re all dead,” Bucky said as he fished his matchbook out of his pocket. “Everyone who knew anything about how this thing works. I made sure of it.”

If he’s expecting Tony to be shocked, he’s disappointed. The billionaire just shrugged. “That’s probably a good plan, really. What?” he asked. “You’re talking to a man who blew up everyone involved in what they did to me. Like I can judge.”

It’s a fair point. Bucky flips the match over his shoulder. “Right, so I was reading about this fusion stuff.”

Tony keeps tracking him down - and he tells Steve, of course he does, Bucky doesn’t eve try to tell him not to. But he doesn’t want Steve to come yet. Stark is… Stark is different. Stark doesn’t care about the man Bucky used to be, and he never knew the inhuman machine the Winter Soldier had been. Stark doesn’t want anything from him except advice. Stark isn’t disappointed in what Bucky is making out of the wreckage of his former lives.

So he tells Stark to tell Steve not to come. And Steve - it takes a couple of near-misses but Steve listens. If Bucky ever goes too far off the map Steve will come looking to make sure he’s still alive, but that’s… reassuring. Sometimes Stark passes along messages. Mostly they don’t talk about Steve except in the context of Stark’s ongoing attempts to seduce him.

Bucky knows Steve somewhere deep in the back of his mind and the pit of his stomach. He knows Steve without knowing how he knows. And everytime Stark shows up and bemoans his lack of progress, Bucky has to bite his tongue from telling the man that Steve is so obviously smitten that even in Stark’s biased and self-deprecating accounts Bucky can tell that Steve’s just dragging this out for shits and giggles and it’s basically a done deal.

One day in March he sees a picture of Steve and Stark on the cover of the CNN front page. Stark is gesturing wildly and Steve has one arm around his waist. He’s looking at Tony with an expression that most people only aim at adorable kittens and their spouse of fifty years.

It’s a good look on him.

Bucky takes out his shiny black AMEX and books the first flight he can find to New York.

Random College AU Nishinoya headcanons nobody asked for

I just love him so much, and it’s his birthday

~ Yuu would go to a university in a city, with an urban campus.  He loves the night life, and that there’s always something to do and new food to try.

~ Ryuu and Yuu are definitely roommates, and both on the school volley ball team. They motivate and encourage each other, they work harder on their grades than they did in high school.  The duo spends hours at the library, chugging protein shakes and quizzing each other.

~ Whenever Saeko comes to visit she brings many air fresheners.  She helps them clean too.  It’s not that their room is a disaster, but it isn’t necessarily tidy.

~ Nishinoya is the most fashionable boy on the whole campus.  Now that he doesn’t have to wear a uniform anymore, he goes all out on his outfits.  His favorite season is summer, but he enjoys fall because he gets to layer things and wear jackets. (This man loves jackets.)

~ With his classes and volley ball, he doesn’t have a lot of down time, but when he does get a night off he’ll either have a night in with Tanaka and Asahi or go out and PARRTYYY.  He and Tanaka are flip cup champions, and they pump each other up.  Most parties end with Asahi or Daichi dragging them back to their dorms before they pass out.

~ Him and Tanaka often travel back home to watch the Karasuno matches and visit their precious juniors.

Dragon Master Lance headcanons

• Lance hates to admit it but fairy type Pokemon terrify him. Whenever he sees one he’ll always stay a safe distance away
• Training dragon Pokemon is very difficult and as a result, it has made Lance rather strong. He could totally give his s/o piggyback rides
• Lance isn’t very much a fan of junk food and instead prefers snacking on healthy things
• Bought his s/o a matching cape
• Lance is a really, really heavy sleeper and snores very loudly. He also wakes up early in the morning to train
• If anyone insulted Lance’s s/o, family, or friends, he would not hesitate to obliterate them
• His favorite kinds of movies are action or mystery movies
• Lance looks like he has killed a man but really he’s very nice and would love to discuss dragons with anyone
• However Lance’s kindness does have a limit and he has beat up members of Team Rocket in the past

☪ Solar Eclipse with Peter ☪

☼ okay let’s be honest this boy is a grade A science space nerd

 ☼ but everyone knows that right? Wrong. 

☼ everyone thinks he’s that geek kid that plays with star wars action figures and while that part is true it wasn’t the whole story

 ☼ no he was actually fasinated by space real space he loved everything about it and he really loved learning new stuff about it and he really really really loved experiencing it 

 ☼ he went to a space museum for his birthday it’s canon 

☼ he also really loves astrology and constilations and he’s really into horoscopes but I’ll get into that another time 

☼when you first met Peter you knew he was a dork after all that’s what made you drawn to him 

☼ but this oh this was a whole new level of geeky-ness even for you and Ned

 ☼ I’m talking researching months ahead of time for the best view in town 

☼ of course it was almost two hours away 

 ☼ buying those glasses 

☼ him literally jumping up and down when he got them in the mail 

☼ Tony offered him his penthouse for the night 

 ☼ yeah it was a good view but it wasn’t the best 

 ☼ after you heard this you were totally and utterly mad at him 

 ☼ “Peter! You’re telling me we could’ve watched it at THE Tony Starks hou- no mansion and that wasn’t good enough?”

 ☼ “Trust me (y/n) I know what I’m doing! I just want to experience it the best way I could with you.”

 ☼ this warmed your heart and you realized how much it meant to him and gave in 

 ☼ “okay you got me, but how are we going to convince May to drive us all the way up there?" 

☼ "Don’t you worry you’re pretty little head, I got this!" 

 ☼ "Please, please, pleeease, Aunt May! I larb you with all my heart! This is all I ever wanted in my life! I’ll never ask for anything ever again!”

 ☼ after a quick stop to Mr. Delmar’s for some snacks

 ☼ matching glow in the dark solar eclipse shirts for everyone this is a real thing o k

 ☼ “I don’t like the way mine looks on me” “Here take my hat, it gives me all the confidence I need.” “Stop Ned, you look beautiful (y/n).” “Thanks Petey.”

 ☼ many Peter dad jokes Parker moments

 ☼"Why didn’t the sun go to college?“ "Why Peter?”  "It already had a million degrees! hahahaha!“ 

 ☼"How does the man in the moon cut his hair? Eclipse it!" 

 ☼ "Peter, dude it’s not that funny." 

 ☼ "Hey! shut up Ned. It’s funny right (y/n)?”

 ☼ a session of karoke curtiosty to Aunt May’s iPod 

 ☼ “Maaayy driver faster we’re going to miss it!!!” “Peter, if I hear one more word from you I’m turning this car around and we’re going home.” “…sorry…" 

☼ Can’t forget about Peter’s random facts 

 ☼ "Did you guys know Orb Weaver spiders dismantle their webs when the moon crosses over and rebuilds them once the sun comes out again?” “Guys!!! did you not hear me?" 

 ☼ you reach your destination and you honestly didn’t expect this many people 

☼ Peter couldn’t get out the car faster he literally jumped on your lap and fell out when you opened the door "Oww!” “Sorry babe." 

☼ there were people on their phones ready to take pictures, people in the beds of their trucks, people laid down on the ground, and Peter and Ned talking to to a news castor, Aunt Ma- wait what Peter and Ned talking to a news castor? "So wait, they actually disregard all of their webs and start clean?” “Yup, right from the beginning! Cool isn’t it?”

 ☼ Ned and Peter made their way back to you “See he thought my spider facts were cool!" 

 ☼ Ned and May eventually found somewhere to settle down and set up the blankets on the ground

 ☼ Peter started explaining everything that was going to happen and honestly you weren’t paying much attention to what he was saying

 ☼ in fact for the first time in probably forever you didn’t understand a word he was saying 

 ☼ no not a bit you were to fasinated by the way he was talking

 ☼ the exciment on his face 

☼ his hands flaying around

 ☼ the way his eyes lit up

 ☼ him laughing at another one of his own dumb pun jokes

 ☼ then suddenly it got dark and cold fast 

 ☼ "oh here babe! Fast put these on, we don’t want you hurting those beautiful eyes.”

 ☼ once you put on your glasses you understood it was amazing

 ☼ “I’m sorry I’ve been acting like a whiny baby. I’m really happy you brought us, me." 

 ☼ "How could I not bring my favorite girl?”

 ☼ “Wow it’s so beautiful.” “So beautiful.” “Peter, that’s so cliche. Now stop looking at me! I did not come all this way for you to stare at me, we could’ve done that in your room." 

 ☼ "Hmm, true.” He stood behind you with his head on top of yours and his arms wrapped around you. Nothing can get better than this.

 i rushed with this bc im done with everything but hey pls spare me I wanted to get this up earlier this is my first time writing something like this so pls be nice and if this works out maybe I’ll do the astrology one and the road trip one too but we will see o k 

saturnparker  asked:

Okay, so, your posts about Tony and Peter dying made me curl up into a ball and cry, however I have another idea that I feel like you could help me iron out a bit that will also leave us all crying... What if Tony was the last one left? Everyone else died in the fight with Thanos and he was left with nothing. Or what if Peter was the last one alive? He's 16 and now has the weight of the world on his shoulders because he's in charge of raising the next batch of heroes... Just a thought.

All right, first I’m going to apologize profusely for taking so long to answer this. I’m a mega procrastinator, and I really wanted to give this proper thought, and then inevitably got distracted by other fandoms and life. But I put together an answer that’s long enough that I’m gonna put it underneath a cut. I hope it was worth the wait! And the long read.

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afirewiel  asked:

I've never understood how someone could read the Bible (especially the creation account) and come away with "God used evolution to create the world." It says how He did it and that it took 6 days! How do you get theistic evolution from that?

Lots of people try to reinterpret the original word translated as “day” to mean something longer than a 24 hour period, calling it a more poetic translation which allows for a longer amount of time to pass and therefore claiming God used evolution to create the world.

This comes mostly from the fact that children in schools are taught one form of science growing up: evolution. Although macro evolution has never been conclusively proven, it is not taught as a theory but as scientific fact.

Kids who grow up in church are shown from a young age this disconnect between science and faith and just accept it. Faith is for the spiritual aspects of life, science explains the practical, and evolution is the true science. Kids who are raised outside of church and come to faith later on also already have preconceived notions about the beginning of the world and many don’t ever stop to question it. They’ve been pretty much brainwashed to believing the religion of evolution and since it’s been taught to them by the education system for years and years, they have no reason to question. Most Christian parents will tell their children “oh we don’t believe in evolution because the Bible says God created” but the conversation doesn’t go further, and it needs to. Let your family and your friends know that this is not a blind faith, but a faith by which all other things can be explained.

What we need to be able to teach our children is that there is no disconnect between science and God.

Could God have used macro evolution to create the universe? I mean, he’s God, so arguably yes. Did he? No.

  • It doesn’t line up with any provable science
  • it does not line up with his revealed word
  • it doesn’t match up with the doctrine of Original Sin - how eons of death and decay could occur before sin entered the picture
  • it forces you to have to explain how/why God decided Adam and Eve were sufficiently developed to be considered the first man and woman
  • it attacks the truth of God saying we are made in His image
  • it is a belief system completely based on random chance instead of divine ordination
  • it reinforces a wrong belief that the Bible is filled with just “really good moral stories” instead of the historical account of God’s working with humanity.

If you doubt the creation account’s truthfulness or reliability it calls into question the entire foundation of your faith. But there’s no reason to doubt. Science through a creation worldview makes sense. What we see in the natural world is entropy and things continuing to fall apart as a result of the Fall, not evolution as things supposedly continue to get better and more complex.

But God and science are not at odds. You don’t have to try to fit God into a box of evolution where He doesn’t belong. He created science and the laws of nature, and in the creation event they are not contradicted as evolution consistently contradicts other known and proven scientific laws.

Who are we going to believe? Man, who, as Christians, we believe is fallen and fallible? Or the one who made us, who has never failed?

The trouble always comes when we put more faith in the words and mind of man than we do in the Creator who formed, quickened, and purposed man.

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Can i have a scenario or headcanon for hoe zoro would react to learning his s/o is Luffys older sister(younger than sabo). Can you also do how Ace,Sabo,and Lufgy reacts to finding out their sister is with zoro. Sorry if its to much. I love what you posted so far.


  • “What a small world, what were the odds hahahah”
  • He’s really cool with it beacause he knows you’re from a good family and he doesn’t have to worry about meeting it.
  • He’s really happy that he can have the people he loves the most ( you, Luffy) always with him.
  • He feels like a grown man, having his shit life together you know ?


  • Ooo he’s going to need time to get used to the idea
  • “ My baby-sis is all grown up ʕ ಡ ﹏ ಡ ʔ, I remember changing her diapers like it was yesterday
  • (he actually never changed a diaper once in his life, thanks Dadan
  • Let’s hope Zoro doesn’t do a-ny-thing wrong, or else it’s a fire fist right in his face


  • He’s pretty excited about it ! And wants gossips
  • “Sooo, you like them green haired uh ? Hehehehe… Does the carpet match th.. *YOU KICK HIM*
  • Double dates ! You two and Sabo and Koala !


  • Technically, he knows it’s a good news and everything but he doesn’t really understand relationships in general.
  • As long as his friends are happy, he’s happy.
  • “Why do you sleep together ? ʕ•͡ω•ʔ“