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Pretty Little Secret (Loki x Female Reader) Smut

Requested by @uknwwhttheysayboutthecrzy1s : How about handmaiden who been taken care of king, then one day she walk in to his chambers to see Odin turning into Loki. He caught her. She realize that he was Loki the whole time. She always had a crush on Loki.

A/N: This is my first time writing Loki, so I hope I do him justice.

Warnings: Smut, Oral, Fingering, Spanking, Rough Sex, Explicit Language, Mild Painplay, Fluff.

The courtyard was crowded with Asgardians as usual during theatre nights. King Odin was perched on cushions in front of the stage, surrounded by beautiful Lords and Ladies. The play was just starting as the King waved you over. You hurried over to him, a shy yet warm smile grazing your lips as you filled up his glass with wine and briefly met his eyes. For a moment, there was a familiar spark of mischief there but it quickly faded just like it always did. Perhaps it was your own secret longing that made you imagine things? It must be so. Loki had been dead for months now but your heart still ached for him. Like it had for many years now, ever since you started working for the King and his family. It had been a fool’s love, you knew that. Just the idea of a prince falling in love with a simple servant was foolish. But that fact didn’t stop you from feeling the way you did. Countless nights had you wept yourself to sleep, thinking the numbing pain would never subside as you drowned in your grief and sorrow shredded your inside. But eventually, like all things, the pain faded away and you slowly learned to live with the sadness.

- - - - -

Later that evening, you stood outside King Odin’s chamber, carrying a tray with a glass of his usual ale. Personally, you thought the King was drinking far too much, but it wasn’t in your place to say. Besides, the King had been through a lot lately and were left alone to cope with his feelings. So you couldn’t really blame him from wanting to numb the pain, even if alcohol wasn’t the best way of doing it.

“King Odin?” you called out and knocked on the door. There was no answer from inside the chamber. You knocked again to make sure no one was there before you opened the door and walked inside. The room was painted blue with beautiful murals on the wall, hand painted by someone who knew what they were doing. The scene was that of ancient Asgardians, cruising down the streets of Asgard. The colours were like nothing else, vibrant and strong. The room contained a large, king size bed, neatly made, a leather armchair, a bureau with a mirror and a small table. Large, blue drapery curtains covered the windows, causing the candle lights standing on the bureau to illuminate the room in a soft, murky light.

You walked up to the small table and placed the glass of ale there before turning around. Your eyes then fell upon Odin who came through the bathroom door with a smile on his lips. He didn’t seem to notice you were there and you were about to acknowledge your presence, when suddenly his whole body flickered and he transformed before your very eyes; turning into the God of Mischief himself. Gasping, you stared at him as you dropped the tray and it fell to the floor with a loud bang.

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SWEETS HALTER TOP: follower’s treat 

Well, this took me forever, but consider this top one of my extremely late 400/ early 500 followers gift! Thank you so much, guys, for the continued support and I hope y'all like it!

  • 21 swatches available
    • colored in my jewel-toned palette and @citrontart‘s neutrals palette 
  • should be base game compatible
  • custom catalog included
  • please let me know of anything funky
  • I do have to note that 2 smalls dots seem to clip at the back sometimes, but it shouldn’t be extremely bothersome


(Oct. 22): Edited the shadowmap because my OCD was kickin’ in hard, and it was bothering tf outta me. If you even care enough to do so, please delete the old file or let the new file overwrite to update
(Oct. 11):
Now tagged correctly

>> Download (simfileshare)



Any questions/suggestions? Ask here!  

@sentate‘s Jocasta Tee in @citrontart‘s Neutrals Palette. there are also two additional swatches (black & white) with roses on both arms. I love rosy themes on clothing so I thought it would be a nice addition :)

the mesh is NOT included - grab it HERE!


  • do not re-upload my CC/Sims.
  • do not claim my CC/Sims as your own.
  • feel free to recolor, but do not include the original mesh.
  • tag me if you use any of my creations. I would love to see them in your game!

download (SimFileShare)

credits: @sentate // @citrontart

Sweet Taco Plumbobs

As you all probably know the wonderful @sweettacoplumbobs deacivated their acc and i read that we could do whatever we wanted with their hairs so im re-uploading them, because they are amazing.



Hairs are in order from 1 - 21.


2,000+ Followers Gift

Per usual, I meant to make something for you guys waaaay earlier. So, to make up for my lack of content lately, I’ve made a super cute set for you guys! There’s 5 items total ( Bodysuit / Swimwear, Romper, Dress, Skinny Leg Jumpsuit, and Jumpsuit ) and 91 swatches for each of them, featuring @wildlyminiaturesandwich Unnaturals + Neutrals, @pastry-box 8-Bitto Palette, and @loniden Bittersweet Palette.

Special thanks to @loniden for being my guinea pig, as well as giving me permission to use your absolutely stunning Bittersweet Palette. Without you, I would be lost.

Things To Know:

  • Requires Backyard Stuff
  • Teen - Elder
  • 91 Swatches
  • Custom Thumbnail

Download Separated 
Download Merged

if you come across any issues, please let me know!

I made a new recolor and this time it’s dazzled-simblr’s Plain Jane Tee. There are 14 swatches in total - all colors that I’m a fan of at the moment (it often changes). I was trying to leave the zip be, though I honestly didn’t know how to do it. All in all, it looks quite nice and I hope that you’ll like this thing too. 

The mesh is NOT included - grab it HERE!


  • You are not allowed to re-upload my CC/Sims.
  • Do not claim my CC/Sims as your own.
  • Tag me if you use any of my creations. I would love to see them in your game!

DOWNLOAD (SimFileShare)

special thanks to @dazzled-simblr for permission!  💋

THREE TRIA TRES VEST (+ top combo): 1.1k follower’s gift

To celebrate hitting a milestone, I edited a jacket + shirt set from Cool Kitchen SP, so that it looked more like a vest and shirt combo. Each style is a separate file, so ya’ll can choose whichever one floats your boat. Enjoy :D

  • each set contains 24 swatches in @citrontart‘s neutrals palette and in EA’s denim
  • should be base game compatible
  • custom thumbnail
  • Pinned Vest may conflict with some pants
  • please let me know if ya’ll find anything funky


November 12:

  • ALL vests:

- fixed a texture problem that made sleeve ends have thick black lines
- fixed the wonky color swatches. A lot of swatches had the wrong preview colors

  • STUDDED Vest

- edited the mesh so that the cloth under the shoulder spikes are rid of gaps 
- removed a back seam that looked awkward under all the studs 

  • PINNED Vest: edited the eyeball pin, so that now the appearance of the pin will correspond to your sim’s eyes. Special thanks to @simlaughlove, for allowing me use of this idea!! ♥

Pinned vest combodownload (sfs)
Floral vest combodownload (sfs)
Studded vest combodownload (sfs)

the original creator of this tee has deactivated their blog, so I couldn’t find their terms of use, but if there are any problems I can take it down. the blouse comes in @citrontart‘s Neutrals Palette + two rosy swatches (I think I’ll keep adding them to my future content!).

the mesh is NOT included - grab it HERE!


  • do not re-upload my CC/Sims.
  • do not claim my CC/Sims as your own.
  • feel free to recolor, but do not include the original mesh.
  • tag me if you use any of my creations. I would love to see them in your game!

download (SimFileShare)

credits: @citrontart


Swinging London 1967,
complete series of photos of the magazine “Paris Match” on the psychedelic fashion in London. October 1967. Jane Birkin appears in two photos. Photos by Philippe Le Tellier (Paris Match)