wktk-hetalia asked:

9, 17

  • 9. Your dreams 

Hm… I don’t dream all that often, but I tend to ‘dream’ about zombie apocalypses? It used to happen a lot and now it’s just nothing… idk.

  • 17. Your anxieties ((For this, I looked up some phobias and put ones I have here- sorry if there’s too much!! You can look some up if I don’t define them))

Glossophobia (public speaking), genophobia (sex), arachnophobia (spiders), aeroacrophobia (open high places), aginophobia (agina, choking or narrowness- it’s absolutely terrifying and it hurts a lot), athazagoraphobia (being forgotten or ignored), claustrophobia (confined spaces), gelotophobia (being laughed at), insectophobia (insects, if you couldn’t guess), katagelophobia (ridicule), mastigophobia (punishment), pnigophobia (being choked or smothered), social phobia (being evaluated negatively in social situations), stenophobia (narrow things or places), tockophobia (pregnancy and childbirth), topophobia (certain places or situations.. i.e stage fright).

Give me a number!

Thank you, Sylwia! xx