mastin kipp

Life is messy. We mess up. We have great moments. We have horrible moments. We have brilliant moments. The goal is to allow and admit them all. To be willing to look bad, silly or goofy. To not aim for perfection, but rather express ourselves as we are, strong, scared and in human form.
—  Mastin Kipp
Take time today to focus on what brings you joy. It may be a person, a creation, a flower, the sun or an idea that you’ve wanted to bring into creation. Take time out of your day today to focus on joy. Start flexing your “joy muscles” and they’ll get stronger. Remember that you are a human “being” not a human “doing”. Celebrate not getting it all done because you have finally realized you can’t and you’re not supposed to.
—  Mastin Kipp–The Daily Love

How many of us can do that in life? Instead of demanding what we want and wanting it now, can we ask The Uni-verse for what we want, and then let go? Can we rest in the peace of the moment knowing we are provided for and that the perfect thing, which is probably better than what we asked for in the first place, will show up?

Do we really have the faith to live the maybe? Or better put, can we see that the delays of The Uni-verse are not Its denials? Can we let go and let things unfold naturally?

The Truth is that the perfect outcome will happen.

Ask for the emotional sobriety and peace of mind to be okay living the maybes. Get comfortable in the in-between. Know that delays are not denials and have fun in the moment, in the mean time, as it evolves into an ever better version of reality.

—  Mastin Kipp, The Daily Love
That’s how compassionate life is – it doesn’t have to always be the way that it once was. It can be any way you make it if you don’t give up, if you keep going, if you see that vision and then don’t let your self-doubt or judgment hold you back from taking action.

And most importantly, when you find that special zone where the pain of the world meets what you Love to do, life rushes to your aid to support your purpose.
—  Mastin Kipp