Former WWE superstar Chris Masters saves his mother’s life.

According to TMZ, Christopher Mordetzky (better known as Chris Masters) rushed to his mother’s house to assess a situation. Apparently, a neighbor had went batshit and barricaded himself as well as Mordezky’s mother inside his mother’s home. When Mordetzky arrived, the neighbor told him that if anyone attempted to enter the home, he would set the place on fire.

Mordetzky attempted to reason with the man, who wasn’t trying to hear any of it. Rather than put the bastard in the MasterLock until his head popped off, Mordetzky called the police. When the police arrived, the neighbor set fire to the home. This prompted Mordetzky to uproot a tree with his bare fucking hands and toss it through the window. He then climbed inside and saved his mother’s life. Afterward, the police retained the neighbor and he is now being held in custody. Mordetzky provided the above photos from the incident.

Mordetzky tweeted about the incident:

Saved my moms life!Son ofaBitch barricaded my mom in her apt & set the place on fire.I Broke my moms window with police help,&pulled herOut. Heres the aftermath.So thankful my moms alive!!!!!!!!!”

“Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.AHole got his from me!!!And is in jail as I type this.Moms resting comfortably with me at my place.”

Just… wow. There are a billion words that I can say about this incident, but the first that come to mind are to mention what a bad son of a bitch Masters is. To try to talk sense into a guy threatening his mother’s life is one thing, but to RIP A TREE FROM THE GROUND and THROW IT through a window, then CLIMB INTO A FIRE, you’re a fucking action hero. Kudos to you, Chris. Seriously, you are amazing.

The Punisher [1989]

A lot of wrestling fans will get upset when their favorite independent wrestlers get signed to the WWE and assigned to some stupid gimmick. What a lot of wrestling fans fail to realize is that gimmicks aren’t forever, and thank God for that, because if they were, several superstars would be gone before they had a chance to shine. Stone Cold Steve Austin was once The Ringmaster, Triple H was once a blue blood snob, The Rock was once the white-meat babyface Rocky Maivia, and the man internationally revered as The Undertaker was once known simply as… The Punisher.

This gimmick, though not a tribute to the Marvel anti-hero, wouldn’t stick with The Deadman for his entire career. Nevertheless, The Punisher made an immediate impact in the sport of kings. Perhaps because of his size, maybe because of his agility for a big man, but when The Undertaker (then known as Texas Red) stepped foot in WCCW to face off against Bruiser Brody (how’s that for a first opponent?!), people immediately became familiar with the large athlete and were forced to pay attention. Thought his first match was a losing effort, his career wasn’t over, as he spent 4 years in WCCW.

Once he traveled north to CWA (which was ran by Jerry Jarrett) where he would wrestle under several gimmicks. Finally, in 1989, he started wrestling under the name The Master Of Pain, a name which he had earned in prison (kayfabe). He was in prison for the killing of two men in a fight. After his second match in the company, he stayed in the ring and challenged the champion of the company, who was Jerry “The King” Lawler. Though Lawler accepted the challenge, The Master Of Pain didn’t simply go for a victory, but instead focused on beating up Lawler to prove a point. After this went on for some time, Dutch Mantell (known today as Zeb Colter) came down to the ring to call him off, stating that “they’d done what they’d wanted”. Lawler later agreed to a formal title shot, and on April 1st, 1989, The Master Of Pain defeated Jerry Lawler to become the USWA Unified World Heavyweight Champion.

Due to his punishing focus, The Master Of Pain soon became known as The Punisher, a name which stuck with him until later that year when he was signed by WCW. At one point in time, The Punisher was wrestling in the same company as a young Steve Austin (they face each other on this DVD). In WCW, he competed as "Mean" Mark Callous, teaming with Dan Spivey in a tag team known as The Skyscrapers which lasted for one year until he was signed by the WWF in 1990. He’s been The Undertaker ever since!



Being a child of the 80s means I watched my fair share of wrestling and craptastic cartoons, so of course when I saw Brandon’s custom WWE ‘13 characters based on He-Man and She-Ra I was overcome with a wave of childhood memories and I couldn’t queue the post up fast enough. 

If you’ve created custom characters based your favorite franchises we’d love to see them, send them our way!


Drew McIntyre Vs. Chris Masters
WWE Superstars - May 12th, 2011

When Tumblr user and SOW follower butchrosser mentioned that this match was one of his “match of the year” matches a few years ago, I raised an eyebrow, simply because it seemed like such a random match to reference. After watching the match in full, it’s understandable as to why it would be. Though this match wasn’t a headliner at a pay per view, it was a match epic enough to gain the notoriety to be as such. Both Masters and McIntyre are incredibly talented wrestlers who hadn’t gotten the shake they deserved. They were both working to not only deliver the best match that they could, but also to show why they were worthy of being on the main shows.