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2 Cool 4 Skool : 130613

O R U L8 2?: 130911

Skool Luv Affair: 140212

Dark & Wild: 140820

화양연화 Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa Pt. 1: 150429

화양연화 Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa Pt. 2: 151130

Young Forever: 160502

W.I.N.G.S. : 161010

You Never Walk Alone: 170213

8 Comebacks…

3 Eras…

7 Boys now 7 Men…

1 Legend…

1 Bangtan…

everyone at Namjoon this comeback 

b.i.g_project: 꿈나라 💤 제이훈#비아이지#비아이지프로젝트#제이훈은요깄네#쿨쿨😴#체력고갈#충전중#뭐했길래#커피마시고힘내#일어나#본방사수 하러 가야지#2월27일7시#mbcmusic#bigproject#1화#같이보자#비기닝💕#추우니까감기조심해요

[Trans] J-hoon in a dreamland  💤 #JhoonIsHere #Zzzz #Exhausted #Recharge #CheerUpAfterDrinkingCoffee #WakeUp #FirstBroadcast #27Feb 7PM #LetsWatchItTogether #Biginning 💕 #BeCarefulOfTheCold

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The Marauders (Lily & Remus’ friendship, queer Sirius, James’ golden snitch and more)

when you accidentally write a tragedy instead of a sin

I had just turn on the live stream and I got to see my babies win their MAMA daesang. My heart was already a mess and seeing Namjoon like that wasn’t helping it!

In this moment, when I saw how emotional they were getting I was feeling more and more on the verge of crying - the main culprit is hidding right there!

Seeing Jin crying was a mixture feeling: my ARMY self was on a roller coaster of emotions of happiness and being so proud of them + how can he look so beautiful while crying, dammit Kim Seokjin and your visuals!

Here it is! Kookie crying was my downfall T.T
Being Jungkook the member that usually doesn’t cry, that fact that you can see him on this state just made me finally burst out crying T.T

And then I saw TaeTae with teary eyes and my heart got even more constricted. You can cry Taehyung, it’s ok, happy tears are beautiful and you guys deserved this.

I was already missing YoonSeok and guessing that Hobi was crying and then I got this surprise!! Our sunshine consoling a crying Yoongi *o*
Nope, all my barriers went away after this:

I was crying just like Suga and with the biggest smile I had on me. 

I love BTS. They are so hardworking and they deserved the recognition they got this year for their work and uncondicional love for us ARMYs.