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🔥and the art in one piece?? 👀

ok so im not Sure if these are unpopular opinions but
i rlly. dislike the art style of those remake movies of previous arcs, the animation is slightly better but the art style used for those movies are just. so ugly to look at
they add unecessary shine to the skin and hair of characters? and it makes them all look weirdly glossy, and Ofc they. make everyone pale as hell , which i guess follows the manga canon but u know what. the original anime designs are imo better than the manga where everyone just has one skin tone even tho the characters are from all around the world
the art from the water 7/enies lobby arc also wasnt my favourite, it looked kinda out of place? which is funny bc, my favourite arc in terms of art in the manga was Also water 7/enies lobby
o and ive said this in a previous post but imo the arcs w the best art were the alabasta/skypiea arcs! the style matched very well w the character designs and something abt that particular art style made the comedic scenes a lot more effective? the animation wasnt as smooth as the later arcs but idk it has a certain charm to it

NOT YOUR MOTHER’S DIOR - models: Fernanda Ly & Lineisy Montego - photography: Patrick Demarchelier - designer: Maria Grazia Chiuri - styling: Tonne Goodman - hair: Teddy Charles - makeup: Mark Carrasquillo - Vogue December 2016


UPTOWN SOUL - models: Shaman Edwards & Lane Timberlake - photography: Stas Komarovski - fashion editor / styling: Miguel Enamorado - hair: Edward Lampley - makeup: Candle Komarovski - casting director: David Chen - manicure: Eri Handa - Interview October 2016

featured designers: Miu Miu - Prada - Hillier Bartley - Maison Marginal - Dries Van Noten - 3.1 Philip Lim - Gucci -  Chloe - Loewe - Coach - Chanel - (mixed with vintage pieces)


AJ Styles says goodbye to Japan (while selling the hell out of the beating Kenny and the Bullet Club gave him).

these gifs don’t really do the moment justice. the audience was already very loud, they had been cheering him while he struggled to his feet, and when he bows there’s this surprised explosion of sound (you can sort of see it in the first gif) and it’s this mix of responding to this show of respect and also the dawning realization that AJ is saying goodbye.

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if you had to describe the contrast between jungkook and jimin in terms of clothing, how would you do it? (without white shirt and timbs for jk and fluffy sweaters for jm hihi)

hmmmm,  jimin has changed a lot when it comes to clothing. during their debut days he used snapbacks and basketball shorts a lot and now he’s more….sophisticated? elegant? now he uses tight jeans/dark pants, slacks, dressing shoes, button up shirts… it’s like he has taken a liking to dress up a little bit more. 


Jungkook, though, has kinda remained the same. he’s been seen wearing dress-up clothes too, but most of the time he’s wearing beanies, baggy pants and over-sized tees. he has that aura of bad boy, kinda?? idk, he’s more casual with his style.

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this is taking in what i see from the pics at the airports or when they go at music stations. idk, if i’m honest with you i like the contrast between them (specially at the latest v app broadcast)



SQUAD GOALS - photographer: Steven Klein - stylist: Edward Enninful - hair: Shon - Makeup: Pat McGrath - nails: Honey - set design: Stefan Beckman - models: Irina Shayk, Tami Williams, Alécia Morais, Amilna Estevao, Ysaunny Brito, Maria Borges, Aamito Lagum, Kayla Scott, Katie Moore, Joel Wolfe, Jordan Love, Isha Blaaker, Brandon Bailey & Kendall Harrison - W Magazine May 2016