1956 Ford Prefect

Driving through Nswazi communal land, looking for views of the magnificent Matopos, I found this:

Just goes to show its all in the light. A day or two later, I passed back that way, and hardly noticed this old wreck!

Often I’m driving when the light is best: early morning and late evening. We do borehole surveys, and on many occasions have our clients with us in the car! Hardly professional to…

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Random rocks in the Matopos...

The road immediately opposite this jumble of rocks deteriorated until we had to get off and drive along a path!! A little interesting when a chasm dangles below your window! I like the little hole in between the rocks – looks something like someone grabbed them and crushed them up! This last pic was taken at mid day climbing along a narrow track. It wasn’t hot, (by our standards, perhaps only 25…

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Hummingbird Hawk Moth

It has a long complicated Latin name! (SPHINGIIDAE/MACROGLOSSIDAE/Macroglossum trochilus) But really hard to capture on a photo – I took hundreds to get these few..and I had no time to mess about with settings or anything – I hardly had time to press the shutter button before they were off again. I didn’t notice they have a long proboscis until I transferred the photos off the camera. They were…

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Zimbabwe: Travel Writing King Crowned

Zimbabwe: Travel Writing King Crowned
THE Financial Gazette’s Senior Business Reporter, Shame Makoshori, was last Friday crowned the Best Print Media Reporter for 2015 in the country by the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA), adding to several awards he has won in a career spanning over a decade.
The accolade, which was awarded at the closing ceremony of the Sanganai/Hlanganani travel indaba, marked a fine year for the journalist, who has reported from most of the country’s tourism destinations in the past year. He was almost arrested while reporting inside a heavily fortified Doddieburn Ranch in Matabeleland South last year.
It is the second time that Makoshori scooped the travel writing award.
He was named the best Tourism Reporter by the Zimbabwe Union of Journalists in 2006.
Makoshori was not present to receive the trophy and the US$3 000 price as he was away on assignment in Victoria Falls.
But he says of all the nine awards he has received so far, the ZTA trophy would be the most cherished.
“It is an award that comes after a lot of hard work,” Makoshori said this week.
“You have to travel across rough terrain to capture the most dramatic and exciting stories not appearing in other media.
"At the same time you have to keep a close eye on authorities for policies that influence the industry. But it is fulfilling being recognised as the best in a sea of top notch writers.”
The Financial Gazette’s Editor-in- Chief, Hama Saburi, said the organisation was excited to have one of its veteran journalists crowned the best travel writer in Zimbabwe.
“Indeed, Shame has contributed immensely to the tourism industry by using the power of the pen. His passion for tourism compelled us to dedicate a page towards tourism coverage: And each week, he has never disappointed; churning out exclusive pieces that have helped enrich debates around various aspects of the tourism industry.
"It would have been unfortunate if this award had been won by someone else considering all that Shame has done for tourism,” he said.
Makoshori’s biggest scoops include the “one passenger flight” from Dubai to Harare by Air Zimbabwe (AirZim) in 2005 and a concerted attempt by Nicholas van Hoogstraten to fire the entire Rainbow Tourism Group board in 2006.
He broke exclusive articles detailing extreme haemorrhage at AirZim before it ran aground in 2011.
In 2007, he broke stories exposing abuse of the Parks and Wildlife Management Authority vehicles by politicians who sold game, looted fuel and used public assets to run private farms.
Makoshori has recently been one of the voices calling on government to reverse a 15 percent tax imposed by the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority on tourists arriving in Zimbabwe. The effect of the extra tax have been brutal both for the country and for individual hotel groups and tour operators.
It has made Zimbabwe one of the most expensive destinations in southern Africa, and in a region where tourism has assumed a vital role in building economies, fears are that hundreds of thousands of potential tourists will divert to other regional destinations.
Other African destinations that attempted to charge this tax have been forced to reverse their decisions after arrivals tumbled and threatened their tourism industries.
Zimbabwe, which has been battling to overcome a serious decline in revenues into State coffers, hopes the additional tax will boost inflows.
But the effects of the tax could be bad for the industry, where players have already started feeling the heat.


The Seventh Day Adventist Church are building a load of churches all over the country using prefab structures that can be built in a day. (We were asked to find water at five of them.) Below, is a “one day” built school. Actually, each structure can be built in a day – I’m not sure how many people it takes.

I went off to lunch with an old friend the day we surveyed here!!! And didn’t get back in…

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Called Balla Balla in pre-Independence days, Mbalabala has a few of the Matopos-like boulder/outcrops…(often called “Dwala” in the local language isNdebele) dotted about…

The area we were working in is communal land, commonly called “makaya” or “homes.” People from this area are offered a place to grow their maize, graze their cattle and build their home, either by a local chief or the District…

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Maleme Dam Wall...

Maleme Dam is in the Matopos. I can’t help but take a photo each time I cross over the wall/bridge and then I HAVE to take a photo in the other direction…the jumble of rocks is so classic! I have this view taken on all my cameras!

It always looks as if its going up hill – but it isn’t! This is downstream from the dam! This pic taken through the passenger window…

Maleme dam has huge rocks all…

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