masters of photoshop


I spent a little time today creating some background art for the episode of Fist Master I’m currently working on. Decided to save a copy at different stages of my process for those who find that sort of thing interesting.

Done in Photoshop CC

Honestly, if I could afford it I’d hire someone else to do this kind of work. There are people who specialize in this stuff and do it WAAAAY better than me. But if Season 1 does well that’ll be something to consider for Season 2.

Danny Phantom fanart! …Phan art? I always found Vlad to be a very sympathetic villain, at least up until season 3 when everything kinda went off the rails. The idea of three inseparable friends being torn apart because of unrequited love and jealousy is a pretty deep and dark concept for a kids show. There are so many people like Vlad in real life, they just don’t have super powers.