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hello! i dont know of this has been ''asked'' yet but, top 5 rinharu moments? (oh and by the way hiii fellow 1d x hq fan~ do you also ship/used to ship 1d boys w each other at some point? hehe)

What are your Top 5 RinHaru moments?

Hello love! I’m a larrie, this is all you need to know ;) btw no one asked for a rinharu top 5, so I’m more than happy to dive in this hell again and get my heart some feels with one of my favorite red and blue ships!

1. Rinharuralia. I mean, this is the Nirvana of the rinharu shippers. We got it all: Haru jumping on an intercontinental flight just because Rin asked him to (just let the enormity of this sink in), you have a cool attitude and eyes as clear as water (WHAT THE FUCK RIN), the savage wink from Rin’s Australian mother, THE BED SHARING, the pillow talks, without you I have nothing to aim for, you know?, Haru finding what he truly wants to do in life…damn it. Best 20 minutes of my life honestly. 

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2. “Rin, come. It’s my time to show you a sight you’ve never seen before”. This moment would be seared in my heart forever. Not only this sentence, but the whole scene shows how deep their connection is. The fight, them rolling on the ground, Rin straddling Haru, “WHY ISN’T IT FREE” (that’s what he really says, the translation is wrong in almost every subtitle, dafaq) and then Rin’s tears falling into Haru’s face and he doesn’t even squints, he smiles at him with a fondness we’ve never seen before (not to mention how desperate he looked when he was searching for Rin). I think in that moment they both realized they would never be free, they would never escape each other and how much they’ve impacted each other’s life. 

(I put the video because why not, let’s just suffer together once more)

3. Every time Haru overly reacts to every single damn thing Rin does. Rin can either sneeze, step in the room, go to fucking Australia, smile from across the pool, fail to get out of the pool and sure as hell Haru will overly dramatically react to that. No to mention when Rin actually asks him to do something, he  just does and NEVER question it. He just does. Not that this doesn’t work the other way around, of course. They honestly exhaust me. 

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4. “You’re gonna swim free for me” is a great example of #3 and also was it really necessary to kabedon him, Rin? I don’t think so but thanks for doing it regardless. 

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5. You can tell me they don’t look like parents fonding over their children here but I’ll never believe you

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- Bonus: the water fight that provided the visual definition of eye fucking

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You know what fucks me up the most about them tho? The fact that they are such a great couple, they have everything…but they can’t be together as much as they can’t be apart. You truly can’t escape relationships like that. 

Thank you for your messages! 

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Okay, but, imagine the Free! characters’ reactions to Octopimp’s 50% Off thingy.



 Really? …I can read…



 I’m nothing like that


People really think I’m like that?


W-what? Me liking Haru? No way…!


M-Me?? Obsessed with Rin-senpai??? N-No!

Nose Kisses

I heard somewhere that sharks have super sensitive noses, and I immediately thought of rinharu, so here you go!

When Haru first found out about his boyfriend’s little weakness, it was at the movie theater. Rin had wanted to see some American movie, The Fault in Our Stars or something like that. Near the end, Haru’s boyfriend was tearing up, and it was simply too cute to ignore. So he leaned over and planted a small kiss on the tip of Rin’s nose, not expecting the following things to happen.

Rin’s cheeks turned a bright red as he spluttered slightly, burying his head in Haru’s neck, mumbling something along the lines of, “Why’d you have to do that?”

It was if the planets had aligned, after all, Rin knew he was ticklish and used it against him all the time, now Haru had leverage. And oh, was he gonna use it every chance he got.

It was at the dinner table, with cleaned plates in front of them and some boring animal documentary on the TV. Rin was laying with his head on Haru’s lap, talking about how Momo did something ridiculous at practice again. It was the perfect moment, Haru thought to himself, trying to suppress a small smirk at the mere thought of his boyfriend’s reaction. Without further hesitation, he leaned down and pressed his lips on Rin’s nose, watching with growing happiness as red spread across his face. Then Haru did it again, and again, and again before Rin finally shoved his face away and pressed his face into Haru’s stomach.

“Stop before I die, you idiot” his voice was muffled by Haru’s shirt, the heat from his face seeping past the fabric.

Haru let out a small laugh, “This is why I do it, also its revenge for that time you made me cry from laughing”

Rin just pressed his face closer, repeating “idiot” over and over, while Haru just combed through his boyfriends hair with his fingers. Rin never did move from his spot that night, somehow falling asleep in that uncomfortable position, and Haru slept sitting up for fear of waking him by moving. The next morning, the aching in their muscles was too much and they were forced to skip practice.

Authors Note: I thought I’d give these two another go because they’re just so cute and I can’t…thank you to sparkle-senpai and the anonymous cuties for their requests! I hope you like this pointless, no-plot drabble which I’ve written in Sousuke’s POV for some reason? I hardly ever write in first person, so please be merciful with your critique!
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