My master list of wrestling imagines. Obviously will get bigger but for it to get bigger I need your request, so send me some!

AJ Styles:
#94: “I had a bad dream again”

Dean Ambrose:
Rules are meant to be broken - Chapter 1

Dolph Ziggler:
#37: “Welcome to fatherhood”

Finn Balor:
#77: “It’s a texas thing”
#45: You’re getting a vasectomy. That’s final.” 
#87: “Stay awake”
#2: “Hey, hey, calm down. They can’t hurt you anymore.” 
“I can give him things you can’t”  
#64: “Here, take my blanket.” 

Jeff Hardy:
#8 & 22: “You’re seriously like a man-child.” and “Did you just hiss at me?”
“You broke me”
“If he makes you happy” (Part 2 of You Broke Me)  
#53: “Do you think I’m scared of a woman?” 

Roman Reigns: 
Draft Night

Sami Zayn:
#15: “I’d kill for a coffee…literally”

Seth Rollins: 
Be a man

Told you
 (Part 2 of Be a man)
#80: “Does he know about the baby”
#80 Part 2 
#16: “You’re getting crumbs all over my bed.”  

Shane McMahon:
Time Off 
Love & War 

Tye Dillinger: 
#42: “Stop being so cute”

Jed'hin Basics

When: Monday, May 29th
Time:  6 Bells (server)
Where: Olivia’s Pond, Stormwind City
Recommended attire:
loose-fitting pants or a kilt, and a good thick belt.

Jed’hin Basics is an ancient form of Draenei wrestling. Master Xenokratus wishes to share the art form with eager students starting Monday, May 29th. Sponsored by Kegfist Brewery, join Master Xenokratus each Monday at 6 bells to further your knowledge!  The most gifted students will be invited to special additional classes which will be scheduled as the needs demand.

Begin your journey to mastering this ancient art!

(OOC: Contact Xenokratus in game for more information!)

Engeki Haikyuu Arm Wrestling Shenanigans Master Post

In chronological order

Hanamaki vs Matsukawa
Oikawa vs Kunimi Round 1
Ukai vs Kunimi
Hanamaki vs Iwaizumi
Ukai vs Oikawa
Iwaizumi vs Kunimi
Oikawa vs Kunimi Round 2
Suga vs Hanamaki
Suga vs Iwaizumi
Takinoue vs Tanaka
Iwaizumi vs Tanaka
Daichi vs Ukai
Takinoue vs Take-chan sensei
Asahi vs Take-chan sensei

Enjoy the gun show~

Day 397 - Luchabull | ルチャブル | Hawlucha

The master of wrestling, gliding and showmanship. Luchabull is a showoff, but has the skill to back it up. You’ll find them practicing their special fighting style against anything like rocks, trees or even in cities between skyscrapers.

(P.S. New Pokémon drawings every single day. Commissions open!

(701 / 721)

Video of “speedpainting” Luchabull alone:

AU suggestion

Bad Bob Zimmermann is a master thief. Jack has to wrestle with his father’s legacy of cat burglary, and becomes a Robin Hood-esque figure, robbing only those who he figures will not be significantly hurt by this. When stealing the famous Knight Sapphire, he meets Beauchamp Knight, who wants to rebel against his parents and begs to join him in his quest. Slowly their band of thieves grows, until they run up against Agents Eric Bittle and Larissa Duan, the FBI agents dedicated to catching them and stopping them once and for all.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I was gonna request some Nordics and Netherlands + play wrestling, but I ended up with two different ideas for Netherlands: on one side, I can imagine him saying ''You're annoying'' and pulling his s.o. away. On the other, I remember that time when Netherlands pulled Spain off Romano's shoulders without say anything. So, my conclusion is that he would be a bit indulgent with his s.o., but eventually pull that person away. Or maybe he would have a boyish side? Btw, I really like this blog! <3

Denmark/Mathias Køhler: Mathias would state that he’d let you win, trying to say that he wasn’t even trying after you beat him a few times. When he does start to try, however, he grows frustrated as he realizes that you’re much stronger than he first assumed. He ends up putting all his strength into it, tackling you to the ground and causing you to laugh at him, jokingly telling him not to overdo it and that you wouldn’t tell his brothers of his failure.

Norway/Lukas: Lukas would take the challenge seriously, and would distract you often by tickling your sides or any other sensitive areas you had to catch you off guard. He would smile as he gives you a chaste kiss, telling you that you still had to train before you could beat the master at play wrestling.

Iceland/Emil Steilsson: Emil would be too worried about hurting you to play wrestle for too long, treating you too delicately as you easily knock him to the ground and get on top of him. He’d laugh it off as you won, admitting defeat early on and wrapping his arms around your waist as he tells you that he’d much rather cuddle.

Finland/Tino Väinämöinen: Tino would be careful to not hurt you but, knowing his own strength, knew how rough he could be without injuring you. He kisses your forehead as he pins your arms above your head, chuckling as you pout at him and say he’s cheating; he suggests you have a rematch but wouldn’t go any easier on you, telling you that he thought you were cute when you were pouting and couldn’t throw away the opportunity that was presented to him.

Sweden/Berwald Oxenstierna: Berwald wouldn’t see much of the point in play-wrestling, but would pin you multiple times when you tried to get the jump on him. He would become alarmed if you didn’t tell him you were messing around at first, asking why you were attacking him and if he’d done something to upset you. 

Netherlands/Abel: Abel would be indulgent to your whims, allowing you to dominate him while wrestling until he grew tired of it. He would then overpower you without much trouble, getting on top of you as he mutters that it looks as though he’s won the round, leaning down, centimeters from your lips before pulling away and smirking, telling you that losers don’t deserve kisses.

“Body Slam” [Arcade Flyer]

  • via The Arcade Flyer Archive
  • This rather blah flyer for a forgotten wrestling game fails to do its premise and history justice. In Japan, this game is known as ‘Gokuaku Doumei Dump Matsumoto’, a tie-in for the female wrestler named in the title: Dump Matsumuto. The game itself is based on the All Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling league, (aka Zenjo) which was popular in Japan from the late 1960’s until the turn of the millennium—it went defunct in 2005.

    There were a few more games released with the Zenjo license: for example, fans of Broken Pixels may remember the laughable PC-FX FMV fighter Queen of Queens. While this one is as obscure as the rest of them, you may have heard of it by its Sega Master System name: Pro Wrestling, which swapped out Zenjo for the WWE. 

What have we learned in 2013?
  • Xiumin: I'm the master of high notes, arm wrestling, and being cute
  • Kris: Hi I'm EXO's Picasso and art is my strength *mumbles sexily behind drink*
  • Suho: Money too old money treats members to food moNeY needs vitamins MONeY mONEY Have you ever had bread soaked in tears? MONEY
  • Lay: what arE YOU DOING GET AWAY FROM MY NECK HAKJDSAFH Let's all be quiet during the movie~!! *falls asleep*
  • Baekhyun: *first member to fart in front of the others* HAVE ME CHEN
  • Chen: Senpai just noticed me and called me the most handsome but I still think Sehun is the most handsome hey Kai can we switch bodies for a day??
  • Chanyeol: I'm Kai's fan hyung loves you Kai love hyung KAI-AH ANNYEONG
  • Kyungsoo: Animated tennis made me cry but istg I am the spawn of satan oBEY ME OR I'LL BEAT UR ASS
  • Tao: hYUNG SHOWER WITH ME *has others take bathroom selcas for him* KRIS GEGE BUY THIS FOR ME
  • Sehun: Yehet