arclent  asked:

sorry for sending so many questions lol. I just love your blog so much. Anyway, do you have a favorite dog breed?

No way. How ever would I choose? 

I adore all sighthounds, but only a select few would fit the lifestyle I need - I’m leaning towards an afghan hound when I’m in a position to be able to own a dog. But, man, I drool over them whenever they’re on my feed.  

Beagles and other hunting hounds are some of my favorites to train because of how they think, but their intensity is a little overwhelming and it’s always nice to give them back to their owners when it’s time to leave. 

Well bred toy dogs, like papillions and chihuahuas, are really fascinating. I love their engagement and their connection to their people. 

Mastiffs and other molossers are wonderful lumps from a distance but I prefer to not be covered in slobber, thanks. 

Most bully breeds have some of my favorite personalities but their temperament is nowhere near suited to my lifestyle or what I need in a dog.