mastui rena

Special Drama

SKE’s Matsui Rena to star (in her own drama)

-other drama-

NHK - SKE48’s Matsui Rena to star in a multi-channel drama 「Housou Hakubutsukan Kikiippatsu!」, starting end of March.

Not too sure how to translate the title of the drama…. “Close call at the Museum of Broadcasting!” ? Lol sounds a bit weird but should be close enough.


Congratulations Rena-chan! \((((°^°))))/ Sounds like a weird title but I’m so glad you’re getting the leading part in a drama broadcast in several areas (Tokyo included?!).

Also NHK means (in 99,9% of the cases) that the drama is very “safe”. 

Which makes it just…. Perfect.

Can’t wait~