Matafan Canapé that I made entirely out of pantry items. These fluffy mashed potato pancakes are the perfect canvas to create appetizer bites. From top to bottom, left to right:

  1. Spicy red onion jam, parlsey
  2. Danish blue cheese, vanilla pear butter, toasted walnut
  3. Orange cranberry sauce with apples & figs, Greek yogurt
  4. Cream cheese, kumato, basil
  5. Spinach, hardboiled egg, spicy mango chutney, black sesame seeds
  6. Brie, ruby port tomato jam, pistachio
  7. Cream cheese, hot pepper jelly
  8. Crabapple fruit cheese, aged sheep’s milk cheese with rosemary, almond
  9. Watermelon radish, saffron rouille, fleur de sel

Can you tell I am a student of the Martha Stewart school of appetizers?