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it bears repeating: amanda and i were front and center (…on the mexico supporter’s side oops BUT EVERYONE WAS EXTREMELY NICE AND ONE MAN NEARLY HAD A STROKE WHEN I TOLD HIM LOVRE IS OUR BACKUP KEEPER) for mladi vatreni beating the bag outta el tri and it was SO GOOD

Love Live! Events: Score Matches
  • Day One: manages to rank tier one in less than an hour
  • Day Two: doing all right, still at a high rank
  • Day Three: all hell has broken loose, there's fire everywhere and the only sounds are the screams of fourth place players, lost love gems, and tears
Days Until Solo Boxes

Nozomi - 19 days (9 June)

Nico - 63 days (22 July)

Honoka - 74 days (3 August)

Kotori - 114 days (12 September)

Eli - 153 days (21 October)

Rin - 164 days (1 November)

Hanayo - 241 days (17 January)

Umi - 299 days (15 March)

Maki - 334 days (19 April)