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UEFA Champions League 2016/17 Round of 16 

  • Arsenal vs Bayern Munich
  • Atlético Madrid vs Bayer Leverkusen
  • Barcelona vs Paris Saint Germain
  • Borussia Dortmund vs Benfica
  • Juventus vs Porto
  • Leicester City vs Sevilla 
  • Monaco vs Manchester City
  • Napoli vs Real Madrid

Seeded group winners will be away in the round of 16 first legs on 14/15 and 21/22 February and at home in the return matches on 7/8 and 14/15 March 2017.


Swan Queen + Text Messages (17/?)

10 Reasons Why Harry Should Have Named One of His Kids After Hagrid

1) Hagrid was there for Harry his entire life
2) He cried when he had to give him up at the Dursley’s doorstep
3) He spent first term collecting pictures to give Harry his photo alblum
4) He always had Harry and his friends come to his cabin for tea or somat
5) He made Harry Christmas presents every year
6) He was at (almost) every quidditch match
7) He believed in him when most did not(tri-wizard tournament)
8) He always worried about his well being
9) He was with him till the very end (so we thought)
10) He loved Harry unconditionally

Black Cat Appreciation Day | 17 August

10 Reasons Why Black Cats Should Be Appreciated Today and Every Other Day of the Year

1. Black Cats are less likely to be adopted from animal shelters for a variety of reasons. 

2. They have beautiful eyes. Black cats have high melanin levels causing their eyes to be golden in colour. 

3. In Japan, it is believed that a woman who owns a black cat will have many suitors. 

4. They always look silky and clean as dirt is camouflaged. 

5. Contrary to popular belief, in many countries black cats are considered good luck. 

6. They match with everything! 

7. They’re fantastic hunters so your rat population will always be under control. 

8. They’re just like Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon. 

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9. Black kittens are adorable! 

10. They absolutely deserve to be loved just as much as the next cat! 

DIY Adult Onesie Pajamas

Hi lovelies! Here is my first ever tutorial, adult onesie pajamas! These jammies are suuuper cozy and easy for anyone to make, even if you don’t have a sewing machine! This project can take anywhere from 3-8 hours, so make sure you remember to take breaks for snacks and drinks! Have a friend or caregiver help you if you’d like. These jammies can be made in any size and can be modified to your liking as well. Tutorial begins under the cut! If there is a step that you don’t understand or need clarification on, please feel free to message me!♥ Note: It’s picture heavy!

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20 things people have said about my short hair

1. I mean, it’s cool, but your long hair matches you so much better!

2. Aww! You and your boyfriend have matching hair now!

3. So do you and your boyfriend go to the same barber? Hahahaha

4. Does your boyfriend like it?

5. Aww you have such an understanding boyfriend!

6. Aww you and your dog have matching haircuts!

7. Do you guys go to the same groomer? Hahaha

8. So what made you decide to go so short?

9. You’re lucky you have the face for it, I could never do something like that!

10. Oh how cute, it makes your face rounder!

11. How long will it take to get back to how it was before you cut it?

13. Is everything okay?

14. Sir, what can I get you?

15. So do you get hit on less?

16. How long are you gonna keep it this way?

17. It must be so easy to take care of, I’m jealous.

18. I’ve always wanted to try short hair, but I wouldn’t have it THAT short.

19. Oh you look like “insert literally any celebrity who has had a pixie cut in the past 5 years”

20. Who’s Furiosa?

Things you shouldn’t say to bi/pan people

1 “Wow, that’s awesome! I’ve had threesomes, too!’

2. “It’s just a phase. I’ve had a gay/lesbian phase, too”

3 “There’s no such thing as bi/pansexuality.”

4 “You just don’t want to admit that you’re gay/a lesbian”

If I was gay, I would’ve told you that. 

5 “Such people are cheaters. I don’t wanna date them”

Sorry, but I didn’t say I want to date you either. Problem solved.

6. “Wanna join us in a threesome?”

I beg your fucking pardon, I have standards. You don’t match them.

7 “You’re doing it for attention”

8 “How will you be able to be faithful to an opposite gender/same-sex S.O. if you like the same/opposite gender as well?”

9. (for polyamorous bisexuals/pansexuals) “You’re married to both a guy and a girl. Why can’t you make a decision?”

10. “Can’t you just choose a side?”

11. “Wait.. how can you like all/both genders? That’s impossible”

12 “Does pansexual mean you’re attracted to pans?”

13. “There are only two genders. Your S.O is either a man or a woman”

14. “What will your S.O. say about your interests? He/she is not gonna like it.”

Well, I wouldn’t date a bi/panphobic person, would I?

15. “Man shall not lie with man as one lies with a woman”

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Ok so I was in a comp match as mercy and I didn't have a mic so I was stuck listening to my team and almost at the end of the match they were like "no matter what happens we up-vote the mercy" I was blushing so hard out of embarrassment and I typed in team chat "thank you!!!" And at the end of the match I got 7 up votes and I was internally screaming