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I met the coolest woman the other day. This is Melissa. A woman who took over 50 years to be true to herself. I happen to crave a mimosa the other day and I happen to live right near a bar so I walked on in. Sat by myself, so did she. People were giving odd looks. She matched head to toe. Pink earrings, nails, shoes, dress, the whole nine yards. I complimented her dress and you wouldn’t believe the conversations we had after. About the gay bars in my city, political views, my past, her past, family, what made us, us. She waited until her fifties to come out as a woman. She was in the military, had a wife, kids, the macho man. She explained how over compensation was a huge thing in her life. She explain how she had lost a lot. A wife, her father, three of her kids wouldn’t talk to her. I explained how people’s initial reaction isn’t always their true feelings so give it time. She explained to me that it all just felt right. She has known for years. Her life came to a point where it was “come out or end it”. It truly saddened me. Someone who was a stranger to me but was so kind. Honestly we both just kept saying how happy we were to run into each other’s lives. I want you to all know sometimes kindness is all it takes. This woman felt out of place she said for years and me saying I liked her dress made her realize that she was more herself now than she had ever been. Please be supportive.


falsettos as bitmojis!

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I heard there was a Hogwarts/Mad Max AU floating around? 

Here’s my two cents for that. *throws* This is what happens when I decide to marathon the HP movies over the week and also have a “Little Witch Academia” anime poster in front of my work space.

*lies down* I have spent too much energy and time on this.

Kitten’s Got His Tongue | M | 01

Yoongi & Jimin | BTS | 5.5k Words | 01. 02. 03. 04. 05. 06. 07.

Yoongi orders Jimin and you from a hybrid companion service, but when he receives the two of you, he has no idea what to actually do with you.

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Learning To Share - Stilinski Triplets [Smut] (Part One)

Author: @writing-obrien 

Character(S): Thomas/Reader, Stiles/Reader, Stuart/Reader 

Word Count: 5249 

Notes: Multiple Orgasm, Orgasm Denial, Foursome, Oral (all receiving), Exibitionism, Drug Use. I hope y'all like this, so here’s your surprise fic guys, and thanks to @stilinski-jpeg for her unwavering support here and all the help she gave me. 

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Operation Henderson and Harrington Pt. 1 ~ Mini-Series

Summary: The kids take it upon themselves to test their matchmaking skills. With a little help, they form a plot to get you and Steve together by Halloween.

Pairing: Steve Harrington x (Henderson!You) Reader

Word Count: 1.2k

Warnings: Language! Mostly from Dustin.

A/N: It is almost 1 am over here but I had to post this and get it out of my system. This is going to be a mini-series! Part one is posted below and I will update over the next few days :) Give me some feedback! xoxo

Part One ~ Part Two ~ Part Three ~ Part Four ~ Part Five ~ Part Six (Coming Soon)

There would never be a normal Halloween in Hawkins, Indiana. The kids would always be doing something whether it be fighting off some monsters, or saving their best friend, or getting their two favorite teens to finally date.

“We can’t tell them that we came up with this,” Dustin insisted as he looked at the group.

He sat around a table with Mike, El, Will, Lucas and Max. The group was gathered in Mike’s basement as they tried to come up with a foolproof plan on getting you, Y/N Henderson, and Steve Harrington to finally date. Halloween was coming up and that was the deadline.

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Hello Friends !!
I’m so happy to share my latest CC 
I tried my best to make this “ Realistic Genetics” which includes, Skin, 3d Teeth and Eyes(Face Paint, I am working on default and non-default ones ).
The skin is really complex, it has 4 types of face styles, including Asian, defined face, small eyelids and a normal one, it comes in overlay and colored.
The 3D teeth it’s a big fat new and I’m still working on them, still has some bugs, that’s why I included 5 different positions, but if you really like them and none of them match your sim’s head, you are free to edit it on blender , I really hope you guys like it ^-^

Download in the description /Promotional video- 

Olá amigos !! Estou tão feliz em compartilhar meu último CC Eu tentei o meu melhor para tornar esta “Realistic Genetics”, que inclui Skin, 3d Teeth e Eyes (Face Paint, estou trabalhando em padrões e não padrão). A pele é realmente complexa, possui 4 tipos de estilos de rosto, incluindo a face asiática, definida, as pálpebras pequenas e uma normal, vem em sobreposição e colorida. Os dentes 3D é um grande novidade e ainda estou trabalhando neles, ainda tenho alguns bugs, por isso incluí 5 posições diferentes, mas se você realmente gosta deles e nenhum deles coincide com a cabeça do seu sim, você pode editar no Blender, eu realmente espero que vocês gostem  ^ - ^ 

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Steve, Bucky and Sam take the day off from the Avengers. Sam introduces Steve and Bucky to the modern-day wonder of miniature golf.

“So maybe playing mini golf with a sniper was a bad idea.”  Sam tilted his head as he watched Bucky sink a hole in one on the first course of eighteen.  

Steve raised an eyebrow and tipped his head in a maybe gesture.  “Maybe for you.”  Steve lined up his shot and ricocheted it off the sides and corners for a hole in one of his own.

Sam sighed.  “The shield. Right.”  

He lined up his own shot and after two putts, with much resignation, wrote in on the scorecard:

Sassy, 1; Grumpy, 1; Wilson, 2.

By the fifth hole, Bucky had still not missed a single shot. Steve had reluctantly taken a par 2 on the fourth hole thanks to a windmill.  

“I thought you said this would be challenging.”  Bucky smirked.  

Sam turned his golf club in his hand to hold it by the club, pointing the handle at Bucky.  “The fencing is the challenging part.”  He grinned.

Bucky laughed and turned his club to match Sam.  Steve only hesitated a handful of moments before joining in and they were fencing across various obstacles and courses.

“So, uh.  I’m like, a super huge fan.”  Came a voice fro behind them. “But I’m supposed to tell you that you have to stop and, um, leave.”

Steve turned to see an incredibly uncomfortable looking teenager in an Ice Cream Mountain Miniature Golf polo and khakis.  And a group of miniature golf players –families and teenagers and young people on dates (Who says ‘young people’ Steve? You are young people Tony had said once).

“Uh.”  Bucky un-bent his club as inconspicuously as possible and held it at his side.  

“Sorry, um.  I – I really don’t want to throw you out.  I mean, I’m pretty sure if you just like, go back to playing golf and don’t do that again, my boss will probably let you stay.”  He shuffled his feet a little and adjusted his visor.  

Sam, looking sheepish, righted his golf club too.  “Sorry man.  My fault.  We’ll behave.”

The teenager nodded and after a few moments of hesitation and shuffling, turned back to the club rental hut.  Bucky, Sam, and Steve jostled each other as discreetly as possible through the remainder of the courses and managed to only get a few sour looks from the person they assumed was the manager.   

As they left, they took a few pictures with the teenaged employee after he agreed to point them in the direction of the bumper cars (they were thrown out there).


I made four simple jars that correspond with the energy of earth, air, fire, and water!



Tree bark

🍃Seal with wax from a brown candle and green thread.



Bird feather
Leave some space in the jar for air!

🌬Seal with wax from a white candle and yellow thread



Black pepper
Red pepper
Burnt match head

🔥Seal with wax from a red candle and orange thread



Crushed Seashell
Amethyst chip

💧Seal with wax from a blue candle and blue thread

Galra Keith Headcanons
  • Keith has extra sharp canines. Dentists hate him! Also has a few extra teeth compared to the human mouth.
    • Was born with teeth. Was a biter and they weren’t nibbles.
  • A hairy boy. It’s thick and coarse and sometimes fluffy. 
  • Enhanced Senses:
    • Can see in the dark. Explains why he was able to navigate through the canyon in episode 1 without goggles. 
      • Also sensitive eyes in general. Really bright lights give him a headache.
    • Enhanced hearing. Gets annoyed at water dripping from another room. 
    • Sensitive nose.
      • When Lance farted his eyes were watering and he knew what death felt like.
  • Enhanced senses allowed him to ‘feel’ the energy of the blue lion even though he couldn’t get past the barrier. 
    • Would probably allow him to feel ley lines and residual spirit energy from those departed. 
  • Has a higher pain tolerance/endurance than the average human. 
    • Keith, age 12: Ow! Shiro I fell.
      Shiro, age 20, who is supposed to be watching him: Oh my God! Keith! You broke your arm! 
      Keith, shrugging: It’s not that bad.
      Shiro: Mom’s going to kill me.
  • Pretty strong for a 17 year old sort of human boy. 
    • Keith and Shiro used to wrestle and rough house and Keith beat Shiro once and then Shiro decided it was time to Beef Up at the gym. 
    • Keith can keep up with Shiro but still ends up losing, especially during their sparring matches after they head into space.
  • Growls. Doesn’t even realize he’s doing it, but he has some intrinsic Galra communication. 
    • Also can probably recognize the language the Galra uses. Possibly from being spoken to as a baby/toddler by his mother. 

Grady Travis (and the back of his beautiful head)


I bet Robin buys Morgan the same book every year for her birthday.