Wavy in White.

As a #GQInsider I have teamed up with gap and @GQreport to feature some new GAP items as well as a few items from the Best New Menswear Designers in America Collection. 

This all white look is insanely fresh for the Summer. I feel like Diddy in the Hamptons. TAKE THAT, TAKE THAT!

Linen Shirt: GAP
Pants: M. Nii 

Photos shot by Regge Green.

debonair thursday: master williams x stacy adams.

The perfect hard sole, classic wing tip boot from Stacy Adams stylishly displayed by Master Williams. This boot is the best of both worlds…professional for the office, yet casual for the streets. Truly versatility at its best

Learning from Locals: Gary Williams aka @masterwilliams

We’re all about bringing you insider tips on some of our favorite cities with interesting people. This week, we’re getting to know another one of the locals who makes this possible: Gary Williams, a photographer who you probably follow on Instagram @masterwilliams. He’s a globe-trotter, but we wanted to learn more about his journey and his hometown (and one of our newest cities), Washington, D.C.

Localeur: Washington, DC is such a dichotomy of things ­– U Street vs. K Street, major socioeconomic gaps, and more. There isn’t always a subtle blending of cultures. How did this influence your photography?

Gary: There isn’t always a subtle blending in the socioeconomics of DC, but I actually grew up experiencing both sides. I was raised in both northern Virginia and inner-city Wilmington, Delaware. They’re completely opposite as far as socioeconomics. In Virginia, I grew up in a town called Vienna, which is located in one of the richest counties in America (it’s in the top three, I believe). And on the other hand, Wilmington, Delaware was very crime-heavy and poor. So experiencing both sides growing up helped me jump right in when I arrived in DC. I was comfortable on either side of the tracks and I could relate to both, as well. I think being exposed to both sides so young helped me recognize the differences, but also see the beauty in them.

Localeur:   What are your go-to locations in DC for that perfect meal or a good time?

Gary: This might be totally lame, but I am a sucker for &Pizza for a quick bite. I love The Hamilton for dinner, brunch at The Tabard Inn, and Ben’s Chili Bowl on for late-night eats. And for a good time, I’m at Marvin’s on Mondays.

Localeur: Photography requires a certain level of energy. What places have given you that little (or big) boost, just on the strength of getting off the plane or out of the taxi?

Gary: I love Austin, LA, New York, Chicago, and of course DC. These places seem to give me extra energy and inspiration immediately.

Localeur:  When was the moment that you knew photography/visuals would be what you would pursue as a career?

Gary: I have a bachelor’s degree in interactive multimedia design and associate’s degree in graphic design. Both these degrees combined gave me a well-rounded education in visual arts. Immediately out of college, I took a job as a graphic designer at a defense contractor, so I’ve been working in the visual field for some time now. But there’s a difference between having a job and a career.

I think the moment I knew it would be a career of mine was when I connected with Localeur Co-Founder Joah Spearman via Instagram. Up until then I had dreams and aspirations of traveling and creating imagery, but Joah was the first one to not only like my work, but like it enough to invest in it. Localeur put me on a plane to LA within a few weeks to create imagery for their social media platforms and that was the moment. That was the vote of confidence I needed. So when my secure job of seven years laid me off, I was ready to start my career and did. I haven’t looked back since.

Localeur: Do you have any “dream” shoot locations or subjects?

Gary: My top places I want to shoot are India, Hawaii, Japan, Namibia, Iceland, Detroit, and Tuscany. Top people would be Pharrell, Allen Stone, Barack Obama, Josiah and Jurnee Bell, Bill Cosby, Lebron James, Phylicia Rashad, and Jourdan Dunn. To name a few.

Localeur: Have you shot locations so amazing that skill was (almost) not required?

Gary: Great question! I have. I was fortunate to shoot a friend’s wedding in Key West about two years ago and honestly, I probably could have put my camera on auto-pilot and gotten amazing shots. Key West was stunning. I’m headed to Milan in November and I hear it may be the same. I’m super stoked for that trip!

Localeur: Where are you going  next to reset or clear your mind?

Gary: The Key Bridge Overlook (not sure if that’s the official name) located in Georgetown is one of the spots I go to when I need to reset or clear my mind. I also like to get out to Great Falls for a reset.


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In honor of National Photography Month, we surprised four drivers by pairing them with a local photographer, and then set them off on photo adventures around their hometown. Each week in May, we’ll head to a different city! 

Photographer Gary hopped into Erica’s car just before sunrise. Gary Williams Jr. is a D.C. photographer and cinematographer. Erica works at an entertainment rental house, volunteers with at-risk youth at her church, and writes short films. The pair jetted from Georgetown to Union Market and 8th Street, capturing the people and places of their city. 

Just a few of the amazing imagery from tonight’s @fgidc event! THANK YOU to all the amazing #dccreatives & fashion photographers @antonplusprehn @gokateshoot @vmphotographymakeup @masterwilliams @truefineart @fashiontographer @timcoburnphoto @creativetheory who participated in our exhibit. Amazing work!! ❤️❤️. Thank you to my amazing board @polishedimage @alisonbeshai @thewrittenrunway @heathermenis @jwalawen @lauraleedesigns @audreybeaulacstyle @lindatlee02 @lashawn_daily @diegodowntown @angienaomi1 for your contributions to making this event a success!! #fgidctrends #fgidc #acreativedc #allthingsfashiondc #igdc #dc by elainemensah


#MasterWilliams getting #tommy ready for he’s #fight in #8weeks


A Love Story.


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