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reason as to why? :) (not the anon, just curious)

Probably because they’re the most subtly developed of all the relationships? Tammy’s not usually subtle at all about romantic developments (both George and Jon were kind of like being hit over the head with a hammer, haha. I love George/Alanna though, they just work so well - Numair started being super protective around Daine a book before they actually got together, Cleon was really obviously crushing on Kel before they got together, Nawat starts mate-feeding and courting Aly from the get-go). I like that Farmer and Beka had a business-first relationship, I love that he’s an incredibly powerful mage who acts silly so people will underestimate him (and he’s so casual and laid-back and I just love Farmer as a character a lot) and that Beka tunes into that right away, I like that they’re so comfortable and matter-of-fact around each other and that he softens her edges with humor while admiring the things about her that make her her, without trying to compete with her. I mean, most of Tammy’s relationships are between people who respect each other so that’s not really an issue, but I like that for Beka/Farmer I only started zeroing in on his role as a potential love-interest when I noticed how many times he was being mentioned per chapter as opposed to anything really obvious that he does, you know (he never stares at her or touches her for a second too long or gets irrationally angry)? It felt more organic to me.

Mastiff spoilers ahead; you’ve been warned!


I’ve noticed A LOT of people hate on Farmer Cape. Honestly? I love him x Becca. I found myself rooting for them to get together, before I even realized it consciously. They are just TOO CUTE.

And I love that they aren’t all fireworks, and mad desire, and passion. They HAVE passion, but they aren’t ONLY about passion. Also about shared interests and an acceptance that isn’t always present with passion.

Alanna x George had SUCH a complicated beginning to their relationship, just between Alanna figuring herself out/George trying to deal with his issues as the Rogue. And I do not think there is ANYTHING wrong with that, or how Daine x Numair are so firey and passionate and absolutely crazy about eachother. I LOVE THAT FIRE AS MUCH AS ANYBODY ELSE.

But it was SO nice to me to have Becca find someone who could be her rock, who will help her chase Rats, but keep her grounded at the same time. Who will completely and wholly understand WHY she wants to bring Rats to justice, WHY she believes in the law SO much.

Yes, Rosto believes in protecting people (as the Rogue, he does his best to do so) but he does it in a way that goes against EVERYTHING Becca stands for.

Maybe there’s a part of me REALLY attached to Becca because she had a tumultuous childhood (almost lost a sister to slave traders, mom had boyfriends around, a man beat her mom, they were very poor, etc), and I can KINDOF relate to some of these things (in a relative way). Becca believes SO MUCH in the law, as a Dog, and as a young woman who grew up poor, who knows what it’s like to feel threatened and not be able to do much significant about it. And she NEEDS to bring people to justice, that’s why she dogs Rats SO HARD.

Becca doesn’t NEED that kind of fireworks, BAM, PASSION, LUST, LOVE, INSTANT ATTRACTION that some other couples had. Becca has enough passion in her life, when it comes to bagging Rats. I would even say Daine x Numair were gradual but I was rooting for them THE SECOND THEY INTERACTED. Same with Alanna x George, and Jon x Thayet.

It was NOT that way for me with Farmer x Becca. And I loved that moment where I was silently rooting for them, and I realized that. Oh my god, I ship them SO HARD. Because it snuck up on me, snagged my brain and dragged me in and I haven’t looked back.

I have to admit, I never did like the idea of Becca x Rosto, just because of how much I know he goes against her moral ground, I knew they could never work. Neither of them could bend enough to compromise. Becca is a Dog. It’s all she’s ever wanted. It’s allowed her to better her life and that of her siblings, giving them opportunities they NEVER could have dreamed of otherwise. And Rosto is the Rogue. Mysterious, dangerous, alluring, but I don’t think Rosto had it in him to straighten out for her, not like George did for Alanna (well… relatively speaking).

I guess that’s my two cents!

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DUDE. I saw that picture of your 'collectables shelf' again and you have like all of Tamora Pierce's books and so do I and this is super awesome because I love her and we should talk abut this and which series was your favorite and are you pissed about how Mastiff ended because that some stupid shit with Tunstall but I won't say anything else in case you haven't read it. And we should talk. Yes. Good. Hope You had a lovely Thanksgiving!

OMG yes we should and my favorite was probably Protector of the Small but srsly I love all of the Tortall books. I was never as big into the Circle of Magic books as I was into Tortall.







that was one of the very few things I took serious issue with in her books.

But yes we must have discussion about how lovely and queer her books are. Much discussion. <3