I am currently working on my masters thesis, the working title for which is 

“Cold as Clay; the Language of Sexuality in Early Modern British Witchcraft”

a) Do any of you guys know of good, free resources I can use that are not GoogleScholar or Jstor?

b) If you know anyone who would find this useful/interesting let me know because i’m happy to provide access to it for free when it’s complete

28.9.2018 // Happy Friday ✨

These photos are from earlier this week when my study space was looking glorious thanks to the amazing sunlight!🍂 Just patiently waiting for the leaves to change colours and studying for an upcoming mid-term all weekend!😊 I hope you all have more exciting weekend plans!💕

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Had a lecture between until 12.00 (Yes, I check tumblr on my breaks). I was supposed to go to the city hall but I didn’t have time. Now, I am back at home to do some homework and I will head out to a meeting for one of my group projects. I am so stressed out, all of my deadlines are next week and I feel like I won’t be able to finish everything! Trying to take one day at a time but all of this stress demotivates me and I don’t like it…

Öğlen 12′ye kadar dersim vardı. Aslında belediyeye gitmem gerekiyordu ama çalışma saatlerine yetişemedim. Şimdi, evdeyim biraz ders çalışıp proje gruplarımdan biriyle buluşmaya gideceğim. Çıkmaz ayın son çarşambası şeklinde bütün proje teslimlerim önümüzdeki hafta ve ben yetiştirebilecek miyim diye stres yapıyorum.Stres yaptıkça çalışasım da gelmiyor, nefret ediyorum bu ruh halimden!

This morning I got up, opened a new document and started writing my dissertation. It felt good looking at my rough, working title and my epigraph, and I realised that I have so much stuff in my head that needs to be out on the page. Just before eight I headed out and I met a friend at Columbia Road. We walked through the flower market, we bought some more plants for the flat – she is moving in with me next month. We had coffee and read aloud to each other. Everything is so exciting