"…of course, you realize this means war."

Original key pose drawings (layouts) by Chuck Jones for his Looney Tunes short cartoon, “Bully for Bugs.” It premiered 61 years ago this Friday in theaters nationwide.

"He [Eddie Selzer, producer] once appeared in the doorway of our story room while Mike Maltese and I were grappling with a new story idea. Suddenly a furious dwarf stood in the doorway: "I don’t want any gags about bullfights, bullfights aren’t funny!"…Having issued his angry edict, Eddie stormed back to his office. Mike and I eyed one another in silent wonderment. "We’ve been missing something," Mike said. "I never knew there was anything funny about bullfighting until now. But Eddie’s judgment is impeccable. He’s never been right yet." "God moves in wondrous ways, his story ideas to beget," I replied. —Chuck Jones writing in his autobiography, Chuck Amuck.


There is no prince in Blancanieves, and I can’t tell you how happy that made me. I love fairytales, and I love romance… but somehow, 90% of the movies that combine those two things end up being kind of a yawnfest, because they just recycle terrible old gender-rolesy tropes.

Anyhow, Blancanieves is very obviously Snow White’s story, and while it’s thoroughly romantic, it isn’t a Boy Meets Girl story. That being said, she does have a love interest: He’s one of the dwarves. (See my previous points re: fanfic. I NEED SOMEONE TO WRITE ABOUT THIS. It’s a very sweet love story.) Instead, much of the movie focuses on Snow White’s relationships with her family: first her blood relatives, and then the dwarves. — Why you need to watch the Spanish bullfighter Snow White movie, Blancanieves.

3 matadors were gored yesterday, forcing Spain to halt bullfighting for the first time in 35 years 

David Mora, Antonio Nazare and Saúl Jiménez Fortes were trampled and bloodied during separate attacks by Deslio, a black bull who weighed nearly 1,200 pounds. Mora, the first torrero of the day to get hurt, also suffered the worst injuries. The bull rammed his horn deep into Mora’s leg and tossed him in the air. Reports indicate that Mora is still in the hospital recovering from serious but no longer life-threatening injuries. Nazare and Jiménez Fortes also sought medical treatment after their encounters with Deslio, though Jiménez Fortes managed to finish off the bull before exiting the ring. 

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A torero!… (The #Bullfighter)

Corrida de Toros…. 

The tradition, as it is practiced today, involves professional toreros (also called matadors) who execute various formal moves which can be interpreted and innovated according to the bullfighter’s style or school. It has been alleged that toreros seek to elicit inspiration and art from their work and an emotional connection with the crowd transmitted through the bull. Such manoeuvres are performed at close range, which places the bullfighter at risk of being gored or trampled. After the bull has been hooked multiple times behind the shoulder by other matadors in the arena, the bullfight usually concludes with the killing of the bull by a single sword thrust, which is called the estocada. In Portugal, the finale consists of a tradition called the pega, where men (forcados) try to grab and hold the bull by its horns when it runs at them.