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birdwatcher37  asked:

Hi, just started following your blog and I saw the march madness thing with superheroes? What is this about? Also Im a big nightwing fan so whatever it is im happy

I’ve had a tournament in one form or another every March for the last four years. I try to set up the brackets a little different every year. Rogue won the first two years and Wonder Woman won last year. 

This year started off with DC vs Marvel rivals (Green Arrow vs Hawkeye, etc). I post a match-up and people “like” their favorite. The one with the most likes moves on. Nightwing made the final four last year too…


Cage Match for the ECW World Television Championship:
Jimmy Snuka (Champion) Vs. Terry Funk
NWA ECW Bloodfest
[October 1st, 1993]

As commentator/manager Paul E. Dangerously stated, this match was known as Terry Funk’s last stand, as he’d be battling for a championship for the last time. Funk challenged Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka in an environment he was all too familiar with, a steel cage, for Snuka’s ECW World Television Championship. Amazingly, minutes into the match, Snuka drives Funk’s head into the mat with a piledriver. However, that doesn’t stop Funk, nor does the puddle of blood that the “middle aged and crazy” legend would leave behind as he fights to capture the glory of championship gold. The post-match for this bout is worth sticking around for, to see a temper tantrum thrown and a great interview between Funk and a young Joey Styles.

Some may call it a curse
A life like mine
But others, a blessing
It’s certainly a lonely life
But a fulfilling one and the best
It’s my cross to bear
And I’ll bear it gladly
Someone has to take a stand against evil
Why should it not be me? -within temptation, why not me.

A fella’s gotta look his best.

A companion piece to this Hanzo! I think McCree’s flowers would be a poinsettia, daffodil, and desert globemallow. And a calla lily for Hanzo. <3
(Mirrored composition practice, and hat practice! Also an excuse to draw freckles so! the dark freckle under his eye is right where I’ve got one like that. Art imitates life OTL McCree has lovely brown skin, so that was also fun to practice all over tone shading. My tortillon is the best everrr.)

warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….