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i spent the last few days saving up to gene two dragons and now im proud to say that i own two snow leopard-looking tundras! their eye colours dont match at all but i could really care less at this point, ill get ice-eyed kids anyway so cheers to fluffy snuggles 

Y'all know I stan but……..WHAT’S JANET GONNA DO IN A SING OFF? Whisper us to death? I won’t even dignify her inclusion in this tbh. But anyway…


Beyonce – No. She is obviously the best combination of stage presence, dancing, and vocals that we are likely to ever see in our lifetimes, but individually, she is not number 1 in any of those categories.

Brandy – Yes. She might be known as Queen Hmmmmbreath Backgrounds, but Brandy live is a true experience and very few can match her runs.

Monica – No. I love Miss Thang, but she just doesn’t have the range. The actual range, not the figurative meme version.

Keke – Yes. Ketara will casually outsing all your faves on their best day while sitting on a couch holding seventeen of her babies and making faces at the camera. It’s unreal, truly.

Jazmine – Yes. Jazmine has been literally outsinging everyone in R&B since she was 10 years old doing The Wiz in Philly.

Yolanda – Yes. Look up any performance from a gospel awards show around the time “Open My Heart” came out.

Janet – Rude.

Fantasia – No. Fantasia really can out-holler anyone, but it still sounds like hollering this many years into the game. She and Jennifer Hudson both just keep screaming at me and I need more nuance and variety.

Tamar – Yes. Anybody who can hit “Love & War” at 5am earns eternal respect.


You can just match em up by voice type.

Brandy vs. Jazmine….Brandy wins.
Keke vs. Tamar….Keke wins.
Yolanda is out because whoever made this put her there instead of the umpteen other gospel singers who should’ve been in that spot instead.


And Brandy vs. Keke…….I'ma put my money on Brandy, because a lot of Keke’s wow moments are dependent upon how well she does up there at the top of her range. One minor cold, and you can’t do that. Brandy can consistently deliver down in the basement and make magic in every performance. So that’s where I’m putting my (non-existent cause I’m poor) paycheck.

finally made it to silver rank in Overwatch comp!!

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I saw the ask about the positioning thing and that x-ray talk had me wondering. How would each skeleton UT,Uf and Us react to seeing their s/o x-ray? Like the chest area or the whole body is really up to you

When you went to the doctor, you had to get chest and abdominal x-rays (the latter includes a nice view of your pelvis, of course).  You decided that since you’re dating a skeleton, they would probably get a kick out of getting to actually see your bones, so you asked for a disc with the images to take home. 

You call your bonefriend into the room right as the disc loads on your laptop.  

“Hey, check it out– I got some x-rays today!  Thought you’d like to check out what my very own skeleton looks like.”


Sans’s stroll into the room had him with his usual good-natured grin on his face, but the second you announced that it’s YOUR skeleton on the screen, well… you can see his grin slip, his eyelights  becoming pin-pricks riveted to the screen.  He comes to sit beside you as you flip through the three images, and you notice him tense up when your pelvis is in plain sight.  


“…did you know that you have 206 bones in your body?”

You actually didn’t know there was that many.  You smile, thinking he’s about to start naming them, but when he turns to you, his shit-eating grin reappears.  

“would you like one more?”



Papyrus freezes the instant he sees the x-rays, his face flushing pink.  He has trouble enough dealing with the naked skeletons during Halloween, so seeing your bones laid bare on the screen flusters him even more.  It feels so intimate, him seeing something hidden beneath layers of skin, muscle, and fat, and he shifts uneasily.  He hasn’t even seen you without your clothes yet!

“Something wrong?” you ask, your amused smile beginning to fade.  Did you overstep some kind of skeleton monster boundary?

“NO, N-NOTHING LIKE THAT!  IT’S JUST THAT…”  He’s blushing harder and trying not to look at the screen, even though his gaze keeps getting drawn to it.  "I-I CAN SEE YOUR PELVIS!  AND IT.. IT’S DISRESPECTFUL TO GAWK!“  

“Paps, sweetie, it’s okay to look.  I thought you’d find it cool.”


Yeah, he dashes out of the room with his face bright pink.  


"hell yeah, i do!”

Red is instantly at your side, taking the laptop and putting it on his own lap.  His grin is wide, and he slips an arm around you while he scrolls through the image.  The look on his face is ravenounous, as if you went to the doctor just for a sexy nude photo session.  "stars, sweetheart, it’s not even my birthday~.“

You elbow him lightly in the ribs.  "Are you saying you find me sexier without skin?”  There’s a self-conscious lithe to your tone that you’re unable to completely bury.  

“not at all,” he answers without missing a beat, his eyelights shifting back over to you.  "you should know by now that i love the shit outta your skin.  it’s so soft.“  He sets the laptop down and pulls you onto his lap, his phalanges gripping your hips.  Red leans around you to glance at the x-rays on the laptop, where he can clearly see the bones of your pelvis.  "it’s just also sexy as hell to see what’s beneath it.  your pelvis looks like mine, doll, so why don’t we match ‘em up?”  He winks, and all at once, the insecurity is gone as you grin.  


His face is bright red the instant he spots the screen.  "WHO ELSE SAW THESE OBSCENE PICTURES?!“ he demands, his eyelights glowing as bright as his face.  He appears pissed off.

"Uh, the tech, the doctor, the nurses probably–or at least the nurse practioner.  Maybe a radiologist?” you shrug.  Papyrus seems even more incensed over your reply.


“It’s just an x-ray,” you point out slowly, not understanding the big deal.


“Lemme cut you off right there,” you begin, holding up a hand.  "You’re being ridiculous right now, but I’ll let it slide because apparently x-rays are a huge turn-on for you or something?“  You’re smirking as you watch him become even more flustered, his jaw opening and closing, and his arms crossing.  


“Just come over and look at them, then.”

He complies, plopping down onto the couch with his arms still crossed.  He shifts in his seat as you scroll through the images.  When you’re done, you turn toward him.  "Well?  Is it cool, or too obscene for you?“




Blueberry is blushing bright blue as he cautiously approaches the laptop, wringing his gloved hands together.  He looks from you, to the images, and you feel like he’s undressing you with his eyelights… all the way to the bone.


Despite his blush, he’s obviously quite intrigued by the notion of you both having skeletons, even if yours is a secret skeleton.  As he stares at your chest x-ray, however, he begins to look confused.  "BUT WHAT’S THAT INSIDE YOUR SKELETON?“  He points to a gray ball peeking from the left of your spine.

"That’s my heart,” you inform him, tracing the shape with your finger.  "And the black pouches right here are my lungs.“


“They’re more like cartoon hearts, right?  Like Valentine’s Day hearts?  Actual human hearts don’t look like that.”

“WHAT?”  His mind is blown.  "THAT DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE!“  He stares at your x-rays for a moment more, before he starts pointing out others things on the images, and it ends up turning into a human anatomy lesson.


"you know something funny about x-rays?”

“What’s that?” you ask as Stretch rounds the couch to sit beside you.  He takes the laptop and sets it on his lap, leaning back to glance from the screen, to you.  

“you can’t lie to ‘em.  they see right through you.”

He smirks and you shove his arm while he examines the images.  He’s not blushing, not flustered–in fact, he just seems to find them neat if anything.  "did they find anything on these?“

"No, everything came back clear. Whatever I have is probably just viral.”  You point to a few splotchy places in your lungs.  "It’s just congestion, not pneumonia or anything.“

"that’s good.  and the abdomen x-ray?”  He’s staring at it, but you get the feeling that he’s looking for pathology instead of oogling your bones.  

“No obstruction.”

“good.  here ya go.”  He hands you the laptop back, and you have to admit, you were expecting something different.  

“Uh.. hey.”


You set the laptop on the coffee table, feeling your cheeks heat up a little.  "Well, I just.. I thought you’d care a little more about seeing my bones or something?“

He looks at you for a moment before a slow, knowing smirk crosses his face.  "you thought i’d get turned on over the sight of your bones because i’m a skeleton monster.  isn’t that being specist?”

“N-no, that’s not what I–”

“i’m just kidding, hun, relax.”  He grins and wraps his arms around you, pulling your shoulder into his chest.  His head leans down, his mouth directly by your ear.  "i mean, they do say it’s what’s on the inside that counts, right?”  You playfully push against his chest, and he chuckles, holding onto you tighter.  “seeing your bones is cool, but i’m attracted to you, not a skeleton version of you.”


I’m so sorry.

I told my sister to give me pairings, numbered 1 to 7, and I’d generate a list of 7 words, match ‘em up and write drabbles. 

She really liked them so I’m sharing :’D

01. Notice | Louis/Lestat (1980s)

“You need to stop cutting it,” said Lestat, running his fingers fondly through Louis’ hair.
Louis shrugged his shoulders, in a gesture of disagreement. He didn’t mind Lestat’s touch, though. The cool fingers on his scalp were always welcome.
“It’s not as though it won’t grow back,” Louis pointed out.
“Modesty,” Lestat scoffed, dropping his hand. “It’s beautiful when you leave it long. You never used to cut it.”
“It attracts too much notice.”
“Well, let them notice. They do. It’s one of your finer points. I noticed it.”
“Hmm and that turned out so well for me.”
Lestat glowered.

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You know that toy for little tiny kids where there's the shapes and they gotta match em up with the holes or they won't fit but sometimes they make them so you can get the square one wedged in the circle hole but it doesn't really fit and you have to really hit it to do it so it's a lot of effort that might result in breaking it. I feel like that square trying to fit in the circle whenever I try to interact with people.

~ @bossvbanks is getting a starter =~

He’s backstage in catering, ice pack resting against his back and the chair when he sees Mercedes walk in through one of the hallways. He can’t help but quirk an eyebrow at her entrance, taking a spoon of ice cream and shoving it in his mouth, groaning at the amount of ice cream he had taken. Swallowing, he looks up and grins at the woman, shaking his head. “What can I say, I need somethin’ to cool me down when I see ya,” he teases before turning serious. “How are ya after that match with Nia and Tenille?”

Which Prompt what

For those of you wondering where or which prompt list I’m using, I use both Mcsm-Inktober AND The official Inktober 2017 prompt list for this year’s Inktober. Two birds with one stone, plus it gives a bit of context or story to the drawing.

Just match ‘em up with the days and voila! I might not do ALL of them since some doesn’t match well. For example Sky City+Fat, PAMA+Blind, or Oxblood+Juicy(???) but I will at least abandon the second prompt or just abandon the whole thing completely. 

That said, good luck all of you and Happy Inktober!

what a space nerd

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Hi Skelly, I saw you talking about how terrible you thought you were at acting so I was wondering why you do it?

im a big fan of doing things you enjoy even if you’re terrible at them. like getting on stage gives my confidence a positive kick in the butt. even if you suck at the things you love you should do them! like drawing? can’t get that one eye to match the other? who cares! do it anyway! practice makes perfect and if you still can’t match em up well slap an eyepatch over the one. the world needs more eyepatched characters. as long as you’re having fun you shouldn’t care about your skill level because everyone starts out differently and u deserve to have something that makes u happy!!


You know who’s best triangle?


No arguments accepted.