masumi kano


Masumi Kano, Mitsuba and Kumiko Uehara explaining their upcoming visit to Baltimore for Otakon. Video courtesy of Tokyo Rebel.


AM’s autograph loot.

I even told Midori this during the tea party “今、本当に幸せです”… she laughed… But I was, and I’m still on cloud 9! I love you 翠様

I was in my Homura cosplay on Saturday, got the CD after the adult show, so they addressed me as "Homu Homu”, it was just too cute XD

What I’m really trying to say is that AM 2013 was a blast!

This weekend I was able to get an autograph from all the lolita guests at Anime Matsuri!~
Tomomi and Masumi signed the bag that my first ever brand dress came in. ♥♥ And I got Misako and Midori’s books signed~ They also signed my sewing book too! Which both were really shocked that I had it and Midori was asking me how I was able to get it from Japan.  And as well if I liked her book x3