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(for the cahrecter kink meme) how about sub steve and bondage? (Can be stucky, Stevexreader, or stevex whoever you want, depends on what you want to do)

Attending Needs.

A/N: sure thing! I went with reader because why not? I do have a weakness for sub Steve though so y'all can probably expect more and a plethora of pairings. Enjoy my sin!

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: NSFW, language, pure porn, sub!steve, Dom!reader, nipple play kinda, oral, bondage, orgasm denial, unprotected sex(WRAP UP YO DINGY DONG KIDS), dirty talk


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You are to good for us, we don't deserve you! May Joseph bless you even more our precious angel!! -- How do the Dads act when you got beat up on a date.

//so sweet thank you omg <33//

((like, you went on a date with someone else, they beat you up, and [Dad] sees the aftermath? sorry im confused but i’ll try my best lol))

You stumble out of your car, bruised and scarred. [Dad] runs up to you, examining the wounds. He’s had feelings for you for a long time, but let you go on dates with other people because he wanted to see you happy. This is definitely not what he wanted.


-thinks that he’s failed to protect you and beats himself up over it

-prepares a gigantic brunch for you the next morning. 

-”bro next time, i can be like, your date chaperone. or guardian. let me come with so i can defend you okay?”


-gets really stressed out and starts quietly weeping while constantly apologizing

-he doesn’t know a lot about first aid but does his best to help patch you up

-the next day, brings Maxwell over to distract you from the pain and lift your spirits


-starts panicking, asking you a bunch of questions

-”mat, i will be okay!” you assure. he just falters and falls silent.

“but, I’m not okay. not with seeing you like this.”

-shows up at your house early in the morning for the next few days with a fresh cup of your favorite brew


-is so disappointed that this happened to you. disappointed in you for falling into this situation, and disappointed in himself for not looking out for you enough.

-”damien, I’ll be okay!” wraps you up and hugs you gently, sighing. “MC, please be safe next time.”

-knows a lot of remedies for quick healing, and shows up at your door often for the next few days to check up on you


-is very gentle with you, knowing that you need space to breathe and recover. but on the inside he’s fucking fuming

-”may I have a talk with this man? he will not hear the end of this.”

-takes a day off work just to be with you the whole day, comforting you and doing everything for you. he feels so bad


-gets really heated over this, like VERY angry

-threatens to go kill whoever did this to you. “Where is he? Still at that bar? Be right back, watch Betsy. I’ve got a lesson for this asshole.”

-you hold him back, telling him it’s okay and you just want to rest. “Why didn’t you call me before things got bad? I could’ve taken him.”


-begins softly sobbing. how could he let this happen to you? for some reason he feels responsible for the incident

-after he walks you inside and patches you up, he goes home and prays for your healing and safety

-is tempted to also ask God to smite your abuser

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how the dads react to dadsona ((benny)) telling them that they need a break/some time alone for their mental health


“Aw, dude… I totally get it. I actually kinda admire you for being so self-aware. I’m glad that you’re smart enough to do this… I should probably follow your lead. Life is rough, bro. That’s just the facts of it. Anyways, I love you. I’ve loved you for forever. Remember me, ‘kay?”


He doesn’t know what to say in words, so he expresses himself by pulling you into a tight and warm hug. He engulfs you with his huge arms, letting you rest on his body. After a long and dreamy silence, he speaks up. “Benny… you mean the whole world to me. You know that, right? Whenever I look at you I just-I feel whole. Please, take care of yourself. You deserve to be happy.”


“Dude, take your time. You deserve what’s best, and when you find that, you’ll know. We are both riding this crazy journey of life, and not everything will work out. And that’s completely okay.” He pauses to take a breath, thinking about what he wants to say next. “Think of me, okay? I’ll definitely be sending my good thoughts your way.”


“Oh, my dearest Benny. If only I could pour all of my love onto you right now. You are the light of my boring little life, and though I will be patiently waiting for you to come back, I want you to promise me that you will think positive thoughts. Nothing is stronger than the heart, and that is what you will need to lift yourself up. I believe that you have this strength, and I encourage you to demonstrate it to yourself. I love you.”


“Hey, I understand. Please, trust me when I say this: it will all work out in the end. Things look confusing now, I know. Though the future is foggy, I assure with confidence that you can make it through. After getting to know you better, I’ve seen that you shine brighter than all the others. This is what I love about you; you never cease to amaze me with your vigilance and strength.” He wraps you up in a warm hug. “I love you with all of my heart.”


“Benny, after all the time that we have spent together, which is a lot, and through the thick and the thin, and after whatever happens between us, I want you to know that I hold you with the highest regards. You are such a beacon of hope in my dark life, and you’ve led me to a path that I never would’ve seen before. What I’m trying to say is, I’m here for you. I will always support you and I won’t let any distance get in the way of this. Take your time, kid. It’ll all fall into place.”


“Oh, Benny. You shining star.” Joseph snickers and pulls you into a hug. “I understand that things are hard. During your time of healing, please remember me. Remember that I love you, and that you are my entire world.” He sniffles and holds back his tears. “I-I just want you to be happy, and it’s one of the only things I really care about nowadays. I know that you’ve been faltering, but…” he’s weeping now. “Have faith, Benny. Because I have faith in you.”

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*screaming across the world* fuck that’s GAAAAAAAYYY

you even wrote Robert calling him “kid”

This wrecked me I adore it thank you so much

Twister- Magcon/Omaha imagine

A/n: Thanks to the anon that requested this it was a super fun concept

“Cam are you sure about this the last time you played you ended up in cuffs?” you joked laying out the mat on the floor.
“Shut up. spin the board Shawn” Cameron shouted ready to start the game
“First one to fall loses” Sam announced stretching his arms above his head preparing himself.

“Left foot red, right foot green”

“Right hand yellow”

“Bend on over lil mama” Gilinsky mocked from the other end of the mat. You stuck your tongue out at him.
“Get a good look it’s the only ass you’ll be seeing” you sassed

“Left hand blue”

“Oh come on I need to move my feet” you whined the awkward position beginning to put  a strain on your short legs.
“Damn Y/n didn’t know you were so flexible” Sam smirked staring directly at your legs
“You should see what else I can do” you grin looking at him through your legs.

“Right hand yellow”

“It’s already there!”you hollered frustrated and anxious to move your feet “Move it to a different one” Shawn suggested

“Right foot yellow” 

“Thank God I probably pulled a muscle from that” you sighed relaxing a little
“If you need some help with that I’ve got you” Taylor challenged winking.
“You wish you had me Tay”
“Hell yeah who doesn’t” He chuckled.

“Left foot blue”

“Cam watch out here I come” you say moving toward the only blue dot remotely close to you.

As the game progressed somehow you found your self positioned like a crab with Sam’s head inbetween your thighs and Taylor’s body was draped over yours.

“Hey Sam what do you say we end this game” Taylor suggested nodding towards me.

“That’s not fair you can’t plot against me” you yelled your eyes darting from Sam to Taylor and back again. 

Sam grinned at you and placed a wet kiss on your leg and gently blew on it and immediately you felt your arms begin to buckle.

“Y-You’re c-cheating” you stuttered, flustered by his actions.
“You just look so hot like this” Sam smirked clearly pleased with himself
“Shawn hurry up and call the next color dammit” you commanded feeling yourself about to fall.

“Shawn call the next color and I’ll post your grind on me video” Taylor threatened staring directly at Mendes. 

“Seriously? Come on Shawn” you begged pouting at him.

He spun the spinner but it didn’t matter. He never got a chance to call the next color. The cool breathes to you thigh sent you collapsing onto the mat in defeat.

You sat up jabbing Sam in the chest with your foot. “Aww don’t be a sore loser” He mocked catching your foot

“I only lost because of your stupid mouth” you growled annoyed that you were first to fall. “Did it feel that good babygirl?” 

“Oh please Sammy” you said standing up from the mat. “That wasn’t a no” Taylor chimed high fiving Sam.

“I’ve had better” you shrugged leaving the conversation and heading to the bathroom. 

Damn that boy and his mouth

jimin; home with you

❝it’s home when jimin’s around
►587 words // mini scenario
© (photo credit)

The door opens, a sigh is heard, the door is closed once more.

The television switches off, the remote is left on the table, the sofa is now vacant.

He spread his arms open, he loses the grip of his bag and he lets go of reality when you’re in his arms. He encloses them around you, keeping you near and it’s not like you would’ve chosen to leave if he hadn’t in the first place. He plants a kiss in your hair, he murmurs something about it smelling nice and he wants to smell like it too and you tell him the bathroom is always where it is—he’s welcomed here anytime. He sighs and his voice nearly cracks from it, you’re stroking through his hair and you ask him if practice was okay or not. He nods and tells you it’s beating him down, he’s feeling tired but it all doesn’t matter when he’s here with you.

You’re whispering that it’s pitiful and he shakes his head, leans away and captures your lips into a kiss. Your hands are framing his cheeks delicately, his tongue is mingling with yours gently and you smile when he does. Your cheeks are slowly coloring with the familiar shade of pink he thinks suit your cheeks better than blush, you see that he grins so wide that his eyes are disappeared, replace with mini-like crescents that glow brighter than the moon and he’s making your stomach churn when he holds your hand and drags you down the hall, to the right, into the room the both of you are familiar with.

He makes you sit down on the bed, he gets rid of his clothes and he tells you to wait for him, he’ll be back in fifteen minutes.

You shake your head and tell him to take his time—he says no, time with you is precious and he rushes into the bathroom, getting ready to get cleaned and you find that during the time he’s scrubbing away, it couldn’t hurt to read a book.

He opens the door, the scent of lavender invades the area and he grins when he sees you comfortable in the blankets, curled up and all tucked in, a book in your hands and those little creases appear on your forehead whenever you’re focused. He flicks the bathroom light off, he rubs his feet onto the small mat before he steps onto the floor and he wonders when you’re about to look up. He waits for a few seconds but then gives up and decides that crawling into your warmth would be much better.

He slips himself under the blanket, he rolls closer towards you and he takes this chance to bury his face in your stomach, both arms snaking below and above you to hug you tight. You peek from your book to see him do so, a grin on your face and he mumbles against your skin, “Give me your attention please,”

“You already do,” You say, and he sighs, “Then put the book away,”

When you do, he rolls you over and switches off the lights in the process before his happy smile is all you see despite the circles under his eyes, weighing him down and everything else that compiles together to make him tired—but his lips are saying otherwise when he says he’s happy to be home, safe and comfortable in your arms and you can only say the same for him.

It’s home when Jimin’s around.

Hidden Feelings Revealed

Note: This is a one shot Jonnor fic I came up with. I was bored and so I wrote. Tell me what you guys think! ( I Do not own these Characters) ~ R.Q

*7th Grade*

“Do you want to be mind?” Connor asked his new friend to be his partner for the project. His heart was racing. Jude was the new boy and he radiated something that Connor couldn’t understand; something powerful and it drew Connor to him. Connor knew then that Jude would be someone important in his life.

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