mastiff puppies

Signs as dog breeds
  • Aries: American Eskimo Dog
  • Taurus: Greyhound
  • Gemini: English Mastiff
  • Cancer: Border Collie
  • Leo: German Pinscher
  • Virgo: Rottweiler
  • Libra: Saluki
  • Scorpio: Yorkshire Terrier
  • Sagittarius: French Bulldog
  • Capricorn: Cocker Spaniel
  • Aquarius: Puli
  • Pisces: Toy Fox Terrier

anonymous asked:


- the girls adopt a gray mastiff puppy
- her name is Empress and Eliza and Maria pamper her
-big dog is up on all the furniture, the couch the chairs the bed
- she is vvv warm so Marliza will sometimes snuggle together on the floor with her
-Empress acts like a lapdog
-when she gets older (and waaaaay bigger) she will climb up on the sofa with Marliza and lay on their legs, head in Maria’s lap in search of pats
- she sleeps in their bed too, which is awesome in the winter cause heat, but they way up to stinky dog breath
- Eliza and Maria will sit on the floor and lay up against the dog and read sometimes
- they make it a priority to take Empress on a walk at least once or twice a day
- refer to her as ‘our baby’ and 'little princess’