Bonus: Finch’s monologue opening the episode

I’ve been thinking, and I know you have too, about how all this plays out. About what happens next. I’m sure you’ve made a million different versions. I know some very bad things are coming. I know I’m probably going to die. I accepted that a long time ago. But I was wondering if in any of those many versions, the people that I’ve roped into helping me, my friends… whether they get out alive. Is that a path that we are on? I suppose I may have made that impossible. Even if you could tell me, it’s probably too late. 

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There’s probably a million posts like this one around, but I caught up with PoI last night and I was really surprised at the amount of mataphysical and oneiric references in The Day The World Went Away (which is in itself a very telling title). So… I am not saying we have been in a simulation for the last three episodes, but we could have been in a simulation for the last three episodes.