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FRESH APPROACH TO FASHION: EMBRACING A WORLD OF BEAUTY - models: Ajak Deng, Grace Mahary, Jourdana Phillips, Lameka Fox & Nykhor-Nyakueinyang Paul - photography: Silja Magg - fashion direction / styling: Katie Trotter - hair: Seiji - makeup: Toni Malt -  text: Louis Nichol - location: The Hamptons, New York - Harper’s Bazaar Arabia April 2017


  • “The fashion industry has the ability to make the less visible, visible.” ~ Jourdana Phillips
  • “The inspiration for the story is the sentiment of Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele, “If we are going to push the conversation forward then we have to look beyond simply talking about models on the runway, and focus instead on individuality and faces that show humanity.”

Rare brocaded satin pregnancy robe, 1790s, 

Pale green silk sprigged overall with ivory and peach trefoils tied with tassels, comprising: petticoat with waist ties and two matching bodices, one high fashion (for early pregnancy) in ‘pierrot’ style cut low and tight with closed front, faux waistcoat panels, short tails to the back lined in striped silk, narrow curved sleeves; the other in open-robe form with inner boned closed front panels and loose deshabillé-like outer panels, the neckline outlined in cartridge pleats, with three ribbon drawstrings to allow for expansion, lined in patches of tartan and striped silk; together with a fine white lawn fichu with whitework embroidered edges 

Kerry Taylor Auctions

NOT YOUR MOTHER’S DIOR - models: Fernanda Ly & Lineisy Montego - photography: Patrick Demarchelier - designer: Maria Grazia Chiuri - styling: Tonne Goodman - hair: Teddy Charles - makeup: Mark Carrasquillo - Vogue December 2016


UPTOWN SOUL - models: Shaman Edwards & Lane Timberlake - photography: Stas Komarovski - fashion editor / styling: Miguel Enamorado - hair: Edward Lampley - makeup: Candle Komarovski - casting director: David Chen - manicure: Eri Handa - Interview October 2016

featured designers: Miu Miu - Prada - Hillier Bartley - Maison Marginal - Dries Van Noten - 3.1 Philip Lim - Gucci -  Chloe - Loewe - Coach - Chanel - (mixed with vintage pieces)


“Bobby hyung purposely teases me on broadcast but he is usually friendly. He says “This is delicious so eat it!” and gives it away to me or when we’re all playing a game, he lets me do it first or when choosing delivery food, he lets me choose what I like.” - Chanwoo

Bobby’s Birthday Countdown → D-1

↳ Bobby + maknae line


BLOOMING BRILLIANT - model: Adesuwa Aighewi - photography: Sacha Maric - styling: Alexander Fisher - hair: Adam Markarian - makeup: Allie Smith - WSJ Magazine April 2017

I’m still deeply entertained by Cassian’s jackets wrt that panel where Diego Luna insists that Cassian has the best costume in the movie because it’s suitable for all circumstances.

Like… I assumed he meant a versatile coat or something??

No. Cassian’s costume is suitable for all weather conditions because he literally packs an entire wardrobe.

You are the poorest man I’ve ever met on earth. You’ve had such a hard time on your birthday for two years. No one should experience these things like you have, you say “my birthday is not important,” and work hard for our team. I feel like you are even more grown up than me. Love you and happy birthday.
—  Bobby’s birthday message to Hanbin (Mix & Match)

Submission from anon who wanted to talk about the four letter ship system in the Invader Zim fandom! Thank you!

Caption: The first and third letters are the Character’s initials and the last letter is the type of relationship in your story/art/whatever :>

So, ZADF is Zim and Dib Friendship, and ZADR is Zim and Dib Romance, and ZADE is Zim and Dib Enemies.  I hope this helps!