match em up

I told my sister to give me pairings, numbered 1 to 7, and I’d generate a list of 7 words, match ‘em up and write drabbles. 

She really liked them so I’m sharing :’D

01. Notice | Louis/Lestat (1980s)

“You need to stop cutting it,” said Lestat, running his fingers fondly through Louis’ hair.
Louis shrugged his shoulders, in a gesture of disagreement. He didn’t mind Lestat’s touch, though. The cool fingers on his scalp were always welcome.
“It’s not as though it won’t grow back,” Louis pointed out.
“Modesty,” Lestat scoffed, dropping his hand. “It’s beautiful when you leave it long. You never used to cut it.”
“It attracts too much notice.”
“Well, let them notice. They do. It’s one of your finer points. I noticed it.”
“Hmm and that turned out so well for me.”
Lestat glowered.

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