Deconstructing STPD (masterpost)

As promised, I’ve finished the STPD; Deconstructed series; so here is a masterpost of each installment! There could be more to come, so stay tuned.

Ideas of Reference

Odd Beliefs

Odd Perceptual Experience

Odd Thinking/Speech


Inappropriate/Constricted Affect

Odd Behavior/Appearance

Lack of Close Friends + Extreme Social Anxiety

In addition, each of these links can be found at the top of every post (or at least most of them) and, if you search any of the above symptoms on my blog you can find them as well as posts relating to them. 

anonymous asked:

I know you ship larry, but whats like your opinion on their relationship? Some ship it but don't think together, some do, some think they're just in love, some think Eleanor is a beard, idk. I, personally, think they're together but then sometimes I change my mind, even though i ship and support it 100% bc i just don't know if they're actually like together. Mainly, I ship harry/happiness louis/happiness but idk what's your take on larry, oh wise one?

Awww I love this question so much.  Okay you probably didn’t want the entire explanation but here it is ;))  This might be long:

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