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get to know me: [4/8] character pairings: the doctor/the master (doctor who)
Bed Time - Multiversal_Misfit - Bendy and the Ink Machine [Archive of Our Own]
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Bed Time
PG, a few words
Bendy/Mickey, [Romantic if you squint], implied Oswald/Felix

 Boris is gone, and Bendy is feeling off by the entire situation. No one deals with these things alone in this place though.

[situation is up to debate on Boris’s disappearance. Can be considered game’s in canon explanation, or Boris simply being away for the time being.
Sort of AU where the Ink Squad all sleep in the same apartment–
Er, Studio?? Who knows. They’re all roommates. Pre game timeline, some point before the studio closing.
AU aspects: Roomate Ink Squad, Cup siblings have their own show?, Oswald and Mickey know each other]

Hey look I sucked up my fear and Posted a Bendymouse ficlet. Inspired by @memekeymouse , pretty much the coolest nerd who made this ship possible for us all.]