I hit the 2000 follower milestone a few days back and I wanted to make something as a thank-you to all you awesome people out there who at some point decided to follow me.

Anyway, here’s my Star Wars follow-forever. Everyone on here posts at least a little bit of Star Wars, so you all should definitely check a few of them out! (If I follow both your main blog and your Star Wars sideblog, I probably put your sideblog in here so that other SW fans can see it, even if we mostly interact via your main blog).


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grandmoffimperial  asked:

hey Morgani, i noticed you haven't been on for a couple of days, hope your well and okay :) according to my activity thing your my biggest fan follower wise and so i thought i would check to see if everything is okay and just to say that you are missed and that my blog doesn't feel the same without all the likes i normally get from you haha :)

Aw thanks for noticing! You post all that Star Wars and I do love me some Star Wars. But I’m taking a bit of a Tumblr break right now. Not for long, a couple more days. And I won’t be killing myself to catch up on my dash like I always do. It’s amazing how many hours I sink into just scrolling down.

So fear not, my likes will be on your dash in no time. And really, again, thanks for noticing.

I’m publishing this on my dash to let all my Star Wars friends know that if you want all the Star Wars you could possibly handle on your dash, follow mastersith. Best stuff.