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Hi! So I was wondering if you could draw locus pinning Felix down? Thanks <3

…wait what kind of pinning down did you mean the i-just-beat-you-in-a-spar pin or a in-about-five-seconds-we’re-gonna-start-making-out-pin

okay both then

Trainer Etiquette

- Houses that are open to trainer visitors have visible signs. Depending on the region this can be a red door, a doorknob carved into a pokeball, a red door mat, a bell looped around the door handle, etc.
Sometimes this may cause cultural confusion; for example, a foreigner trying to open a red door in Johto, not realizing it’s not a symbol there.

- It’s common to let trainers into one’s house as welcoming travelers is said to welcome in good fortune. Trainers also have a traditional role in pokemon world culture, and often need places of rest.

- Trainers, in turn, are entrusted to keep routes clean and trash free, in exchange for warm welcomes.

- Small wooden signs can often be seen; “trainer tips”. They’re used to warn trainers of danger ahead, tell others about hidden spots and to give general advice. People are invited to add to them, even just to add humor.

- Meeting someone’s gaze and holding it for a few seconds is the sign for battle. If someone lowers their gaze, its clear they do not wish to engage. If someone cannot meet another’s gaze (ie. They’re blind), it still works to hold your head high, approach someone, and announce your intentions.

- Trainers have a special symbol system, a strange language modernized on “trainer tips” boards, but easily tracked back to older times. There are symbols representing things such as “steep cliffs ahead”, “poison types here”, “rest stop soon” and many more. These can be found carved on trees, drawn onto signs or even written on buildings.