mata ni pachedi

From ‘The Cloth of the Mother Goddess’ by Jagdish Chitara. Limited-edition book hand-printed on textile by Tara Books. 

“The panels recall and recreate a Mata-ni-Pachedi - the ritual cloth of the Mother Goddess - and tell the story of its origins… The images featured in the book have been painted by Jagdish Chitara, who belongs to the Waghari community of artisans from Gujarat in western India. Poor and marginalised, they paint and block-print votive textiles for other so-called outcaste communities, equally disenfranchised in the Hindu caste hierarchy. Worshippers who are barred from entering temples offer a painted image of their particular guardian goddess to herself, in the form of a textile shrine.This poignant tradition, deemed low, in fact, expresses a sublime conception of the power of art: gifting a piece of creation to the creator is considered the highest form of worship. This is a notion of transcendence that appears to stretch across cultures and times”. 

Text & Image: Tara Books / Amazon