masters of art


Hey-o, sorry for the hiatus lately. I’m going to be a junior in college next year, and I finally picked my desired major, which includes studies in video game art and design. I had been very caught up with getting that sorted out, as well as having to deal with final exams. But now I have more free time, and lots more artwork to upload! So, stay tuned. Until then, here’s something I just finished: Link in the Zora Tunic!


So after THIS THING took off and became singlehandedly the most popular post I’ve ever made and will never able to top, I’ve been wanting to do more DP sketches, with MOAR CHARACTERS

So here’s the main trio + Valerie, Paulina, Dash, Star, Jazz, and Dark Danny (Dan), all slightly older! I’ve already drawn Vlad but he’s my favorite so… Click on the pics for some fanons and notes!