Posting this again, but with video this time. (that hopefully makes sense :/ )
Also there’s no specific number settings, it’s always random. 
Now sometimes there’s a harsh shadow cast in the bottom right that I try to edit out in photoshop. I send the photo to my laptop. I use a white gradient fading to transparent inwards in that area. The blending mode being “soft light” instead of normal.
edit: I forgot to mention that the cardboard (well now I use matboard & they have to be white), act as reflectors to try and remove as much of the shadow in that bottom right area.  Then I would edit the remaining out in ps. 


I made book covers but everything about them makes me think about ice cream sandwiches.

Help.  That was NOT the theme I was going for.

Reminder to self to do a color filling test with the matboard.

my SO has a pretty cool hobby

Step 1- find a high quality vid to grab screen shots from

Step 2- photoshop the screen shots together

Step 3- nab some parts that the video didn’t have (aka pendants)

Step 4- Photoshop the pieces together to get a gander at what the final product will look like

Step 5- Fit all the parts onto 8.5x11 paper to be printed on cardstock

Step 6- Begin cutting!

Step 7- Build and re-enforce the stage

Step 8- add the tricky railings

Step 9- Re-enforce forest floor

Step 10- Print & cut out the dirt trail

Step 11- Start putting it all together!

Step 12- add grass and daisies

Step 13- cut out matboard for border (iPad calculator for exactness)

Step 14- Glue tree line to back of matboard

Step 15- Assemble and marvel and the amazingness

“And it will all be okay.” (Acrylic paint on matboard)

It’s not a speed paint because it took hours, but it’s not a long project since I finished it in one day, so it’s I don’t know??? I tried the hasty stroke style, which was fun.

This was painted on an old matboard I used to dry my brush while I was painting a piece a couple years back. The strokes left a nice black/blue combination that reminded me of the photos I take of the horizon outside the air plane window (I have so many because -emotional attachment-). I took the reference for this particular one taken over the Middle East on the way to Barcelona.