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  • the 9th doctor: no rose, we can't save ur father we cannot change the past.
  • the 10th doctor: introduces harry potter to william shakespeare.
  • the 11th doctor: brings van gogh to the present.
  • the 12th doctor: plays an electric guitar on a tank calling people dude during the middle ages.
Dead Bird
James Barrett
Dead Bird

hello I tried to leak this on here earlier but the file didn’t work. I am feeling a little bummed out as per usual and would love for some of you to give this song a listen. it is not released yet, but will be on May 26th. it would mean the world if you listened. 

I woke up from the sun
I let my dogs out
only to find a dead bird on the side of my house
its feathers were everywhere
and I felt responsible for not being there
but there was nothing I could do

I saw you erased my face
and existence from your mind
do you think that I could ever forget our life?
so I think back on our love
and where we grew apart
and how I never thought you would cut me out of your heart
but that’s just where we are now

we grew up together then we grew apart


Back to school jams

Description :
Songs to get you in the mood for a rough day of studying 📖

• The factory - when I’m not around
• Khalid - young dumb & broke
• Dua Lipa - lost in your light ft. Miguel
• Jorja Smith - teenage fantasy
• Declan McKenna - Brasil
• Mansionz - stfu ft. Spark master tape
• Frank Ocean - Chanel
• Lana del Rey - summer bummer ft. A$ap rocky and playboi carti
• Joji - I don’t wanna waste my time
• Tyler, the creator - who dat boy ft. A$ap rocky
• Twenty one pilots - message man


To those who get periods

To those who get cramps 

To those who get mood swings

and to those who don’t

Either way by the end of it I’m

When I’m my period…


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External image

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…My life is basically Doctor Who. Brilliant!


the harry potter fandom knows what’s up

like, period?

you won’t go out with me?

bitches steal your man?


but teachers be like

so you just

and you wanna be nice? 

and then it’s just a dash of sass

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So, har-


Hello everyone. my new song “College” is now out on all digital sites including Spotify, iTunes, GooglePlay, and more! I would love for some of you to listen and show a friend.

another clouded mind
another clouded sky
but your eyes shock me back to life
you say you don’t know why I’m sad
well I don’t know either
but I know something needs to mend
but my body won’t fix the havoc on my end

I don’t want to go home
but you need some time to grow on your own
I wonder why I can’t feel the same
but I only have myself to blame

and yes there’s days I cry
because my emotional integrity is as weak as the heart in me
when I try to say I’m fine
the future is frightening my fragmented mind
so why do I feel this way?
when all that long for is change
but I’m scared when nothing stays the same

I don’t want to run
I don’t want to hide
but I fear the world outside

will the ink on my body forever mean the same?
does my place inside your heart still pulse when you hear my name?

I don’t want to go home
but you need some time to grow on your own
I wonder why I can’t feel the same
but I only have myself to blame”


Artist Jirka Väätäinen made this beautiful realistic interpretation of Disney leading men. You can help but cast them…Any good casting ideas?

Jason Lewis [John Smith]
Ashton Kutcher [Prince Adams-Beast]
Brenton Thwaites [Prince Eric]
Matt Bomer [Prince Charming]
Channing Tatum [Hercules]
Ryan Gosling [Tarzan]
Armie Hammer [Prince Philip]
Jake Gyllenhaal [Aladdin]