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Are you saying Killians wedding band is gold? I only saw one blurry pic and thought it was silver. But it's really sometimes difficult to tell the difference between metals at a glance. Typically wedding bands are the same base metals for married couples so that they kinda match. Never met a couple with one silver, one gold. Puzzling

That’s actually what bugs me about the whole thing. 

The pics aren’t that great because they’re, you know, quick pics snapped with a phone from a distance, but I recall the wedding band being a bit yellower than the other ring on his hand. 

And look, I’m not the biggest fan of yellow gold (I think almost all my jewelry is sterling silver), but if Emma’s ring matched…whatever, I wouldn’t have a problem. But (if my eyes are telling me correct) they don’t match and that bugs me.

That said, my OTP is married. Who the fuck cares about anything else?

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The trolls find out blinky and aaarrrgghh aren't married and panic deciding to marry themselves with a traditional troll wedding. It goes supringly well, blinkys fascinated by the traditions, arghs just happy blinkys happy and weddings are pretty rare so all the trolls are excited. Untill it turns out part of the ceremony is to carve matching ruins into the couple at which point argh grabs blinky bridal style and runs out, probably with Jim telling them it was a bad idea and a laughing Draal :)

TBH i think blinky would’ve been interested to see what was gonna happen next hahaha

thIS ASK might be one of my all-time favorites it was so fun to draw this one :D troll weddings honestly sound so pretty i could just imagine so many beautiful gems everywhere and just- 

i am all for this like a hundred percent


Work it. Move that bitch crazy.

Studying with the bae has turned into singing Lady Gaga with the bae. (๑˃́ꇴ˂̀๑) Hunk and Lance are just cute like that. (Keith & Shiro Version) | Redbubble

Marvel Preference- Matching Tattoos

I’m not much of a fan of tattoos, but someone requested this and I lost the request, sorryyyy. Well here it is, a matching tattoos preference!

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