mastin kipp

We’ve been taught in today’s world that being negative = being realistic, & being optimistic = being unrealistic. I’m not sure where this equation came from, but it’s totally bullshit.
—  Mastin Kipp
I believe that the only free will we truly have is to choose to connect with Love or not. If we choose to connect with Love, life turns upside down at first, but starts to smooth out. If we don’t choose to connect with Love, we experience our own personal version of “Hell on Earth.”
—  TDL
That’s how compassionate life is – it doesn’t have to always be the way that it once was. It can be any way you make it if you don’t give up, if you keep going, if you see that vision and then don’t let your self-doubt or judgment hold you back from taking action.

And most importantly, when you find that special zone where the pain of the world meets what you Love to do, life rushes to your aid to support your purpose.
—  Mastin Kipp